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Oh for pity and Help

Oh for pity and help to thee I come
For grace underserved I seek to have
What privilege thou hast grant through your Son 
That sinful man may obtrude your House
And see him not slain by your Holy frame.
Oh For pity and Help to thee I come
I dare not stand but hug the ground
For I hear thou resisteth the proud at heart
But lifts the poor and those fallen down.
O for pity and help to thee I come
To release this miserable sorrow I bring 
This intolerable weight of guilt I feel
I hear thy precious Son does relieve.

For pity look not away from me
For grace in me exalt thy name
That all may see thy wondrous deed 
That You Jehovah is a helping King.


Rene and Poet 13

Poet:Oh Rene, I am sick. I am laden with a fever which sees me unable to eat nor sleep. I take it back - I should not call it a sickness for it is sweet to my soul. It arises from loving her and this past days being so close in proximity as intensified my eternal passions. I no longer can stay away, no longer can I hide my love but must make it known. For the sake of my own soul I must know her conclusion, I must know something of the knowledge which is contained inside her sweet soul. O, how she is better than a pearl, she is magic, a mythical creature, a sense of awe and affable. She is the light to overcome my darkness.

Poet laid still with a delicious smile on his face, starring at Rene with a sweet disposition.

Rene:Let us rise to engage in this battle, let us cripple this fear which has held you from your declaration. Its time to wake and risk - come my sweetheart. I am with you friend. 

Poet: In case I fall and faint, make sure you catch me. But we shall be alone - what if I'm…

Buckle the ship! Buckle me in

Death is near. Be still my soul
Life is far no remembrance hold.

"Buckle the ship!" The captain howled.
Buckle me in! this is the only life I own.

Men on their knees in prayers plead
"Men on your feet! Your families grieve.
Embrace the fall of all sailors war,
Embrace the awe of the Powerful storm."


Confronting Paganism

Nehemiah served in a pagan government as a believer in God. He was humble and respectful to the king, but proper fear of his king did not stop him from acting to save his people. He prayed to God and made a request of the king, asking for permission to go to Jerusalem to rebuild it. He also asked for letters that he might present to various governors for safe conduct, and even a grant for building materials. Not all the pagan governors were sanguine toward Nehemiah and his plans. Indeed, some were fiercely resistant to them. When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite heard of his efforts, they were deeply disturbed that a man had come to seek the well-being of the children of Israel. When Nehemiah set about the task of rebuilding, his enemies laughed at him and despised him. Nehemiah, though, did not let his critics determine his agenda. Nehemiah’s temptation would have been to allow the pagans to alter the plans and engage in a joint venture of compromise in the mission. That …

Legitimate privacy

When Oxford City Council announced last week that all taxis and cabs in the city must have CCTV cameras recording both sight and sound on all journeys, there was an outcry from organisations such as Big Brother Watch.  Peter Allen, the Drive programme presenter on BBC 5 Live, joked: “Of course, some people believe that’s already happening, with a big camera in the sky - those of a religious disposition.”  Meanwhile in the States a case currently before the Supreme Court could open the way to the police tracking the movements of mobile phone users without a warrant. The government lawyers’ argument is that the defendant, whose car was bugged with a GPS tracking device, does not have “a legitimate expectation of privacy”.  In this case the American Civil Liberties Union is sounding warning bells.
As Spooks’ fans will be aware, software for tracking mobile phones already exists and is highly sophisticated.  As tabloid haters will be all too aware, the software for hacking into phones and …

What do the parables of Jesus in Matthew 13 and 22:1-14 reveal about the Kingdom of God

The three words Kingdom of God or as Mathew calls it, the kingdom of heaven form the one and only concept which permeates all of Jesus’ ministry giving it unusual coherence and clarity[1]. In the synoptic gospels the expression is found more than a hundred times but only twice in the fourth gospel therefore scholars have widely agreed that the central theme in the ministry of Jesus is the Kingdom of God[2]. In this essay, the concept of the Kingdom of God will be briefly discussed looking at the different perspectives of how people have approached the subject historically; and then the parables found in Matthew 13 and 22:1-14 will be analysed to show what they reveal about the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom of God
Historically there have been debates on what Jesus exactly meant by the Kingdom and thus throughout history there has been many interpretations of what the kingdom of God is. What exactly the Kingdom of God is and how it will come as received a bewildering diversity of explanati…

If you are Rich remember Lazarus - Operation Christmas Child

Jesus tells a story of a rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously everyday. And at his gate was laid a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, who desired to be fed with what fell from the rich’s man table. Moreover, even the dogs came and licked his sores. The poor man died and was carried by the angels to Abraham side.

Lazarus desired to be fed but I presume that the rich man despised him; with all of his wealth Lazarus should have been invited to his feast and made a servant of his household. It would have been a little mercy on his part to show compassion on poor Lazarus, who day after day, inflicted with pain and sorrow, starved, till he finally collapsed a weak skeletal man. Riches was provided for the rich man from heaven so that he may have mercy on poor Lazarus but he overlooked him and squandered his wealth on wild parties and self indulgence. His riches knew no mercy and poor Lazarus became …

