Saturday, 3 August 2019

18 Characteristics of Humble Souls

18 Characteristics of Humble Souls


[1.] Now the first property that I shall lay down of a humble soul is this: A humble soul under the highest spiritual discoveries, and under the greatest outward mercies, forgets not his former sinfulness and his former outward baseness.
PAUL had been taken up into the third heavens, and had glorious revelations and manifestations of God, 2 Cor. 12:1-4; he cries out, "I was a blasphemer, a persecutor, and injurious," 1 Tim. 1:13. Under the choicest discoveries, he remembers his former blasphemies. So Romans 7:23, "I see a law in my members warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin, which is in my members." 

Like green and yellow

She likes me, but I like her.
She sits by me whilst I'm thinking of her.
They are friends
like green and yellow when they appear in the sky
but what matters is the love
that endures in our hearts.


I've got a lot of faults

I've got a lot of faults I thought I should let you know
Before we go further, I'm not immune to thinking about the grave
Late nights sometimes, I scream in the depths of my mind
Memories of the past when I bled over things that I wish I did,
Will my life be a thesis of resits?


Sunday, 28 July 2019

My Joy

It is not God that sells me short in regards to my joy, but me.  O how often I ought to kneel before the Father, flying into his arms and enjoying all of his sunshine. Instead, I wallow in sin, delighting my heart, not on God's will but gratifying my dead flesh. O to reflect his glory! But how can I reflect him if I am not in his presence? O for obedience. O for sweet backbreaking obedience to the sweet law of Christ. I happily and bitterly repent of all my sins and gladly come before Him in the sweet righteousness of Christ.


Saturday, 27 July 2019

Cast aside my own righteousness

We are to truly cast aside our own righteousness. Whatever we may see to be good in us we must abandon and favour Christ's righteousness instead. So in whatever state I am, I come to God solely on the merit of Jesus Christ. I can never appeal to this or that deed, only to the deeds of Christ. I regret and repent of my sins, but my sins will not stop me from coming to God because Jesus has paid for my sins and covered me in His righteousness, so I have no reason to ever delay my coming to God. I have no reason to sit in judgment of myself because even in my best of deeds I am guilty just as I am in my worst of sins. so I come to God casting aside my own righteousness in favour of Christ's righteousness.


Sunday, 21 July 2019

Say what you want to say

I'm awake once again in the midnight
If in the day I told her the truth
I would be sound asleep
Like people in the graveyard

Is it wrong for me to pray
I came from the land of no fathers
But my mama raised me
With respect respecting my history

Forgive me I'm a coward
When I dined you
Should have brought you under the stars and told you how I loved you
From the start, but was afraid I would lose you

My sister called me an alcoholic
Because I chose to drink a bottle
Everytime I thought you didn’t want me

Dear God change her will
Because you know how I feel
She's the light in my darkness
In the darkness, I pray harder
In the light I'm cautious

I ran away to the way
Ever since I learned to pray 
When I drank the blood of God
Every day is a mayday but Jesus comes to save me

Her blueish eyes are all I see when I gaze upon the sky
As I lay on my back and because I'm black
I gotta stay strap and fight for every dream
Your head on my lap as you gaze into my brown eyes
Can you tell that I've found in you what I've been looking for


My heart aches

My heart aches from the dream I can not see
Her eyes had me by the sea
So real but it's out of my touch
And her hands when we sat on the couch
I felt compelled to act
But her rejection was a fact.
Impossible to reconcile my dreams to reality
I wish I could be part of her normality
Break my confidentiality as we walk
Is it wrong for me to write these lines
What is a man to do when his heart pines?


18 Characteristics of Humble Souls

18 Characteristics of Humble Souls BY THOMAS BROOKS [1.] Now the first property that I shall lay down of a humble soul is ...