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Serving others

I have been deeply convinced by the observation of others that truly i lack a heart of generosity and hospitality. Its not that i don't give to others, that I do and its not that i don't show hospitality, that i also do. But in doing these things, I seek my gain first and then i seek others whereas it should be the other way round for that is the way of the kingdom. for example, if i have £5 i seek to spend first on me rather than spending it on others and then spend the remaining on me. Another example that follows from this is, if i was in a pub and i only have money to buy one drink, i would normally spend it for myself rather than serving my brethren and serving them with generosity. So, i've made it my aim, the gospel as my motivation to cultivate a heart of hospitality and generosity which seeks to serve others first before my wants. I believe that doing this though unseen will be to my reward and to the benefit of others and ultimately to the glory of God. So, I pra…

Use the Jewish/Gentile controversy as an example of how Christians should resolve conflict. (Acts15; Galatians2)

The Jewish Gentile controversy

Luke writes in acts 15:1 ‘And certain men came down from Judea and taught the brethren, “Unless you are circumcised according to the law of Moses, you cannot be saved”. This was the root issue of the Jewish and Gentile controversy, the controversy was on the issue of salvation. This men who came down from Judea was preaching a different message to what Paul and Barnabas had preached to the gentiles in Antioch. The men from Judea preached to the already converted Christians that they must obey the law of Moses, they must be circumcised if they are to be saved.  This message was contrary to what they already would have heard from Paul, and for them to hear of this new message would have  created confusion in their hearts leading them astray and away from the truth of the gospel in which was first preached to them. The Jewish/Gentile controversy was not just a mere debate that could be put away and not attended to, it was a matter of life and death , heaven…

From my youth

It is true to say from the bottom of my heart that from an early age, I have indeed had a fascination with the bible and to the reading of it. As a young child I would learn the beatitudes and quote them to my brothers and friends and they would use it against me in a joking way. For example they would purposefully slap me and thus I would have to turn the other cheek. Nonetheless it was a joy to have a bible in my hand to learn. Now that I’m older, not much has changed  except my understanding as increased and a great deal of sanctification has occurred in my heart of which I thank my Lord for. There are still sins in my heart, those principles of hell which I abhor but my prayer is of constant to be free of them. Memorizing scripture has been sweet to me but the difficulty is in starting. I love to learn the word but I feel that lately I have let many things distract me and let those things take precedent above his kingdom and his righteousness. I am not unaware of the devils scheme…

Home thus far

For the past week I have been at home and what a joy it as been but also at the same time there isn’t much to do until recently when I had to help my cousin move to her new two bedroom apartment. I love my family and love the time I have with them and I am constantly amazed at the generosity and love I am showered with. I barely do anything and there is much to eat and drink whether in takeaway or dining out. I sit for the most part of it on the dining table, on my failing laptop and play football manager, serve the web and dwell on face book. I keep my eyes partly on the fifty inch screen and from time to time play with my little cousins whom I love with all my soul. But more importantly, I had wished to spend more time on the word of God and in prayer of which I did a little but saddened that I had not maximise my time to full effect.

Nevertheless it is with Joy to say that I am currently reading a book titled, ‘how to read the bible for all its worth’, and would wish for all Christ…

Jesus and His Apostles: Teaching in Harmony

By R. Fowler White ( Have you ever gotten the impression that the teaching of the apostles is at odds with the teaching of Jesus?  Sometimes it may seem that way, especially when we see Jesus emphasizing certain things that the apostles don’t, and vice versa.  Though we may be confident that, in the end, their teaching is harmonious, we do get special enjoyment when we see examples of doctrinal harmony between Jesus and His apostles.   I had just such an experience recently as I was listening to Dr. Sproul preach on Matthew 23 and Jesus’ lament over the spiritual state of Jerusalem.  I couldn’t help but be struck by the thought that Jesus’ brief words in Matthew 23:37-39 anticipated the Apostle Paul’s fuller teaching about Israel in Romans 9-11.  Check out the verses collated below and see if you don’t hear echoes of Jesus in Paul. 1. Notice that Jesus expressed deep grief over the spiritual state of Jerusalem, even as…

Making the Grade?

The hard work, the sleepless nights, the nail-biting exams…and then the wait. The endless, anxiety-inducing wait for news…
Our poor GCSE students still have another week to go, but yesterday, for hundreds of thousands of students across Britain, the agony was finally over, as they ripped into the envelopes containing their A-level results.
And now, the scramble for university places begins. With more students than spaces, it’s expected that even those that make the grade will struggle to get onto their chosen course. Some will have to move to Plan B, in a society that has increasingly come to expect its prospective employees to be educated to degree level.
I know we don’t yet live in God’s perfect world, but part of our Christian discipleship, as individuals and as a Church, should be making the steps that help this world to become more like the one God made it to be. You might be thinking that’s obvious, but stick with me – I do have a point.
In the context of God’s Kingdom – the Kingdom…

Definitions of Apologetics

ByJamin Hubner (

Here is a list of definitions of the word "apologetics" from both presuppositional and classical/evidential apologists:

Presuppositional Apologists
“Christian apologetics is, at root, a biblical discipline.”Richard Gaffin Jr. in K. Scott Oliphint and Lane G. Tipton, eds.Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics(Phillipsburg, N.J.: P&R Publishing, 2007), 1.

“Apologetics is about inviting people to look into the face of this absolute, personal God. It dares them to see him for who he is and what he means for the world.”Thom E. Notaro inRevelation and Reason, 157.

“We may define it as the discipline that teaches Christians how to give a reason for their hope.” John Frame.Apologetics to the Glory of God(Phillipsburg, New Jersey: P&R Publishing, 1994), 1.

“Apologetics is the vindication of the presence of Christ as his church against the various forms of the non-Christian philosophy of life that cons…