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A picture

The night when the men in black came
Barged through my door to dethrone my name
Sat I still with a glass of wine
Legs cross waiting for them to take my arm.

Men in black, in here I am
Come sit with me before we part.
I shall now tell you of this frame hanged
She was my once sweet Lady who broke my heart!


My Bed

My bed is a hotspot to think about my fancy, to indulge in my many imaginations; when I sleep to conjure up my dreams of tomorrow. The moon shines her jovial face, granting graceful lights to all outside; but I care not for her. For I am inside my room, darkness occupying my air so as to be at peace with my imaginations and my fancy - to think nourishing thoughts of sweet fantasy which is far from my reality. I recline and smile closing my eyes for the next hours excited by the vision which will take me away to a far away place where I is king of my own world and may do and have as I please. Do not worry dear reader; the nature of my dreams is as that of the sunrise,  lighting up the dusk which reality mean-fully decorated. I in a melodic ease caress my brush lightly as a feather upon a dark coloured scene, setting free the caged birds, erasing the shadows of past hurts and draw happiness as a vivid hue that cannot be removed. Oh dear reader I am in love with my bed; many of my fellow…

The Joy of Confession 16

Sinner:Dear Sir, Lately I feel that I cannot come to God to ask him of anything - I feel a guilt within my soul that I have not done what I ought therefore I am in no position to ask him of anything. Like Fathers on earth, they reward their children when they have done well likewise I feel God will not hear me because I haven’t done what I ought to do. As a result I feel him as far as the sky, I feel as a man looking for a coin in the ocean. Help me sir, for I do not feel right when he is so far away.

Sir:My Son, I beg you refrain from uttering such blasphemies against your heavenly Father. Were he to reward us ultimately based on our works, what soul could stand. But blessed is the man against whom the lord will not count his sin. The one who works his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due. My Son, forget your works and soley rely on his grace. No more have a detestable mind but be renewed.

Sinner: Do you mean then sir that God rewards me not because of my works but because of…

My Christmas Day

It is ok my friends to feast on Christmas day, it is a day to celebrate, a day to rejoice and be glad. Eat and be glad for Solomon writes “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works. Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointments. ”

This was how I celebrated my Christmas day, I ate my bread with joy and drank my wine with a merry heart. I started the day by going to church and then returned to a luscious feast. There were all sorts on the table, fish, turkey, rice, snail, muscles, spring rolls, Nigerian sauces, drinks, cake and etc. Before we began to eat, a champagne was opened were we all wished one another merry Christmas and thanked God for the grace bestowed upon us to have the means to provide and eat what laid before us. I ate to my heart’s content which did make me feel full and the drink made me light satisfying my soul but only the Child born at Christmas truly satisfies my soul.

Then we proc…

David Cameron's Christian country

David Cameron’s announcement in a speech last week that the UK remains a “Christian country” made predictable headlines. The speech, delivered during a celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, asserted that our culture and politics are incomprehensible apart from a recognition of the Christian heritage of the country, and – most controversially – that the shared values that should guide British politics and society into the future should be distinctively Christian values.

His first point was relatively uncontentious: there is no doubt that the King James Bible was instrumental (together with the plays of Shakespeare) in creating the cadences of the English language. The second point wandered towards the controversial: “[the] Bible runs through our political history in a way that is not often recognised.”

The examples cited included the concept of a limited, constitutional monarchy; universal human rights; the welfare state; and a commitment to aid and development be…

What's hidden inside

There are words I wish I could  say 
Flatter your heart with what truly laid in my heart.
But see, I am a rationale soul - one disposed to clear day thoughts.
You are a wonder, a tower of beauty like the Eiffel Tower
And I a worn down council flat.
All reason tells me to abandon this love,
So I blush and keep what's hidden inside. 


Miscellanies 26 - The condescension of God at Christmas

What does Christmas tell you about God? Christmas forces us to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ. But who is Jesus Christ to you? Jesus once asked his disciples a serious question’ “Who do people say that I am?” Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!”* John tells us that Jesus was the WORD who became flesh.* Paul asserts that Jesus Christ is God who emptied himself and took on human likeness.* What you believe about the person of Jesus will radically dictate what Christmas tell you about God.

If you believe that Jesus is God then you will have the same view as Jonathan Edwards of what Christmas tells us about God.  Jonathan Edwards writes:

“The gospel leads us to love God as an infinitely condescending God. The gospel, above all things in the world, holds forth the exceeding condescension of God. No other manifestation that ever God made of himself exhibits such wonderful condescension as the Christian revelation does. The gospel teaches how God, who humbles h…

The Little Valley 2

Immediately to my left, I heard an echoing voice echoing my name saying

“Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began”

I was perplexed because I had yet ascribed to no design and my heart was still fixated on the marvellous beauty which has won my soul. “If you gain this Little Valley, you possess me.” Those words rang through my head over and over again wondering what she could mean by possess - I am a mere boy compare to her. She looked young but very old - a companion of wisdom and a friend of the sage. I saw her eyes like doves look intensely into mine, strangely communicating to me that I needed to heed the calling voice.

