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Kens newsletter 2

I thank you all for your willingness to support me and pray for me; it delights my soul that many of you are willing to want to know of how my year is going and of my progress. This newsletter which I aim to be sending once every month will include what I’ve been up to and prayer points.
I have been very much encouraged and excited about what has happened in the last month. First:
Students have returned It was a pleasure to welcome back to Bristol returning students and to welcome first year students to Bristol. Woodlands Church gave away 5000 burgers for freshers week, opening its doors for students to come in at lunchtime to enjoy a free burger and other activities. Although the week was very tiring, yet it was a joy to be able to serve the students of Bristol in this capacity, showing them love and giving them opportunities to engage with church.
Devotion weekend away Devotion is the youth group work which happens at Woodlands church for young people between 12-18 years old. I was give…

Tough Questions to ask yourself

Whatever your answers maybe to these questions try to use examples of how you have demonstrated it.

Am I loving God with all of my heart soul and Mind?
Am I loving my neighbours? How can I love them?

What are my feelings towards God?
What are my feelings towards those who annoy me, don’t like me or I dislike?

Am I praying?
Am I reading my bible?

Am I looking at things I shouldn’t look at (pornography etc)?
Am I thinking of things I shouldn’t think of?

Am I believing the gospel?

These questions are of course limited and I hope they help you to examine yourself and show you where you are in your walk with God. The last question is key and I pray and hope that you walk in the freedom of the gospel. 


When earth and time grow old and die

When earth and time grow old and die

His honour and praise will never cease.

For there shall be a remnant saved

To sing His glory honour and praise. 


Jesus Christ a Friend of sinners

Luke 7:34 The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, 'Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!' 

Every new day I'm Blessed to see

Every new day I am blessed to see

                                                      Gladly will my heart declare his praise

                                                        For all my delights in Him contained

                                                            None else for me but Him 


Cleaning up the polluted air

I needed a way to discourage her from loving me. The cold smiles and hard shoulders had no effect nor the neglect of my cares. I knew if I played the fool and helped her in this fancy it will in the end be too much of an heartbreak for her soul and mine to endure. I did not love her nor did I want to see her hurt. It became practical to forsake her company and to delight in nothing concerning her. Friends I could not play but an enemy. In all of this her love increased, it stemmed higher and higher till at last, on a cold cloudless evening I arranged for her and I to go out for a meal. We sat in a rather obscure restaurant, with no class at all and offered her no drinks at all. She in her love and care bought me a drink even after my adamant refusal and with bold radiating smile stared passionately into my eyes which made me uncomfortable and sad for I could not return such vivacity. In my heart I thought her a fool, a loving fool who deserves a better man than me. In this process of …

You are what you read

On the way to work this morning, were you reading the Metro, The Financial Times, the Booker Prize winner or War and Peace? Were you listening to commercial radio, Radio 4, a sermon podcast, or your iPod on shuffle? Maybe you didn't read or listen to anything, but engaged in conversation with your travelling companions, be they colleagues or children, spouse or strangers. Whatever choice you made, it informed the way you approached the day and the perspective you have on events in the world and in your world.  

Charles Moore wrote an excellent article in the Telegraph this week, which purported to be a review of 66 Books, a series of performances at the Bush Theatre inspired by each of the 66 books of the Bible. It developed much more, though, into a review of the Bible itself and its value to our society.

Refreshingly, Moore did not focus solely on the literary merits of the KJV, as has been the temptation for so many - not least arch-atheist Richard Dawkins - in this 400th anniv…

I shall not want


Seven Things the Bible Says About Evil

How can we reconcile God's sweeping control over creation with the existence of such horrors as cancer, famine, genocide, sexual abuse, tsunamis, and terrorism? Voltaire sums up the issue nicely in his "Poem on the Lisbon Disaster," written after the devastating Lisbon earthquake of 1755: Ill could not from a perfect being spring,
Nor from another, since God's sovereign king. His point is that since God is good, he can't properly be the source of evil. Likewise, if God is all-powerful, no one else can thwart his intentions. So we're stuck, it seems. Who's to blame for the suffering we experience? Though we lack the space here for an extended discussion, let's consider seven biblical affirmations. 1. Evil is real.That is to say, we distort the Bible and do ourselves a profound disservice by minimizing the existence of suffering. God invites us to acknowledge our pain. The Psalmist wrote, "I believed, even when I spoke, 'I am greatly afflicted'…

More short Poems

On a Hilltop stood
                              In a downcast mood
Wherein a minute before
                              I had thrown my love down.
Must move sweetly on 
                                 To walk another path
Where I can take up a love
                                  Which will love me back.

