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Welby vs Wonga

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, didn’t make the headlines yesterday because he spoke out against the payday loan companies; it was his unexpected approach that captured people’s attention. I hope it captures our imaginations too; not just when it comes to the big issues of the day, but for each of us as we go about our day-to-day life.

There is growing pressure for something to be done about companies like Wonga, and rightly so. It is a scandal that they can prey on the vulnerable in the way they do. It’s shocking that legislation has been so slow to catch up. It’s heartbreaking to see the impact – thousands more people becoming trapped by poverty.

Welby’s war against Wonga had a surprising twist. His plan is for the Church to become a more central player in the money lending business by expanding the Church of England’s credit unions. He told the boss of Wonga, “We’re not in the business of trying to legislate you out of existence; we’re trying to compete you out of existen…

Miscellanies 85: A righteousness not my own

I have never ever claimed to have a righteousness of my own, nor to possess any goodness to commend myself to men let alone to God. I understand more than anybody else the pitifulness of my heart and the misery of my condition. If anybody think that I am at all good, I concede that it is all in their imaginations, and they think of me as they ought not to. I still have with me those sins  from my youth which I have yet to loose from my heart. I must confess that I have not dealt violently with them as I ought, for if I had, then some of those vile things would not be found in me now. But they are, and how I lament my own powerlessness. I can say that all of those deadly sins are in me, and I wish that they were not but they are. And here is where the devil sees it a delighting thing to torment me with my horrible past and depraved present. But in all of his accusations, I do say unto him that I do indeed have no righteousness of my own. Nay, I have not. And I am deeply sorry for bring…

Miscellanies 84: A sinning saint is of no earthly use

A sinning saint is of no earthly use like a bird without wings is of no flying good. What we mean by this is that a sinning Christian remains as a light hidden underneath a bushel, and as a tasteless salt.

Ask any converted Christian who willingly indulge in sin about their productivity or communion with God and general happiness. I am sure the majority will say, 'O ken, they played the flute and I could not dance. And whenever I do it is always with a forced smile.'

A sinning saint therefore is a miserable Christian in his heart because surely the Spirit cannot be happy with such a child who has become a rebel. The Spirit being who he is must be grieved by such a one for he cannot rejoice on his behalf. But the quick tongue Christian might say, 'but ken are we not all sinners? And is it not true that in this life we shall never cease from sinning. Because if it is not this sin then it is that sin.'

O child, tell me this. Has Christ the power to save us from sin in t…

Miscellanies 83

I dare say that when God drew the plans of salvation, that there was only one on God's eternal mind who was to have the pre-eminent role, namely his Son, at which the devil in time scoffed and rebelled, thus recieving as his prize, the darkest portion of hell.


Fallen by the wayside

Many of us have fallen by the wayside. That is that after starting well, having much excitement for the things of God's kingdom, that all that excitement has somehow faded. The main reason why this is so, I can say is because of lingering sins or bitter cicumstances.

Being not so determine to cut of the head of our serpent, namely our sins, we had let it breed in the silent corner of our heart. That now, after the honeymoon with the Holy Spirit is over and we are not so much in that state of presence, we have looked back like Lot's wife and found our-self slowly turn into dust. Yea, back to the ashes of our old pitiful self.

This is a common thing to happen among those who are saints from what I have experienced, that after a while of walking with the Lord, their feet becomes weary. The pressures of life weighs in on them and those old temptations seeks them out, and many fall and indulge a little while until their faith becomes merely an uttereance of the tongue that arises…

Whilst She strolls on nature's realm

The lilies blush at her kiss
The faintest touch warms the butterflies cone
Earth and sky bow in jubilant awe
Encouraging the rain to shower a dance.
Music plays her favourite song
Light displays her flashiest glow
And seeds arise growing gloss
Whilst She strolls on nature's realm.


My dear sweet pound

My dear sweet pound
How I need thee in my arms
To bring me things that makes me smile
To take me places where I can dance.
I love you more than any mortal form
You are the substance my working eye seeks.
For thee I travel and cry, sigh when your comfort is out of my sight.
But you are a weedy little thing,
Here today and gone tomorrow.
Yet you command my every deed
Without thee I shall soon become a seed.
My dear sweet pound, the loviliest of all nickel-brass,
When on heaven's shore I reach
Standing beneath the judges bench,
To ask for that which was his own
To thee will I say has bought me whole.

By K.Oni

Miscellanies 82: My sins are my own

I make no excuses for my sins. I am entirely guilty of them and I am to be damned for it. I know in my heart that I am not a good person, for therein is contain all those maladies that makes me ill with sinful actions. I know I am to be entirely at fault with my bitterness, laziness, lust, anger, self-seeking and deceitfulness. There is no one else at fault although others may have had a part to play, yet I am entirely guilty of them. If I am to know true mercy and grace, then I beg you not to take my sins away from me. Do not blame them on some past or on some other things; those things played a role and some very vital but they are still my sins. My conscience knows that they are mine and I have long ceased to find excuses other than to accept that I am not a very good person. I will not justify my sins. Now, in having my sins as my own, in knowing that I am really not a good person, and altogether a wretch making me a fitting candidate for the burning lakes of hell; in knowing all …

The fairest princess there ever was

A frog once asked me who I thought the prettiest elegant creature was. I said a princess of course. Nothing as fair as her innocent heart. The frog then said that 'if I a trusting boy should be, a kiss from you, a princess will have.' I closed my eyes and stretched out my lips, only to open them to see the fairest princess there ever was. 


Poems: No clue

I loved one who had a clue
Because I hung around her like a glue
Then one day she suddenly flew
To a place that I had no clue. 


Women of the Bible: Abigail

1Sa 25:18  Then Abigail made haste and took two hundred loaves and two skins of wine and five sheep already prepared and five seahs of parched grain and a hundred clusters of raisins and two hundred cakes of figs, and laid them on donkeys. 

How a woman who was very beautiful and discerning came to be married to a man who was harsh and badly behaved, or as his name signifies a 'fool', magnificently escapes me. It is often true in love that there is more irrationality than sense. But a man with much money and power, even though a fool is at times providently blessed with a beautiful and discerning wife. Or we can say that such a union was perhaps due to family ties, namely wealth marrying into wealth, or the rich man having so much fortune was able to tempt her father into giving her away with him becoming rich in the transaction. Such was the sorry lot for Abigail, that the man to whom her father dispensed her too, was not one who was trained in the school of wisdom, nor in sobr…