The voice echoed again.

“Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began.”

The voice came deep inside the dungeon, no light to lead me to the strange voice which beckoned my name. I treaded lightly, taking cautious steps, for now I must depart into the unknown. I walked steadily and s…

Once again you strike my heart!

Cupid! Thou dids’t once again
Strike my boyish heart to love again.
Whence the future I held so bleak
Because of the last poison with which you poisoned me.
A summer promised but winter came
Thou a jest! no friend of love has thou portray. 
If shadows kiss the ground, and the valiant sun caresses the earth
Then why thy arrow no sooner make 
Her heart unite to mine never untied.
A mocking errand - A mocking errand
You did play my heart, I with all sentiment truly clenched
The end she will be mine.
Cupid! Thou a filthy fiend
You knew she played no part - 
For selfish pleasure and gods to engross
Once again you strike my heart!


The Little Valley

Dear reader, not much has inspired me in this dreary life as has been this little valley which I shall now tell you off. Old men have often said, that when they were young, they were inspired by loved ones to enlist for the war, counting their lives as a necessary sacrifice compared to that which has so marvellously inspired their souls. It is with me with this little valley, so high as it driven my soul that each day my mind wonders so merrily to reflect upon its scene.

I need not far to look before I write, no book to search nor nature to inspire but in mine heart to look; for therein is etched that vivid colourful image of that little valley which has forcefully occupied the centre of my heart. I only need to close my eyes and lo it appears, as if right in front of my eyes, as if I could touch and walk on its broad landscape.  Beautiful, beautiful all in me exclaimed longing to once again rest on those soft green grass where butterflies, fruit flies and salmon flies come to engage …

Ken’s newsletter 3

The past three months I can truly say from the bottom of my heart has been delicious to my soul. I have enjoyed it and amazed at the goodness of God. He has been with me unconditionally, sustaining me through the nights and greeting me with warm affectionate smiles in the morning. He has driven me to heights of beholding is sweet love and the grace he has lavished so freely upon his children. He has also worked in my heart, changing me to be more like His Son Jesus Christ. One way He has done that is by making me more servant hearted - thinking of others good before my own and not to think lofty opinions of myself. In the past month, many things have occurred of which I shall brief you of their ends.
Alpha course: Looking back at the 10 weeks Alpha course, I can say with my hands solemnly placed on my heart that the Spirit of God has done a remarkable work. With many becoming Christians and many more growing in their faith has encouraged many of us and forced me to praise and give glory…

Christmas carols

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in the context of the reform of the English Poor Laws. The New Law concerned orphanages, workhouses and debtors’ prisons. While on the surface The Poor Law Act appeared to provide for the poor, Dickenschallenges the poor stewardship of the ecclesiastical boards who governed with harshness rather than kindness, compassion and mercy.His Carol is undergirded by his critique of society and a form of Christianity that lacks mercy and an ardent advocacy concerning the oppression of the weak.So, it's a carol with a bite. It speaks to the heart. As his readers see the change in Scrooge,so may they find a shift in their own hearts.

Dickens is considered to be one of the most persuasive advocates for the poor of his time. His novels vividly describe the world as he knew it. He shone a light on dark realities such as the destitution and exploitation of children. Capturing the imagination across social classes, hisbooks raised awareness and struck a vein…

Biblical Themes and Other Religions

Even this cursory survey* indicates that there are some similarities between Christian faith and other religions. Islam and Christianity, e.g., both believe in an eternal Creator God and a judgment to come after death. Both Jesus and Confucius taught a version of the Golden Rule, and both Christianity and Confucianism teach respect for one’s parents. Such similarities are not surprising and can be understood in light of the biblical teaching that all people, including adherents of other religions, have been created by God in his image (Gen. 1:26–27; 5:1–2) and that God has revealed himself in a general manner to all peoples through the created order (Ps. 19:1–4; Acts 14:15–17; 17:22–31; Rom. 1:18–32; 2:14–15). But the differences between Christian faith and other religions are greater and more significant than any similarities.

