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My heart is full of faith again

O my heart is full of faith again, knowing that Christ my every need supplying. That on him, on his strength I'm relying. O my heart is full of faith, that I awake to pray and sing hymns again. The world appears to be a blissful place, a paradise because Christ's melodies is playing in my heart today. O what joy, what peace that flows into my heart like a river. I would not trade his love for all the money in the world. O I can dance in the storm. I can fear no evil and can do all daring deeds for Christ. O my heart if full of faith, that God is ever good to me. His eyes towards me are always full of love, mercy and pity. 'My poor child' he says. 'I have no judgement unto damnation. No, I have no anger reserved for you, my arrows are pointed away from you. I have nothing against you. I only have sweetness for you. I have lovely eyes for you.' O what joys. My heart is full of faith again.


A family should

Family should equal safety, refuge, and freedom. A place where people can feast and enjoy each other with passion. A place where people feel anchored and where people carry each others burdens. A family should encourage hope, honesty and brutal truth telling. A family should spend much time with each other. A family should love and respect each member, regardless of their status.


She did pray well for me

She did pray well for me, namely that I was of some significant in this vast world. That my words were not always like ashes before the wind, but they were like rain upon the earth. It nourishes and helps some poor souls out there. Also she said, that I was a rock, a steadfast soul, one who loved the Lord well and that he loved me well.

I have all the reasons to have anxiety in me, about my future, but to him I can look. But also that there are things that I can do, namely to work hard and to love well. I am to express my feelings without the fear of rejection, to stop thinking that it would do no good. I listened and listened and believed so that now I am very much encouraged to be a light in the darkness, to remove my lamp from underneath the table, and to make it shine brightly in the world, especially in my immediate world. 

I would marry her tomorrow and be content with her for the rest of my life - but I do not think that I am a wine she would daily want to drink. Nay nor the one …

Singleness and celibacy

A monk once said:

Singleness and celibacy are the two wings by which I must fly into heaven. They are the two shoes upon my feet. And although she is much in my heart and will to wear her as my crown, yet, this is my cross, my self sacrifice, my declaration to the lord that I love him more than I love her or could love any woman. This is so much so that I must forego her kiss, her touch, her eyes. I have tasted the fruit of love, of communion with a woman and none of it taste as grand as the gospel, as grand as fellowship with the trinity. For when I had those fruit of love and communion with a woman, there was something yet missing. But when I devoured the gospel fruit, all in me was satisfied. Therefore, I shall be at no loss if I make singleness and celibacy my portion. They are the two wings by which I must fly into heaven.


The joy of confession: What have I gained by going again to my old sins

We bring much shame to ourselves when we forsake the Lord, when he is leading us in the way. He is telling us to go here and there but instead we depart from his commands and go where our heart desires. I know of persons and even more of myself who have gone again to old sins to drink of their pleasures.

But what have I gained by going again to my old sins to drink of their waters? Nothing at all! In fact I gained sorrow and misery, depression, aches and shame. Only if I had continued in the direction the Lord was leading me, I never should have put my soul through such a sad miserable experience.

And now, I know that it is evil and bitter for me to forsake the Lord. And why did I forsake the Lord? It is perhaps because the fear of the Lord is not in me.  How is it that God who planted me as a choice flower in his kingdom, wholly of pure seed, that I have now turned degenerate and become a wild thorn? How is it?

I think it is because I have forsaken his commandments. Because under eve…

Loving the forgotten

The big story in this week’s news was the devastating tropical cyclone which battered the densely-populated east coast of India. The equivalent of a category five hurricane built up speed over the warm waters of the Indian Ocean before hitting land last weekend causing untold damage and affecting up to 12 million people.

I say it was the big story of the week but actually after a few articles in the papers over the weekend and some TV news coverage by midweek it had slipped down to the middle and back pages. Today it’s almost nowhere to be found unless you seek it out. Not only is there no Cyclone Phailin story on the BBC news webpage, there’s nothing on the world news page. Only when you click onto the India section is there anything about it.

This is because only 27 people died. Without mass deaths, disasters just don’t make the news. The cruel irony is that the fact only 27 people died should be a huge news story in itself – the last time a similar strength cyclone hit India’s east c…

A question: Should false prophecy in the church be a significant problem?

If  prophecies made in Churches are mostly inaccurate, then how can you trust the people that are making the prophecies? Imagine if Jesus or the apostles had made a false prophecy, what would you make of them? What would the bible make of them? Is false prophecy then not a significant problem?

In the bible, A prophet is someone who speaks the word of the Lord. As one speaker puts it:

 ....A prophet is not someone who reports a hunch, or announces whatever spontaneously comes to mind. A genuine prophet doesn’t speak half-truths blended with errors and ambiguities, nor is he someone who simply delivers an opinion that he feels strongly about. A true prophet speaks a word from the Lord. An authentic prophecy has inherent authority. It’s not a “what-if.” If it’s a real prophecy and it contains a command, that command is binding. If it contains a rebuke, it’s serious. If it contains a warning, you had better heed it. And the only way Scripture gives us to test whether someone is a true prop…

A short story: Can we have a chat

In general when someone says to a boy 'can we have a chat,' it usually means that there is something on their heart that they wish to pressingly talk about. Of course this could also be true for a girl. And in this case it was a girl who made the request.

Now the boy is not the one for conversation, especially conversations which have no philosophical, theological, or metaphysical air about them. Even on politics, he would only comment when it was only necessary and to show some politeness.

Now this girl who had made the request to him, he knew a little but she knew him well. For it was her leisure to contemplate him and marvel at his absent nature. She would often go where he is in order to tangle in a conversation with him, but she always started the conversation with the wrong topic. So he would leave because such chats are of no amusement to him.

