My Inward Sunshine

I am to have sunshine in my soul - but that sunshine can only shine if Christ is shining in my soul, for Christ is that very sunshine. I must feel in myself that all my sins are forgiving and that I am in the right place with God. I know in my head that I an justified, and counted righteous in Christ forever, that no matter my state, I am always in Christ because I am his. But it is one thing to know and another to feel. That is why I preach to my soul and remind myself of the truth of the scripture, and in doing this, my soul is lifted and no longer downcast.


Miscellanies 111

What attended the sweetness of my miserable circumstances was her beauty, the finest brightest golden flow of light the universe ever saw. She was not mine but in my heart she was. Although a fantasy and a dream yet very real, as real as my poverty.


She was an artless candour

She was an artless candour from an aristocratic lineage. Her arrogant imposition was an ascetic devotion for the many that devoted themselves to her elegance. She was astute, a genius beyond her time, who always had about her a balanced capacity about the vagueness that men held on life.

Her azure sky always fragranced with an impressive appeal, drawing in the simple and the ambiguous and smooth; a commonplace modesty maligned with a bad omen. She was in one sense a beatific vision, a long beauty befitting the beckoning horizon.

The writings of Sunny Caane

Miscellanies 110:I dare not trust my sweetest of frames

I dare not trust my sweetest of frames, that is in those moments when my soul feels extremely righteous, that even though the clear sunshine of joy is in my soul, that I dare not trust in this lovely frame but in Christ alone. The same can be said when I feel lost in the fog of sin, in those moments when I have wallowed in the mire of unrighteousness, that I dare not despair in this frame as to cut me off from God. I trust alone in Christ and in His righteousness.


Miscellanies 109 - My excellent God

Oh Lord, my excellent God - you are indeed wonderful - the greatest of all.  Oh how deeply regretful I  am for all of my sin and wickedness. In all of my misery, I trace but this, that I have offended thee and thus failed to enjoy your sweetness. Here I am, thankful for your forgiveness and redemption of my soul.  May I lift your name among my peers.


Though all the lights

Though all the lights in all the galaxies were put into one as to infinitely increase its brightness, yet the infinite sweet light of Christ outshines it without effort. It gloriously dispels it making all the lights of all the worlds as darkness in comparison.