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Oh peace! Why is thou far from me?
Oh patience! Why has thou hid your face?
My feet walketh on slippery grounds
And love grippeth me not
Where is the stone that anchoreth my soul?
Where is the joy that makes me whole?
I stretched my eyes afar to see,
I wandered beyond the mist and screamed.
Why oh virtues are thou far from me?
Let me die so that this bitterness may leave
Look and see the emptiness within,
A walking corpse I am to thee
Where is hope?
Tell me its nigh, tell me its nigh, tell me its nigh!
Drippeth my blood slowly down
I’ll take my last breath and kiss good night.

What a fool that died tonight
All because he cherished sin in his heart
Lived a life of hypocrisy
Lived a life deceiving thee
Time and time we warned his heart
He listened not so he received his due
The sin he loved sweetly rotted his bone


Eight Reasons Why I Believe That Jesus Rose from the Dead

1. Jesus himself testified to his coming resurrection from the dead.

Jesus spoke openly about what would happen to him: crucifixion and then resurrection from the dead. "The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes and be killed, and after three days rise again" (Mark 8:31; see also Matthew 17:22; Luke 9:22). Those who consider the resurrection of Christ unbelievable will probably say that Jesus was deluded or (more likely) that the early church put these statements in his mouth to make him teach the falsehood that they themselves conceived. But those who read the Gospels and come to the considered conviction that the one who speaks so compellingly through these witnesses is not the figment of foolish imagination will be unsatisfied with this effort to explain away Jesus' own testimony to his resurrection from the dead.
This is especially true in view of the fact that the words which predict the resurrection are…

Striking Justice

As British Airways braces itself for a second consecutive weekend of strikes by cabin crew, many would be passengers prepare to have their travel plans disrupted. When trade unions vote to strike, opinions tend to flow freely and emotions are usually raw, as managers, the labour force and customers express their differing points of view. It’s not just an issue effecting air travel; the 2009 postal strikes are still fresh in our memories and a national rail strike is looming.

This FNT article makes no attempt to comment on the specific examples of recent, current or future industrial action. Instead it provides two points of caution and two points for discussion that will hopefully equip you as the subject of striking trade unions is raised this weekend.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
The world of trade unions, labour relationships and industrial action is complicated. The fields of labour economics and labour organisation are mind-boggling. Even for the simplest of disputes it c…

A visit from the Lord

As when the Lord visited Adam, and called him to stand naked before Him, so was I stripped of all my righteousness before the face of the Most High. Yet the visit ended not there; for as the Lord God clothed our first parents in coats of skins, so did He cover me with the righteousness of the great sacrifice, and He gave me songs in the night. It was night, but the visit was no dream: in fact, I there and then ceased to dream, and began to deal with the reality of things.

That first discovery of His injured love was overpowering; its very hopefulness increased my anguish; for then I saw that I had slain the Lord who had come to save me. I saw that mine was the hand which made the hammer fall, and drove the nails that fastened the Redeemer's hands and feet to the cruel tree.

When the Lord visits us, He humbles us, removes all hardness from our hearts, and leads us to the Saviour's feet.

If you had never tasted sweetness, no man living could give you an idea of honey. Yet if the h…

I love you as I love the still

I love you as I love the still
The gentleness of the oceans peace
The merriment of the fading sun
Singing halleluiah with all the hosts above
I love you as I love the tone
Of some soft breathing flute
I loved you since my eternal youth
And I shall love you forever more


The rich list

Poor Bill Gates. After decades perched on top of the Forbes Rich List, he has been toppled by the improbably named Carlos Slim.

Mr Slim, a cigar-smoking, septuagenarian, Mexican telecoms tycoon, pipped Mr Gates to the top spot with an estimated net worth of $53.5bn, a fractional $500 million more than Microsoft’s man. Britons by comparison are paupers. The Duke of Westminster, our richest man, was stuck in 45th place with a humiliating $12bn.

We have a curious love-hate relationship with wealth. We know that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, inducing a kind of moral amnesia in even the most sensible of us. We know that rich people are often famously lonely and unhappy. We know that huge sums of money can hit us like a meteor, smashing up the relational networks that keep us loved and sane.

But who hasn’t fantasized about being Bill Gates or, more modestly, about winning £56 million on the EuroMillions, as a British couple did recently? Who hasn’t imagined the charities…

Education and Relation: Truth and Love

John Piper

Think with me for a moment about education and relationships. Some of you care deeply that education not ignore or marginalize relationships of love. They are essential in real, lasting, life-changing education. Amen.
So I turn to the Bible. I find in place of the words, "education" and "relationship," the words, "truth" and "love." So what does the Bible say about how truth and love relate to each other? There are at least four ways of talking about this relationship.