We can say that the boy was very selfish in character, although he had a very good heart, because even though he had nothing in …

We both fell asleep

Why do i care about what happens to her. Her happiness seems to be mixed up with mine. When she is unhappy I worry about her. Will she make the same mistakes? Is she crying? Is she lying on her bed wanting to take her own life? Will she make the same mistakes? That last question lingers much on my mind especially when I am alone with myself. I cannot sleep because I worry about her. My feelings rise and my heart begins to ache. Why do I feel like this? Why did I let myself get into this position. I wish I had no care. I wish my death would come tomorrow, yea for me to eternally go to sleep because I see that I have no future. There is nothing I can do in this world. I am no good. And although I think that she once thought well of me, I think that she is now thinking of another. When she was thinking well of me I delayed my love towards her. But now I feel for her and I fear that she no longer feel for me. What sadness! what aches! But life is such that one must move on. I wish I had s…

The devil cannot love

The devil cannot love. The devil cannot forgive, therefore the devil is the most miserable of persons. His anger and bitterness grows from age to age. It knows no decreases, it shall never end. His fury shall rise as the smoke for all eternity. Even in chains he curses heaven. He still holds the deep resentment for humanity. He walks around like a lion on this earth to cause chaos. Never could he strife for peace. Destruction and death are his two angels, poverty and greed are his cherub, pride is the crown on his head and hatred is his black garment. The devil cannot love. His kingdom is built on enmity, everyone in his camp is abominable. He lurks in powerful places, he sleeps in the harlots house. He makes friends with hypocrites and wages war on the penitent. The devil cannot love but he lies, he steals and cheats. He is vile, base and pomp. Therefore children, beware of the devil, especially of the devil inside of you. 

My pleasure is entirely in the Lord of magnificent hosts

God of all lights, I do pray for your people, that their 

treasure will be found in thee, for you are worth more 

than ten minutes a day, more than an hour a week, 


more than a thanks for every meal. For when men in 

their leisures do employ, rarely is it seen that it should 

be wrapped up in thee, for indeed they joy in health, 

dance and play and do their favourite things, but 

rare as a phoenix seen, once a millennia, that a soul 

should say, 'my pleasure is entirely in the Lord of 

magnificent hosts.' 

Reading or swimming, playing or listening, this alone 


my soul: Worshipping my Lord, desiring his presence 



Christ may lead us through waters deep

Christ may lead us through waters deep, trials will surely come our way, when rich, poverty may suddenly strike. Fret not, its Christ testing thee.

Christ may lead us through waters deep, through oceans vast, and through valleys dark. When dancing, paralyses may suddenly strike. Fret not, its Christ testing thee.

Christ may lead us through waters deep, through deaths billowing waves, and through worldly scorn. Fret not, its Christ testing thee, for at last, He will lead us home.


By faith I lean heavily upon the cross of Christ

By faith I lean heavily upon the cross of Christ, wet with the 

saviour's blood that flows. For it is my remedy to wash away


sins, and take away my guilt. 

By faith I do see Christ, my 

faithful high priest, taking some of his own blood with his 

finger marking it on my forehead. By this he makes 


for me, and now I smell ever pleasing to the God above.


The Joy of confession

Sinner:Dear Sir, the devil has set my mind on fire, it groans and laments, left sacrilege, defiled by the lustful hands of sin. Depression thus enters, taking her seat as a wicked witch blackening every ray of white which served as joy to my soul. She orders her minions to burn to ashes every seed of hope, and to open wide the gates, so that all the despairing thoughts as well as all the soul destroying vices may enter in. Virtue is locked in prison, Christ has fallen and the self weeps in pity. The soul is in unbreakable chains, and darkness runs wild. Is this the portion for a saint who did not guard his soul from sin? That after many dabbling in the devil's water, that now I am drowned by it. Jerusalem the city of refuge is far off. Will I perish in Babylon, eating by the Lions that slept with Daniel. They touched him not for he was clean, yea holy, but I, a most disgusting thing, should not be worth their digestion but rather their anger in tearing me to pieces. Is heaven so o…

I sought him, and he answered me

Yes my Jesus is worthy of worship. He is worthy of praise. For who is like Him that has broken every chain that kept me away from the Father's love. He made my salvation effectual; that my wandering feet would end up before the throne of his Father. I sought him, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Therefore, my soul makes its boast in the LORD; let the humble hear and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. I see by faith the excellencies of Christ Jesus. Such marvelous beauty has won my heart that I am drawn heavenwards. Thus the charm of the world only sound to me as the hiss of a serpent, whereas his melody, yea, his divine song is as the sun compared to the candles of Beethoven's grandest symphonies. Those who look to him are radiant - they shine with luminous intensity. They lack no good thing. Will you not come and see for yourself that beauty which exists in no other? If you know not how, ask for the gospel, ask to …

Too young to vote?

This week in his conference speech Ed Miliband joined a growing band of politicians promising to lower the voting age to 16. Alex Salmond led the way, the Lib Dems then followed suit and now Labour have done the same.

Disenfranchisement is a serious issue. Young people are not interested in politics. Would giving more young people the vote help?

At the last election only 44 per cent of those aged 18 to 24 voted, compared with 73 per cent of those aged 65 and over. It is no surprise that pensions (notice they are never called benefits) are protected by the coalition, while university fees tripled.

The younger generation don’t use the vote they have and as a consequence policy is skewed towards an older generation. Free bus passes, TV licences and a winter fuel allowance for pensioners regardless of income make sense when you look at who votes.

Being allowed to vote is one thing, using it is something completely different.

So is a 16-year-old mature enough to vote?

At 16, you can live on your…