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No more Alpha

Boy: My eyes sore with sorrow
        for alpha no longer will be here
        in the distant 'morrow

Girl:Yet do not remain with sad sad eyes         For all things pass and grant new paths;         Know that a future and hope ahead lies        To restore all things through Him who died.

By Ken Oni & Carrie-Anne White

Something in my heart that you gave to me

I've got something in my heart that you gave to me
It is sweeter than the thought of any lovely song
It keeps away the day's stormy strife
It makes my heart abound with praise



   Where did Jesus go after he died on Friday and before he rose                                             from death on Sunday? One of the primary passages that speaks to Jesus’ whereabouts after his death and before his resurrection is 1 Peter 3:18–19, which reads (italics mine): For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit, in which he went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison. The phrase in verse 19, “in which,” is debated by some, but it seems to refer to the Spirit mentioned at the end of verse 18. Jesus went “in” or “by means of” the Spirit (in his resurrected state, as I’ll argue below). Beyond this we are left with a lot of questions, ones that have been discussed endlessly since early in the church’s history. For us, though, the most pressing issues on which everything else hangs are where and when Christ went and preached, and the identity of the “s…

The hours I wasted

It is true that one of my deepest regrets in which I shall languish in misery is the hours I wasted not in prayers bit in frivolity. I will mourn the hours I did not dedicate my friends and enemies to passionate prayer, pleading to the Star of heaven to move their wills so that they may be contrite in spirit and humbled, so that they may come to the lamb and be redeemed. O the misery of the Christian that sins so that grace may abound. I know something of this misery and one ought to forsake such a devilish heart, because in the end, it adds nothing to the sweetness of your salvation, but only a fear of judgment. 

The writings of Sunny Caane (9)

Dear Sunny, My dream was of her, whom I knew not other than she was mine, and mine alone. I saw not her face but I knew that she was beautiful, a sensation, a delight, a wonder, a tower of grace, loving my appearance by planting on me kisses of joy on my manly soft lips. This made my heart be in a state of heaven, in tranquility, in awe of her feminine frame and at times question her decision of why she choose to be with me, a dust. Her ways are smooth, gentle, finer than the purest gold. I loved her more than my desire to awake, but I did awake. The traces of her touch still lingered sweetly in my memory, only desiring in this realm of reality who she may be.

It seems my dear Caane, I long for the intimacy of a woman’s touch, desiring to know her and to be known by her. But I do not desire the commitment, the centrality of faithfulness or of her to constantly intrude my space, although at times I am eagerly thirsty for this drink. These are conflicting emotions in me, a battle of the …

Unpaid adventurers

Let us be unpaid adventurers, disciples who turn our generation upside down. Taking no bank card with us for the labourer is worthy of his wages. Caring not for the spoils and profit save the spoils of souls from the devil’s camp. Preaching the kingdom of a loving God, the wrath of a Holy Sovereign against every act of wickedness and injustice, making known the desired reconciliation of a willing Father and the consuming compassionate heart of a dying king for his people. Let us share our private properties and personal fellowship, indulge in love, caring for the poor, the marginalised as if they were our best friends. Let us be like the daring evangelist of the eighteenth century who shook England from one end to another. People in high places despised them, academics sneered at them as fanatics, and the church closed her doors on them denying them the privilege to preach the Christ that burn like a wild flame in their heavenward heart. The movement of these few radicals, unpaid adve…

Come to Jesus Christ and buy

Without money come to Jesus Christ and buy
Life abundant
Love unending
Hope abounding
Grace sufficient
Mercy plenteous
Sin forgiving
Burden bearing
Soul healing
Conscience cleansing
Freedom living
Faith enormous
Joy incessant
Pain persevering
Heart renewed
Shame disappearing
Kindness dispensing
Gentleness displaying
Peace proclaiming
God glorifying
Spirit exalting
Cross carrying
Happiness delighting
In all that God is for you
Come to Jesus and buy all these goodness for free.