1. Truth aims at love.
"The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith" (1 Timothy 1:5). Note: instruction is not the goal, love is. Instruction is the means. It is subordinate. Truth serves love. Education serves relationships - mainly the relationship between us and God, but also between Christian and Christian, and between us and unbelievers. The "goal" of all our education is love.
"Let us hold fas…

Remedy for a wounded soul

There is no greater remedy to a wounded soul than the gospel of Christ. That Gospel which exalts the love of God for sinful humanity. That Gospel that proclaims that Christ who is King and Lord of Lords was crucified on a tree, became a shameful spectacle for the world to behold and all considered Him cursed. He was mocked and despised, those who loved him deserted him and yet little did they know that all this was God’s doing. It pleased the father to crush him for he carried the sins of his people and it greater pleased his father to raise him from the dead. This Christ that was crucified did not remain in the grave but was raised back to life, so that now sinners can be set free from their debts to sin, be free from the power of death and now live a life that is altogether pleasing to God Almighty. This Gospel is offered freely, freely to all. This glorious salvation of grace that calls all men to repent and believe soothes the soul of injured sinners. If anyone of you is thirsty …

A prayer for my soul

Oh God of my righteousness,
Your love is better than life itself
Oh how I delight in the beauty of your name
For you have clothed me with the garments of salvation
And covered me with your righteousness
Oh that precious cross of your Son
Which bids me to come and die
Fill me oh Lord, for I am thirsty
Thirsty for your righteousness
For you have taken me from the depths of iniquity
And you washed me and made me precious
I give you my all

Precious in your sight is the death of your saint
Cause me not to stumble oh Lord
Mercy me oh God of peace
Teach me to love my neighbour more and more
And guide my steps in the narrow way
Let me climb the ladder of righteousness
And Kiss the gate of peace


Seek Christ

The morning star as described in revelation, full of awesome splendour and covered in glory, the son of man as described in the book of Daniels, one to be adored and rejoiced in the joy of hope and the way to eternal life, him I love with all my heart. My soul completely adores him and my eyes are forever fixed on him because He is my light and joy. Oh Jesus how can people not take delight or enjoy you, oh u foolish men lost in foolishness and weak in your understanding, have ye not know that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord and He holds understanding at the palm of His hands. Seek Him early you young ones, rise up and be filled with his holy presence. Dare ye say unto me that why should I rise up just for that, there are many pleasures that takes precedent such as eating breakfast and feeding my hungry stomach. Oh you untaught at birth, you without knowledge, does not the Lord make you thirsty, does He not make you hungry to show you as a foreshadowing of how you oug…
In the Midst of troubles
When my sins overflowed
I dwelt in pain and misery
My heart filled with great wickedness
I am convinced, I am convinced
I'm a rebel at heart
I have drunk deep the joy of the world
And I am swayed by its charm
My eyes wanders
And lo, my flesh urges me
The whisper of the devil persuades me
And I lift up my sword against the Lord
I consider His ways, but I discard the thought
To please my own soul I sin against thee
I sin knowing I have sinned
But no power to alleviate
Because my power I have given it
Am I not wretched, am I not evil
for my conscious testifies
And His law holds me guilty
Is not my shame evidence of my guilt
Is not my misery the penalty of His wrath
For my soul would have died to the misery of my sin
Maybe death would have been sweeter than life
Had I not tasted His goodness, I would not have longed
Had I not heard, I would not have cried
Who am I that I should treat His grace so cheap
That I should trample on the blood of Christ
My condemnation is just- my punishment …

What is Islam, and what do Muslims believe?

Question: "What is Islam, and what do Muslims believe?"

Answer: Let’s briefly examine the history of Islam and the beliefs of Muslims.

The history of Islam

The religion of Islam was begun early in the 7th century by a man named Muhammad. He claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel. During these angelic visitations, which continued for about 23 years until Muhammad's death, the angel purportedly revealed to Muhammad the words of God (called “Allah” in Arabic and by Muslims). These dictated revelations comprise the Qur'an, Islam's holy book.

The beliefs of Muslims

Muslims, the followers of Islam, believe the Qur'an to be the preexistent and perfect word of Allah. Further, many Muslims reject an English, or any other language, version of the Qur'an. These are translations of the meaning of the Qur'an, which only exists in Arabic.

Although the Qur'an is the main holy book, the sunnah is considered the second source of religious instruction. The su…

"I am a Muslim. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?

Question: "I am a Muslim. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?"

Answer: True Christians are followers of Isa/Jesus. Since the Qur’an commended Isa, faithful Muslims should study Isa’s teachings and obey them (Surah 3:48-49; 5:46).