                                                                              A candid calm
                                                                            Came like a storm
                                                                                   On me fell
                                                                            As I worshiped my Lord

Oh Lord I've sinned
I've tainted my skin
Not loved my Kin
                       Spend time drinking gin.
                      What now can I say
                                                                                                  I lie here sad

Rene and Poet 12

Poet: Oh you caught me wandering again, you caught me musings in the midst of the early sunshine where I do dream so happily of my beloved. Oh Rene you are ever so sly that you creep up on me in my happiest hours.  I was in a very friendly atmosphere of a lively vivacity which her presence created. I was lost in wonder and awe amidst Eden where both of us did lie and play. Angels attended immediately to our desires providing heavenly nourishment of the godliest taste. Then you came and interrupted my joy, but your fragrance awakened me for it smelt like that aroma which were balm on the body of Christ. 

Oh Rene let me not fear a fear lest it comes upon me. I do not have the art of concealing from you my most intimate thoughts and dispositions but this fear I dread not fall upon me. I would happily die with this love in my heart and rest in peace if I could only enter that garden for which my heart longs. To rest upon those soft nourishing green pastures and play as a child.  

Rene: My l…

Miscellanies 20 - Whatever he spoke came to pass

Here in genesis 1 we see that whatever God spoke was whatever came to pass. Who else demonstrated this divine attribute? Jesus Christ - for he spoke and it came to pass. Whenever he decreed a thing even  the thing itself however unwilling it may be in and of itself cannot resist his decree but finds itself to obey and come forth. God spoke this whole creation into being and He can also speak it out of existence. You see my friend, God only needs to speak and whatever he decrees will come to pass. Here is God’s eternal sovereignty over all things which exist. If the eternal has spoken into existence the finite then how silly it is that the finite should think that it can hinder any decree of God? It is impossible and so we see with Christ when He raised Lazarus from the dead. Such authority and power as was displayed without measure in the Son of God at times I must say with great caution is to be found with us but only in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Peter and John healed t…

Devotion weekend away

This weekend was the youth weekend away at my church and two of us doing a foundations year at the church went along. Our primary role was to be helpers in the kitchen and on Sunday afternoon we were responsible for lunch. A big responsibility indeed and we did a very reasonable job of which I am well pleased.

It was a pleasure to meet many young people and to have a chance to be friends with them. I hope they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs.

Matt was the weekend speaker and spoke on choices. I heard two of the talks and overall very relevant to the kids and adults. Freedom of the will by Jonathan Edwards came to my mind and the whole issue of our inclinations and dispositions and being dead in sin.The kids responded well as Matt used his own life as an example of choices he made and pressed it into the young people that choices matter. Jesus is the best choice of all.

On the Saturday evening we all gathered around a big fire outside where the sparks from the flames wer…

Psalm 15 - An exposition

This Psalm is a psalm of David which naturally implies that the questions asked in the first verse is from David's curiosity. The question asked is directed towards the LORD of which David hereafter seeks to answer himself under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Psa 15:1A Psalm of David. O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?
Here is a serious question concerning the character of those who may enter the holy hill of the LORD. Who is worthy to stand and dwell in his presence and maintain their stand? David is asking, LORD, let me know who shall go to heaven.For God is holy and it stands that not everyone will be able to sojourn in His tent or dwell on His holy hill because they lack His holiness; as the writer to the Hebrews says 'without holiness no one will see God'. This question is not for the faint hearted but for those who are prepared to ascend up the hill and are ready to throw off every sin which entangles them. They are…