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Happy I am

Happy I am Happy to stand To walk in the light of eternal life.
Happy I am Happy to sit  Under the shadow of the Almighty.
Happy I am Happy to walk With her to paradise and beyond. 

Pain lingers in my heart

Pain lingers in my heartIt is the death of me.  The lines of life have awfully swayed To sorrow's lodging. She welcomes me to dine with sombre And play along with gloom. After many years she (sorrow) said Your pain with me will lead to an early death. 

End of the world

The world is quiet 
Overhung with gloom 
Her proud beauty Destroyed, 
along with her shame. 

Where are her echoes 
The noise she loudly sang 
To go beyond eternity? 
The debris 
Now superior to her callous society!  K.Oni

God loves his own

God loves his own. He loves them so much that he would bring about the greatest suffering upon them to bring them back to himself and to glory.
The centuries have confirmed this noble truth in the life of many Christians. Jesus himself was perfected through suffering. Through many heartaches did our Lord enter into glory. And we should expect nothing less.
It is a rarity that God should let a saint pass into eternal life without difficulty. It is like looking for gold among sands. One must look for gold between rocks or at the bottom of streams.
Many Christians after passing through their valley of death say with that Blessed apostle to whom suffering was a never ceasing companion that, 'For we were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. '
O right now poor Christian, does your heartache? Does your unbearable pain bring you to that sorrowful conclusion that you have indeed received th…