1. God. The Bible teaches that there is one eternal Creator God who has created all else that exists (Genesis 1–2).Hinduism has theistic traditions, but it als…

A Christmas ball

What a happy scene of merry dancers dancing to a foreign tune not far of the coast. Boys and girls dressed marvellously, beautifully and handsomely not one of whom I could say spoilt the scene perhaps except I. Each were dancing with a smile, burning off the sweet dinner which occupied them shortly before. I did put out my hands, surprised to be taking by some beautiful lassies

who danced way better than I could dream and smiled so free which made me believe that all in this room were having a splendid time. Some did tire but some did endure till the last dance which culminated in a final stretch of future Kings and queens this world to own, danced and spun with their partners till the music stopped.

Miscellanies 25 - All found in the same room

The vision my friends is for a renewed society and renewal of human life. It is said that the lion will lie down with the lamb as well as the wolf with the kid. In the kingdom of Christ, as it is here and as it should be, the rapist is found in the same room as the raped, the persecutor is in the same room as the persecuted, the wicked and vile dictator are in the same room as the poor, the homosexuals are in the same room with the religious, the educated found in the same room as the uneducated and all those who were aggressors as well as the victims were found in the same room. Those who were apathetic are found in the same room as those with great zeal. In this room are they all found together, singing and rejoicing, creating a new society where injustice and hatred are gone. The only things hated are those things which are intangible, evil spirits, principalities and ideologies which are contrary to Christ’s kingdom principles. Be what you may my friend, the door is open to you. C…

Rene and Poet 14

Poet facing Rene, trying to keep a straight face retold of how he spoke to his beloved of his long love for her.

Poet: Rene I shall now tell you of the story of how finally I told my beloved of the heavenly love I had for her. After you left me I struggled for a while within my soul whether to declare to her of my consuming desire to know her. 

The struggle within my soul went like this: Oh Poet, tonight is the night I must break my yoke. I wished it happened spontaneously wherein I had no time to contemplate my words. Nerves have penetrated the depths of me and since I’ve desired and been persuaded by Rene, I must deliver. This is my first voyage of this kind and before I sail I am stricken with a fever of a familiar kind. Some have called it sea sickness and if I encounter it now without ever sailing how much more when I and the sea should meet. I am sure those amiable dovelike eyes will do not much to calm my nerves but I must be a man - I must fasten my belt, hold my head high and s…

Cursing, Warnings and Threatenings in the old testament fulfilled in Jesus

All of the promises that we read of in the old testament all find their fulfilment in Jesus Christ because Paul the Apostle writes in 2 Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God find their yes in him. But this is not only true of all the promises, we can say also that all of the cursing, warnings and threatenings in the old testament also points forward to Christ and is fulfilled in Christ. For example, Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. In the old testament Lambs represented a sin or guilt offering.  Lev 14:12-13 ‘And the priest shall take one of the male lambs and offer it for a guilt offering, along with the log of oil, and wave them for a wave offering before the LORD. And he shall kill the lamb in the place where they kill the sin offering and the burnt offering, in the place of the sanctuary.’ Jesus became the sin bearer as he hung on that cross and bore the curse of God, as it is written ‘anyone who is hung on a tree is under God’s curse’ Deut 21:2…

A prayer for my soul - I thank you God that you are my Father

I thank you God that you are a Loving Father
One in whom there is no deceit nor lie.
Each morning, you arise to care for your children
And each night you spread your blanket over them.
You have provided a Shepherd to guide and lead them
You have given them a comforter to always comfort them.
I thank you God that you are my Father
And have richly lavished your grace and joy upon me
I thank you God, I cannot thank you enough
Of how glad my heart is that you are my Father.
I pray that your children will know that you are for them
In their trials, pain and miseries, that you will never leave nor forsake them.
It is you who delighted to be our God, our ever providing Father
Supplying all our needs and giving us our daily bread.
Forgive us when we fail to trust, fail to see your kind and merciful heart.
Forgive us when we doubt your Fatherly ways.
Oh My God, my Daddy and King 
To whom belong all glory and praise
I love you but I pray I may love you more.
I have settled with my heart to always trust
To always b…

Who dreams of me

I wonder what heart holds me dear
This Christmas a present would make them glad
Of me unwrapped to make them smile 
To have me sit side by side.

Must wander for a while off this dream
To sit by reality and ask of him
A vivid picture if there is
Such a one who dreams of me. 

Whatever picture portrayed I beg it be
As lively as rain upon the skin
Wetting the hair, drenching the brow
Thence I know its reality I see.


Chasing after holiness

I have heard many say that they would like to be more holy and live a more godly life. But I should ask, why do you want to live a holy and a more godly life? In your hearts of heart, what is your ultimate aim in seeking such a goal. Your answer may prove to be defective or effective in what happens in your pursuit.