My grey faith

I have thought a lot about writing an article for the magazine I help put together every quarter. Many times I have put pen to paper and written about university life, my testimony and my faith. I have dismissed them all for one reason or another. As I approach the end of my time at university, I feel now is an appropriate time to share a little of my journey with God over the past six months.
For those of you who know my family, you will know how very fortunate I am to have such wonderful parents, and to have had such a safe and happy upbringing. To an extent, there is little to complain about. Paradoxically, but equally as valid is the reality that life is, at points, extremely hard. The past two and a half years in Bristol have proved to be the happiest to date. It has been, and is continuing to be, a wonderful experience.
Last summer, as I approached what I have found to be the most busy and stressful term of my degree so far, something in me shifted. It is extremely hard to pin d…

Who, without dying enters these gates

Who, without dying enters these gates?
Overlooking, shall collect the pride man's wage.
For once the master bequeathed his law
That death is the bill to enter his gates.  K.Oni

Her evening beauty

Can I be moved anymore by what I see? My eyes bend in admiration at her ingratiating frame. Her evening beauty, conspicuous melody does play, fascinating my humanity, lifting hands of thanks to God alone. That her serene magnificence, Twice a week’s twilight on my heart does gloss, my mortality hallowed, sunken in her heaven’s simplicity, ascends a smile in me never to fail, when her I see, whose beauty I have made my rest.

Graciously assertive

This week saw an historic double – the inauguration of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the 266th pope, and the enthronement of the Justin Portal Welby as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. But this week also saw an ironic double playing out. On one of the days that separated these moving occasions of leadership succession, the iconic red briefcase and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer made their way to the Houses of Parliament to deliver the spring Budget. On the same day, the United Nations launched ‘International Happiness Day’, just as Premier Radio’s Well-being Week hit its mid-point. My day of happiness started well; very well, in fact, but I did wonder how much happier I would be after the Budget...

I had been invited to be a studio guest on the live late-night radio show, so after a very full day at the office, punctuated by a spontaneous ‘happiness’ lunch, I headed home to prepare for the late night show. That afternoon, my Twitter feed had kindly offered me the ‘Budget at a glanc…

A rubish lover

I once knew a boy who did not know how to love. He understood not the intricacies of intimacy or how to respond to others in love. The boy, very much loved by others as he perceived for he often felt the soft touch of a friend upon his shoulders when he was weak with a fever, and such comfort made him warm on the inside. But, he did not know how to touch others with such gentleness and care for he feared that such kindness was meaningless. At times his friends would call him and beseech him to venture out with them, but he never once called them for he did not know how to invite others to share in his special visiting places. He would rather go alone, although in those moments when he did say yes to endeavour with his friends, he felt love deep in his soul, for it was for fellowship that humanity was made. Nevertheless the boy knew not how to call for help. On occasions when he was asked about his day, the poor boy would dismiss the question in very brief words and then go away or he …

Resting on God's power

Have you ever thought that the fact that God is all powerful is a consolation for your soul? How often are we discouraged when we look at a situation and think that this is impossible. Remember Moses, who was a friend of God and had the great privilege of God burying him himself, was apt to be discouraged with seeming impossibilities.
Moses, fed up with the complaints of the faithless Israelites concerning their food supply, came to God questioning God's ability to provide. Moses says "The people among whom I am number six hundred thousand on foot, and you have said, 'I will give them meat, that they may eat a whole month!' Shall flocks and herds be slaughtered for them, and be enough for them? Or shall all the fish of the sea be gathered together for them, and be enough for them?" Numbers 11:21-22.
In plain language, Moses is saying that he could not see how the people of Israel, being so numerous could be fed for a month with such small supply. In effect one coul…

Upward call to Heaven (7)

School has finished for Easter. Amelia won the goodness award as in each semester a prize was given to the student who displayed the most natural act of charity. Some try very hard and it can be noticed immediately that their kindness was forced, but with Amelia everyone could see that her charity flowed from her Christ besotted heart. Her speech in winning the prize was full of humility, so much so, that one wanted to lavish her with more prizes and applause for being such a perfect painting of Christ himself. Amelia would be the first to mouth her own sinfulness, and declare that it was all an act of grace, and it is due to nothing in her. Mother watched Amelia with tender eyes, drawn into this young quiet beauty, which I imagined must remind Mother of her younger self. My head was full of other things, like, if I was one day to marry Amelia, something of an impossibility, then I believe I would be marrying Mother herself.
“Jeremiah,” said Mother, “It makes me glad that you have a f…