Miscellanies 22 - Encourage yourself with the Love of God in the Morning

The Love of God is the sweetest of all Loves and the most comforting and assuring. My fellow creatures if you awake with the thought that no one loves you, that no one cares then consider this: Did God not send His Son to die for you in Love? Yes He did. He loves you, Him and His Son and the Holy Spirit. That's three persons who loves you and that unconditionally. The world did not love my saviour and He was at peace, the world rejected Paul and he was content - much less does this world hate you. Rejoice your heart in the magnitude of God's love for you - give no way to flickering doubt, shut your door to the whispering accusations of the devil, take your cup and fill it up in the fountain of his love. oh poor soul, my very dear friend, this morning as it has always been in His mind from all eternity, He loves you. He rejoices over you and tells of your name before His angels. It was for you his Son left his jewelled crown to pick up a thorny one instead. He had you in mind. …

Will not let this pass

For Long he loved her arduous spring 
Desiring their tales to finally meet
When at last strength’s arm he took
To declare his story to whom salted his dreams

Dear Woman* the sweetest smelling spring I know
The joy which for months captivated my soul.
I compare thee not to a summer’s day
But to heaven’s months which knows no end. 
You are by far the prettiest rose 
The first fruits plucked from summer’s return.

I sit you here not to charm your heart, but a truth to tell your innocent mind.
For long my heart loved you dear, but fear I now, it was all in vain.
Nay the journey is sweet to the end, though the end one fails to see.
Its clear like the brightest summer’s day that I am fond of your girlish ways.
I sleep and wake with you in mind, with splendid beam and a serene mind
Of nought thought strange till imaginations fail, discontent till the real displayed.
You this picture worth a million gold, I cannot purchase unless for free. 
For this my life to death I’ll give, like Herc I’ll jump into Hades to…

Soldier's Mansion

I've been to war and back; been scarred but they didnt take my life
it rained hard and the climate was pretty dark
had to attack the memories will never fade
couldn't save buried my homies in unmarked graves.
One night the stars twinkling, we shilling down, having laughs playing cards in a dark night
Freddy drawing ace took my money but he paying back
thinking bout a weeks time when will all see our wives.
Then bang! triggers rang from multiple sites
despite the training we ran in different paths
 couldn't last as they hit us on quick base
 5 dead before the minute we in close range.  Flash lights from up above aint no getaway
     Prepare a prayer for my enemies its hard to pray when they shooting on your best friends.
Will I survive I'm hiding now, saw Tom I couldn't help as they took his life. What's next, a dramatic act in play - thinking of blasting at least take a villain's place.
Stilled my steps, chilling in the spot I hid; till they pass and saw the body of my d…

A Call to Actual Repentance

Some of you are not resisting temptations and therefore are not repenting. You have failed to acknowledge that you are engaged in a war. The Spirit desires those things which are contrary to the flesh and both are within you. But which will you choose? Many of you desire the Spirit but the flesh is weak and some have submitted to all kinds of repentance repeating the enchantment that its of no use. But let me ask you, my dear friend, have you yet resisted until you shed blood and tears, have you yet resisted to the point of starvation and putting your flesh to death? You haven’t my friend and that is because you have forgotten that you are in a war.

Suppose a thief comes to rob and kill your children (who are the goodness of your life), will you not resist until you could resist no more? and suppose you had in your advantage the strength to restrain them and tie them up, will you not use every ounce of your strength until you have gained victory? Will you merely subside and give in be…

Miscellanies 21 - Eternal life is to know the Father and His Son

If eternal life is to know God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ then we must begin the practice here. You must start now to rejoice in him, to find all your happiness in the knowledge of knowing him for this shall be your duty in eternity. If you have no delight now to know him, then I fear you may never enjoy him hereafter and heaven is no place for you. If you have no delight in a person would you marry them? If it does not excite you one bit to be around them, would you seek them out?  My friends you claim to know Christ but do you seek him, does your heart beat for him, are you thirsty without him, is your stomach hungry when you have not his bread to eat? The disciples turned the world upside down because they were about one thing, and that was to know Jesus Christ who is infinitely better than all the things this world can afford. Just as it is natural for a man to fix his eyes upon a beautiful woman likewise it is infinitely natural for the regenerate mind to fix their eyes …

I Hear the theme of love again

I hear the theme of love again
Which ascribes a spontaneous refrain;
‘Here I am come thee and find
And thou shall have a pleasurable time’.
But how dear love to you I find
When I here lost in darkness stand
In abject gloom of the trumpets blues.
Oh mercy me, thrust up my tune 
For I begrudge this present theme!
‘Here I am come thee and find
And thou shall have a pleasurable time’.


Auspicious consequences

Auspicious consequences emanate magically 

Whence adhered to Grace born unconditionally 

Through the deep steam of Love and Life

A race arouse in profundity afford.

In a day, this gift illuminated my Soul.

Wayward ways to the path unknown.

 The straight yard route of vigilant eye   

Will lead assuredly to the happiness foretold.


By His wounds we are healed

A cool video of Isaiah 53

By His wounds we are healed


The Joy of confession 14

Sinner: Oh Lord, forgive me for my sins. Those sins which I have kept close, hating, but unable to rid myself of it. It comes ever so subtly and makes my soul into a pool of idolatry. Oh I repent of these atrocities and never to do them again. Rid me of these horrid motivations, these alien passions gross to the Spirit’s way. Oh my soul, let me not forsake such a sweet path for vile streets, let me not enter into the harlots house, dinning with depraved souls who have given their being to cards. Be altogether different, be altogether lively and Holy, distinct from the world. Now my soul, you must rest and take a bath in the gospel of Christ; knowing that it was for me a sinner why he died. I must use his garment to wipe my sins and put on his righteousness. I have only this life to live wherein I can have impact on those souls who have yet to taste of his sweetness. Oh for your sunshine.

Sir:You have my Son, preached to your own soul.