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Miscellanies 94

The Lord is my happiness, that great king of love who came down into the shadows, defeating the darkness of my existence, kissing me and enfolding me with the light of his life. But how often have I forsaken him! Neglected him! Woe is me. O woe is me!

King of glory, the king of everlasting grace. How glad I am that you have forgiving me - that you have excused my sins with the blood of your life - O sweet blood of Jesus that washes away my sins and justifies me. Sweet blood of Christ!

God expects holiness from us whilst we are here on earth.

God expects holiness from us whilst we are here on earth. For our Lord Jesus said 'be holy as your father in heaven is holy.' But how many Christians eschew this sweet delighting duty! Many I say for the many have not seen holiness as a ravishing delight.

It is exceedingly sweet as Jonathan Edwards writes:

Holiness is a most beautiful, lovely thing. Men are apt to drink in strange notions of        holiness from their childhood, as if it were a melancholy, morose, sour, and unpleasant thing: but there is nothing in it but what is sweet and ravishingly lovely... It is a divine beauty.
Indeed too many Christians have drank strange notions of holiness from their childhood and too many from the pulpits. O how often is the love of God pitted against his holiness as if holiness is an unloving thing, the stern side of God that makes him a kill joy.
It is the very opposite! God is set apart from us, from every being by his holiness namely that he has none of those qualities, yea those…

I got my head down

My new track called I got my head down

Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Its not professionally recorded so not the best of sounds but ok nonetheless.


He has come for me

My Jesus, the Lord of all
Heaven's darling, the Father's Joy.
He lives, He reigns supreme
One day He will come for me!

When sicknes becomes my lot
I will not mourn noŕ despair
I will rejoice, I will be glad
I know He comes for me.

On that day when death kisses me
My King has sent an angel for me
In love and eagerness my Jesus awaits me
He has come for me.


He is my all

I take my cross and follow Jesus, that is I lay down my life and everything that hinders and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

He is my all and everything because he gave up his life for me.

He is my blessed saviour, my eternal sunshine, my beloved, my dream, my reality!

O sweet eyes he looks me with, such heavenly stare when he gazes upon me, such heartfelt passion. O he is my desire, the everlasting joy of my soul. I love him dearer than anything in this world.

Mother, you are nothing to me compared to Christ, My Child you are nothing to me compared to Christ! He is all that my wife could never be! I forsake all for him. Life begone, death come quickly if this is what my Christ wants for me. He is always about my good and my happiness. May I always be about your good sweet Jesus!

Your burden is light like the fading evening light on the eyes. My hope built on nothing else, on nothing less than you, my beloved Jesus the Lord of all.