What does the Qur’an say about Isa?
• Allah sent Isa, supporting Him with the Holy Spirit (Surah 2:87)
• Allah exalted Isa (Surah 2:253)
• Isa was righteous and sinless (Surah 3:46; 6:85; 19:19)
• Isa was raised from the dead (Surah 19:33-34)
• Allah commanded Isa to establish a religion (Surah 42:13)
• Isa ascended into heaven (Surah 4:157-158)

The Bible is Jesus’ Word
Isa’s teachings were recorded by His disciples in the Injeel (Gospel). Surah 5:111 states that the disciples were inspired by Allah to believe in Isa and His message. As Allah’s helpers (Surah 61:6, 14), Isa’s disciples would have accurately recorded His teaching.

The Qur’an instructs Muslims to uphold and obey both the Torah and the Gospels (Surah 5:44-48). Muhammad would not have gi…

The misery of sin

Sin is the ruin and misery of the soul; it is destructive in its nature; and if God should leave it without restraint, there would need nothing else to make the soul perfectly miserable. The corruption of the heart of man is immoderate and boundless in its fury; and while wicked men live here, it is like fire pent up by God's restraints, whereas if it were let loose, it would set on fire the course of nature; and as the heart is now a sink of sin, so if sin was not restrained, it would immediately turn the soul into fiery oven, or a furnace of fire and brimstone.

(jonathan Edwards)

Tax Avoidance

Lord Ashcroft is no stranger to controversy and this week while his donations to the Conservative Party have been deemed legal (BBC News), he has once again been accused of “systematic tax avoidance” (The Guardian).

The central issue to the debate surrounding Lord Ashcroft is his “non-dom” status, meaning he only pays the UK Treasury tax on his UK income. The current accusation of tax avoidance relates to an opinion poll he commissioned prior to the last General Election. It has been alleged that he instructed the polling company to send the invoices to one of his overseas company, allowing him to avoid paying VAT.

Tax is unavoidable and unpopular. It is an often controversial subject which can reveal people’s ideological differences. And, none of this is new! The Gospels reveal that on more than one occasion people questioned Jesus about tax (e.g. Matthew 17:24-27 and Mark 12:13-17). However, when we seek to discuss tax and theology we are entering the highly complex field of economic…

What does it mean to live a godly life?

If you ever asked yourself the question, what does it mean to live a godly life? and if your not exactly sure what living a godly life involves, this extract taking from Charles Seet book 'A Christian in a non-Christian world' provides ample guidance on just what to do.

Now it is worth asking the question then, 'What does it mean to live godly?' It does not mean that we are just to confine ourselves within a set of rules and regulations. Some people reduce godly living to a list of 'do’s and don'ts.' But the meaning of godly living goes far deeper than that.

Godly living means living in the manner that God wants us to live. It means having the same feelings, attitudes and heart's desires that God has. It means that we love the things that God loves, care for the things that God cares for, and dislike those things which He dislikes. And since God loves righteousness, a godly person also loves righteousness. Since God hates sin, a godly person also hates …

The student culture and the Christian

It is very easy to get consumed in a Christian bubble all the time while having little engagement with the student culture. Indeed being a Christian is a full time job, we are not Christians at cu and at church then non Christians at the clubs and bars, lectures and seminars. Jesus is the Lord of our life and therefore He is Lord even when we are not doing specific Christian duties. It is important that as Christian students we engage with the culture in the hope that we can influence those around us and have a permanent impact on them. Yes, the culture we are engaging with is a sinful culture because they do not know God and once upon a time neither did we. But this is no excuse not to engage with the culture because Jesus came into a sinful world to save us and he was sinless but yet influenced many by his words and actions. He ate with tax collectors and sinners and the religious leaders hated it. I know for some due to other dedications to CU and church, time doesn’t permit you …

Falling on Deaf Ears? — Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible

An article by Dr Albert Mohler

"It is well and good for the preacher to base his sermon on the Bible, but he better get to something relevant pretty quickly, or we start mentally to check out." That stunningly clear sentence reflects one of the most amazing, tragic, and lamentable characteristics of contemporary Christianity -- an impatience with the Word of God.

The sentence above comes from Mark Galli, senior managing editor of Christianity Today in an essay entitled "Yawning at the Word." In just a few hundred words, he captures the tragedy of a church increasingly impatient with and resistant to the reading and preaching of the Bible. We may wince when we read him relate his recent experiences, but we also recognize the ring of truth.

Galli was told to cut down on the biblical references in his sermon. "You'll lose people," the staff member warned. In a Bible study session on creation, the teacher was requested to come back the next Sunday prepared t…