Tuesday, 30 May 2017


I love to be in heaven, to be in that place where there is already a room prepared for me. I wonder what awaits me in the room if indeed I will spend much time there except to sleep. Each day will I see Jesus or will I be with the angels conversing about all things until it is my turn to come before the throne? O wonderful days are to come, that now my hospitality will not be cold but warm and friendly to all. My time here on this earth will also be spent in pleasing God and loving humanity. There is all kind of evils on this earth and it is indeed an awful thing. In heaven and in the new earth, suffering will reside in hell and will have no place in paradise. Injustice will be dead!


Monday, 22 May 2017

I knew a sad boy

I knew a sad boy who no longer thought much about this world. His gaze was always towards heaven, towards the light. But he didn't think of heaven as a physical place where existence continues long into the night, but his heaven was nothingness. He saw his life at present to be meaningless and wanted his flickering flames to be blown out as one blows out the light of a candle. He longed for this nothingness, for this non-conscienceness in the dark. His nights were spent blowing out candles in the darkness of his room whilst he spent his days by the river gazing at the sky. He was all alone, he had no desire for friendship or fellowship. He was altogether happy in his sadness. I spoke to him on a few occasions to try to wake him to the present but he always hugged me and said that he will never change. It was such a pity for he was a winsome boy, one who had an air of greatness about them and undoubtedly would have done this world some good. But he longed for nothingness.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Miscellanies 103

The Lord is kind to me, but I am unkind to him. I am unkind because often I neglect him and forget his benefits. I run away from his promises and pursue my own dreams.

Every morning He kisses me with grace and mercy. He allows me to live in His love and so many times I have failed to abide in His love. Yet He pursues me, He chases after me, He prunes me and much less than I deserve, He disciplines me. O, for more of the rod! There are others more holy who are yet under greater strokes than rebellious me.

He is kind to me and I pray each day to be obedient to His ways. For His yoke is easy and His burden light. Let me do away with my own burden and take His upon me, how light should I feel. Very light indeed as if floating through the air of worry.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Miscellanies 102

Now that I am in the 28th year of my life, my soul is still not as holy as it should be. I feel no advancement in flesh and soul, but a stagnation. Perhaps I am being too harsh on myself, too critical because I expect more, yet I have failed miserably. In all this, I am still full of zeal to advance, to accomplish my dreams, to forget past mistakes, to move ahead and glorify God before I breathe my last. 

I have forgotten to write. I have left off the commentaries, the poems, the fiction, the miscellanies, the encouragements. For a while, I lost all faith in my talent even though it was only one talent, yet a talent nevertheless. And the master that I serve expects me to put this to good use and not shelve it. O poor me, but do not pity me, I have been hidden from the light, I have been in the darkness although not entirely. 

I have aims and objectives to accomplish this year, and each is beyond my means that they must be accomplished by faith. I have to take risks because, without the taken of risks, no man ever accomplished anything. I must be willing to face loss in whatever shape she kisses me. I must embrace her but not let failure defeat me or bury me in the grave of hopelessness. 
True, in this life we live but a little and die too soon. We die unexpectedly or die with regrets. Let my last gaze at the sun be full of cheer on the dawn of my departure. Let me welcome eternity with a bright smile. Let me love this old earth with joy inexpressible spreading the fragrance of Christ to every soul. Let me love well and sleep well in the peace of Christ. Let me write well; dear Lord, let me serve well!


Sunday, 20 November 2016

I am defeated by love

I am defeated by love
The thunder of my life is gone.
I have no strength left,
No portion left worth taking,
My Lion's roar is gone!
Help!I cannot help myself
Bless! I cannot bless myself!


Monday, 12 September 2016

The beloved Queen of Awe

After all these years
Her beauty unfading, unfailing,
Hallowed, even the mighty thunder, bows
And chivalrous love in earnest ascends
To her sunlit chambers,
Where melody and meaning serve
The beloved Queen of Awe.


Jesus comes for me

Jesus, please come in and eat with me.
I am a sinner. You are holy!
But, I believe in your gospel
That in you I am righteous.
I rest in your perfection.
I have two loaves of bread and two fishes,
Hardly a dinner fit for a King!
But I set what I have before you with gladness
Because I know that I am loved by you,
That I am sought by you.
How glad I am that you came to knock for me 
To seek me with delight, to want me
Even after I have wronged you!
O what Love, what sweet love!
I am to pursue others in this way.