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Rene and Poet 11

Poet:Oh Rene, this day is as fine a summers day I ever knew. See my dear lover, the sun setting in its glory but yet I see her luminary shining with greater lustre and in more effectual strength. 
Her genial warmth and graciousness of temper is as a pearl in appearance. Dullness and sorrow fled at her approach and it is said of her that she pours herself into all the channels of social intercourse. 
Oh Rene, I am lost in her summer seasons, that which is constant through all the variables of this fleeting life.

Rene:You touch me ever so gently and warmly with your lively imaginations of her.
You were born in the long summer thus it is entirely natural for you to be awakened by a girl who is the perfect radiance of her.

Poet:She is better and radiates a better odour. Her colours are ten times superior to that which summer decorates. 

For the rest of that day Poet and Rene enjoyed the sizzling sunshine taking occasional rest in the shades manufactured by the age old trees. 


What I'll be doing this year

As many of you are aware or unaware; I’ve recently graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in Business Management. I thank God for this great opportunity to study and more importantly I give him thanks for how he has transformed my life through this experience to have an increasing passion and love for Jesus Christ and his gospel. Because of this awesome grace, Friends have advised me and I have decided that for the following year beginning from September I’ll be working for my Church undertaking a year on the foundations team at Woodlands Christian Centre in Bristol.

The foundations team is a year of service where we are given the opportunity to work in different areas of church ministry. I aim to serve in as many diverse roles as possible but my heart beats for Student work, Urban Mission and youth ministry. I am very excited about the possibilities that the coming year will hold and I am hoping to finish the year with a stronger sense of vocation, confiden…

Psalm 14 - An exposition

This Psalm portrays that man is universally corrupt and seeks not after God. There is none who does good, not even one. But God has a people, a chosen generation whom He is delighted to defend in their righteousness and strike if they should continue in their sins. So, although man is corrupted universally, yet God is willing to be a refuge for the poor and the bringer of salvation for those who have been oppressed by evil and wicked men who are nothing but fools due to their idle belief that there is no God.

14:1  To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." Here is the height of human folly which displays the darkness of the human heart. Only a fool can utter and declare that there is no God. These are by nature called athiest, who deny the existence of God. through reason and logic and with exertion of their darkened intellect, they would go at length to deny their maker and creator. They are the one's who suppress the truth of the exist…

Born to be

I was born to Be radically Loving,

Self abasing and God exalting.

To live in freedom and seek it for all.

Adoring Justice, righteousness and mercy

Hating injustice, iniquity and revenge.

I was Born to live in light

To laugh out loud and shine so bright

To sing His praise and declare His name.


Where is my Christ gone

Oh where is my Christ Gone
Where are you my Lord
I seem to have lost you in this heart of sin.

Oh reclaim this corruptness
Cleanse this filth
I’m falling here on my knees.

Everybody can hear me cry
Screaming out your name;
Let your love fall down on me
That something in me may die.

For the last time for the last time
Let this desertion be.
Please, never go so far away
From this broken repenting me.


Miscellanies 18 - Rebel no more

How true it is my friend that many Christians after declaring Christ to be their Lord and saviour are soon found to rebel against him by committing sins which brought their faithful master to that wretched tree. Since the beginning of their walk after showing them a taste of his love and taking away their guilt it is then or soon after that they are found in the shadows of darkness. They are found wallowing in the pit of which their Lord has warned them to flee. 

Those dreadful warnings found in scripture about pending Judgements for those who persist in wickedness are easily shrugged off, presuming on the kindness of God not knowing that such kindness is meant to lead them into repentance. But such is the corruption of the heart that God’s grace is used as a vice for sustained wickedness and a tool to numb the conscience of actual guilt of sin committed. It is in their hearts that the phrase rings true: shall we sin so that grace may abound? In their heart it is a resounding yes, no w…

Miscellanies 17 - Praying for the next generation

It is true that perhaps with our solemn prayers and dedication and dying to self in the aim of seeing many won to Christ in our generation may not actually come to pass but will perhaps come to pass in the next generation. And God in his sweet providence may decline us from seeing the fruits for which we have so laboured. Should this prevent us from carrying out our duty of persevering in prayer and pleading to the Almighty for saving our generation? Neigh! But this should rather increase our desires to pray and plead that if it be not so with this generation then let it be more abundantly with the next generation for the sake of our children, grand-children and their world. We ought to press on in faith and die in faith that if we cannot see such harvest among our peers that our children and grandchildren may see it in theirs rooted on the grinding and tilling of our faith in prayer. We should be as the saints of old who ‘all died in faith, not having received the things promised, bu…

Miscellanies16 - Happy in Christ

It is entirely true my friend that there is no one for me but Jesus. The first thing I must do each morning is to set my heart and soul upon his face as to secure my day in complete happiness for without Him I am a miserable creature. He was crucified for me bearing that wretched thorn as a crown and being nailed upon that cursed tree. This, the world thought as the most abominable of deaths but yet it was the pathway to his and my glory. It was by such an ignoble death that He was crowned the king of kings and Lord of Lords and by His resurrection declared as a sufficient saviour. Therefore I long to be found in the secret of his presence for once upon a time, a long time ago His Father had called my name and now in my lifetime I found Christ to be knocking upon the door of my heart and as soon as I became wise to his knocking due to the awakening of the Holy Spirit I quickly opened the door, falling on my knees, kissing his feet and inviting him to come and dine at my poor and lowly…