I wonder what answer you have come up with, perhaps some of them run along these lines:
To have a clearer conscience
To please God
To please your family and peers
It is what is expected of you
To gain your salvation

Your answers may not be listed in the above but I’ll suggest a few reasons for why we should pursue holiness:

1.  Because God is holy* -  We should pursue holiness because God is holy and because we want to be like him. If your hearts desire is to be truly like God, to be like His Son Jesus Christ, then pursuing holiness becomes something of a joy rather than a chore. It becomes a delight to the soul. Consider who your heroes are and the excellent things that t…

The Wicked witch 1

I knew her to be a wicked witch, a dark uncontrollable detestable thing
This only true in her attitude and love, her eyes also betrays her charm.
One day I passed by her colossal vivid castle, warning all to enter in
But all were wise except I, who this morning had an inquisitive heart.
The black long gates opened all on their own, following a path which led me here
To doors wide and frightingly scary yet persisted I to enter in.
The sight amazed my little eyes, beautifully decorated all she had inside.
A golden lamp here and another there - she must be rich or by deceit obtained.
Cautious steps I dare to take, walking slow to observe her place
I did begin to feel a love I cannot explain - perhaps I’m caught in one of her charms.
Before, the town whispered a yarn of a kid who was much like I
A fool who marched to the wicked witch abode and after was only seen thrice each year.
I wondered hard but returned to the scene to observe the beauty that surrounded me.
A portrait Large endowed the hall, fuz…

Miscellanies 24 - The importance of the inward sunshine

I must now even more than ever set my soul upon Christ if I am going to be of any good use to the company around me. That peace must first be established in my heart and soul, it must fill my mind and then my whole being if I am to maintain any legitimate contact or discussions with any souls. I am quick to forsake others if I am discontent internally - I seek not to stare your eyes nor care about your ways. But this is not edifying to my neighbours and I ought to love them, yea, each one as Christ loved His church. So it is of first importance for me to each day with a more lively earnestness seek and beg for his peace to feed my soul. It must be enough for me to last the day lest I should sink in utter despair and dismay about reasons why I belong not in this passing shadow. I am much fond of the sunshine only if I have sunshine within me, otherwise I am quick to sit within my own darkness and contemplate on the abounding wickedness of my own soul. I wish I was more a holy creature,…

A review on C S Lewis, The problem of pain

C S Lewis is one of the most loved and respected names in Christian Literature in the last century. J I Packer a heavy weight theologian writes of Lewis’s influence in his article titled ‘The Literary bloke’ that among today’s Christians, the name of the Anglican Clive Staple Lewis of Ulster of Oxford and of Cambridge is a household word… Countless copies of his Mere Christianity and Screwtape Letters have resourced the past half-century's evangelism and nurture; countless copies of A Grief Observed have helped bereaved believers; and countless copies of the Narnia stories have enriched half a century's children. Conservative Christians everywhere - centrists and mainliners, as I would call them - see Lewis as one of God's best gifts to our era of anxiety, disbelieve, and moral and spiritual drift.[1]

C S Lewis became a Christian in 1929 after spending many years as an atheist. His conversion was simple and profound as He writes in his autobiography "In the Trinity Ter…

A Prayer for my soul - confession and petition

Holy Lord, I have sinned times without number, and been guilty of pride and
unbelief, of failure to find Thy mind in Thy Word, of neglect to seek Thee in my daily life.
My transgressions and short-comings present me with a list of accusations, but I bless
Thee that they will not stand against me, for all have been laid on Christ. Go on to
subdue my corruptions, and grant me grace to live above them. Let not the passions of
the flesh nor lustings of the mind bring my spirit into subjection, but do Thou rule over
me in liberty and power.

I thank Thee that many of my prayers have been refused. I have asked amiss and
do not have, I have prayed from lusts and been rejected, I have longed for Egypt and
been given a wilderness. Go on with Thy patient work, answering 'no' to my wrongful
prayers, and fitting me to accept it. Purge me from every false desire, every base
aspiration, everything contrary to Thy rule. I thank Thee for Thy wisdom and Thy love, for
all the acts of discipline …

On Lobbying

I often find myself denying it. Usually at social gatherings where I meet new people and I am asked: “So, what do you do?” I've developed a little patter that explains my job. I explain that I represent Christians to parliament and government, but the response is often the same: “You're basically a lobbyist then?”

And I guess I am. Except I usually try and avoid the term, opting instead for something more diplomatic, something less likely to attract sneers and criticism. The revelations theIndependent has published this week  will perhaps give you some measure of sympathy for such hesitancy.

I could make all sorts of arguments in my defence. I could suggest the causes I work for are considerably more just than the massaging of Uzbekistan's human rights record. I could look to the Bible and the examples of Mordecai and Esther, Joseph and Daniel - people who had the ear of the King. But I still feel tainted by association.

On one level, the allegations are hardly shocking: '…