The Joy of confession 24

Sinner:It seems my dear Christ, that all I appear to give are ashes compare to the glory which you have given to me. I wish to give my all but it seems that I am being held back by something intangible, something deep inside me which keeps me still and ineffective. This thing, which in itself is to be pitied and lamented is the gross fear that I shall fail again. I see the horizon of my weaknesses and feel that they are impossible to walk. I long to give you gold, to give you the beauty of my worship, but to me all of my serving seems awful, something to be stamped on by pigs. Dear Christ what can I give to you? For each day I am far from you I lose my humanity. There is no joy for me in this world, no comfort when you are not shining in my soul. What can I bring to so loving a friend, what more can I say, He has been faithful and I have been faithless. I feel that now I cannot do anything. Nothing at all – I am as it is a disappointment. If your head should be bowed in disappointment…

Emancipation given at a price

In tears the Father led his lamb to be slaughtered. It was either his one and only Son or a great portion of humanity. This leading of his Son was met with a broken heart when in that final hour, the father had to unleash his knife deep into his beloved’s chest, watching as the running blood drained away his precious boy’s life. Such was the pain of the moment that the sun forsook her light to welcome in the sorrow of darkness.Emancipation given at a price. Therefore, in holy contemplation, let us sweetly pursue the theme of God’s salvation. Let us survey all of his tender mercies, let us remember that there is no pardoning God like Him.  K.Oni

Feelings closed

Though I try to run and hide
 having no sniff of her fragrance
 yet upon any discuss had, friendly or friendless
 my soul is always impressed with her -
awakening in me those feelings closed
 releasing a paradise
culminating in extinction.


An exposition: Psalm 20

In this blessed Psalm, David instructs the people on how to pray for their king.
David begins his instructions for the people to pray for protection. Vs 1. May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble! Calamity may fall at any time. It may come at whatever hour providence as appointed it, but man is often unaware so it is wise that when these sudden irritations befall a king that His God should be ready at hand to answer him. Furthermore, in that disastrous hour it is imperative that his God is able to protect him. May the name of the God of Jacob protect you! We as civilians and citizen of a democratic state should pray for the welfare of our prime minister even though we may disagree with many of his policies. If we find him to be against the very principles of our religion, we are to pray for him because our Christ as commanded us to pray for our enemies, and to always pronounce a blessing on their wayward head.
Vs. 2 May he send you help from the sanctuary and give you support fr…

The most offensive verse in the Bible

......When Piers or Larry or Tavis or Rosie or Ellen or The View or whoever tried probing me about homosexuality, or wifely submission, or any other area where God has spoken (to the world's consternation), I think I'd decline the worm altogether. I think instead, I'd say something like,

"You know, TaPierRosEllRy, when you ask me about X, you're obviously picking a topic that is deeply offensive to non-Christians — but it's far from the most offensive thing I believe. You're just nibbling at the edge of one of the relatively minor leaves on the Tree of Offense. Let me do you a favor, and just take you right down to the root. Let me take you to the most offensive thing I believe.

"The most offensive thing I believe is Genesis 1:1, and everything it implies.
"That is, I believe in a sovereign Creator who is Lord and Definer of all. Everything in the universe — the planet, the laws of physics, the laws of morality, you, me — everything was created by…

In lust

In lust no honour shown
Wanting thee, not soul but your flesh to own
To have. Indulge in pleasures which shows
That God to me remains unknown.


The sweetness of assurance

And at present, it is becoming extremely difficult for me to believe or see that my Christianity has any effect at all. For there is no effect without a cause. I sincerely believe that the cause of Christ is formed in me, yet perhaps it has all been in vain in bearing lasting fruit. Yet I do not doubt my assurance of heaven, of one day walking on the golden pavements of the new earth. The sweet seed of assurance has grown to be a mighty tree in my heart. I know that Christ lives in me and amidst the forest of barrenness, yet I see prickles of heaven's light in all my gravely disposition. I am assured of heaven and yet my eyes cannot see the beauty of my future glory. O Christ, come and remove the veil of self-pity from my earthly laden eyes and turn the brow of my eyes towards your outstanding beauty. I say in the depths of my heart, that never have I produced anything good, or when I survey the vast wonders of the manifold works of others, I lament in pity, desiring to put down m…

But me

The ringing bell draws everyone out
But me
Everyone is on the table eating dinner
But me
Sitting comfortably and playing games
But me
Hearing about each other’s day
But me
They all make tomorrows plan
But me
Hugging as one family before they sleep
But me
Who feeling very sad, would be all alone
No reason why but because its me. K.Oni