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Miscellanies 12 - This morning

This morning I am filled afresh with the sweetness of the Holy spirit. I feel deep inside of me that holy sensation of pure joy that urges everything in me to scream Abba all praise and glory to your name. I see clearly the brightness of the morning which has made clear and glorious those things which are hidden by the night. Likewise my Lord, your light, ever so pure has made beautiful and splendid those souls in whom you chose to illuminate. Oh this candid joy this increasing pleasure and delight. Oh, my bread and my wine; delay no longer my soul for he has given you the invitation. Come quickly to your seat and satisfy your members with the sweetest bread and succulence wine.


Another soul lost to hell

It remains an unpopular notion to speak of souls who have departed this life that now they are in hell. It  furiates the souls of men of which I can take pity but yet the truth of God must be upheld and with all trembling and boldness we must speak it to our fellow men in order to prevent them from eternal misery. I must apologise on behalf of my fellow evangelicals that at times hell is spoken of with a sneer but despite their lack of pity yet we must speak with necessity as to snatch many hell bound souls into a happy eternity.

Recently we have heard of the massacre in Norway, the death of a popular singer and the ongoing conflict in the middle east and the famine in the horn of Africa. These calamities have taking the lives of men, women and children. It is increasingly sorrowful and painful and as I contemplate the many lives lost I am filled with sadness and a great weight of sorrow. I dread to think of how many of these souls having passed into eternity are now in the burning fir…

Rene and Poet 10

On a spring day, Rene and Poet sat beneath an oak tree; protected from the fuming rays of the sun began to speak of a tranquil subject which delighted Poets soul.

Rene:My darling friend, do not be unaware of the real power of love which I have for you. It is a formidable force, an unbreakable defence that even the Titans cannot rent a tear.

Poet:I am not unaware my sweet friend. The past year have made me a friend to it. The depths of love deepens in regards to its object and while I maintain that God is the highest being whose love sees no end, yet I know something of its nature because of my love for her.

Rene:Oh heart of my own heart; do not loose ground on this remarkable love and yet do not delay the proposal of your bill lest the ground be occupied by another.

Poet: I will not tarry my dear, I will be swift and gentle. And whatever she may choose, she is at perfect liberty to vote as she sees fit. 

She intrudes into my daily thoughts and conversations. At times I feel I stand and liv…

Miscellanies 11 - How could she believe unless I preach

I was sitting on a bench and an old rough looking woman sat next to me. I turned my head to look at her but she took no notice of me. I looked at her and thought I wonder if she knows the Lord, if she is safe in his kingdom. I lingered my stare and thought more that how can she believe unless someone tells her, preaches (declares) the gospel to her. I looked away and when i turned my eyes back towards her she was gone. I know not of her eternal destiny but if she is an unbeliever then I pray that God may bring someone into her life to declare the gospel to her and if she is a believer that she may present the gospel to others.

How can they believe at work, at university, in churches, on the streets, in sports, in leisure unless someone preaches it to them? How can they know of the eternal hope which lays beautifully inside of you? How can they know? But some of us are ashamed, some of us are scared, some of us want to but don't know how, and some of us do declare it and thus suffer…

But one thing I do!

It is true I believe that many of us who call ourselves Christians are not living with a great seriousness and energy for Christ. Christ is the first word in Christian and many of us to a degree neglect that name and live for ourselves.  Among this number I enlist myself and if you cannot enlist yourself among this fold then I applaud you and wish that many of us may follow your example because you are imitating Paul who imitated Christ. I do not show this weakness to condemn but rather to create an excitement of the great potentials which those who live their lives with great energy and seriousness may do and accomplish for the kingdom of Christ. The weakness which I am exposing is that many of us have rejected that first principle of seeking first the kingdom of Christ and his righteousness. Although many of us may confess this verbally yet the principle is missing in the depths of  our heart. We see the deep thirst for worldly satisfaction and a shallow hunger for his kingdom. And …

The Real me

Over the last month or so I have been recollecting about how much people have had negative comments and actions because I believe in Jesus dying for us. It is truly astounding to hear the sheer amount of  people who seem nice to me but want to say bad things about me? Interesting. . .

People are always going to have a problem that no matter what you do or say. It's even more eye opening to see how controversial Jesus was in the day 2000 years ago as well as today. Sometimes many can directly give you stick about following Jesus, others simply act fake and do it behind your back. Either way its a problem they hold. But they never had these things to say before? So now it means the problem is with Jesus? The very person who loved us all so much that he got beaten almost to death and nailed to a cross taking our sin? Even more so interesting! Either talk to God or to a Christian about it if there is a problem. No hostility should be handed out your way. How will you ever know more if…

I told my People

No one knows of my misery
I feel the pain every night before I go to sleep
I can imagine all my enemies
Plotting my demise while my best friends trying to take me down.
Do you see my life, I’m in constant danger
Can’t walk a mile without someone screaming go and die.
It happened quickly, transfixed by a vision
Caught guilty with no hope for a plea.
What I my to do, so I kept running for many days
Everywhere I go I see the same man starring at my face.
We all alone I knew my guilt confessed screaming
I’m the man who did the wrongs if I could I would take em all back but please free me.
No more denials, walk up the aisle
Told my people but they all laughed
I repeated, then some began to shout.
Screaming for my life, I look to my mama but she turned her eyes.
Is this the life of the born again
Lord Jesus please come and release this pleasing pain.


Miscellanies 10 - When tempted to sin

There was a man who wrote of his temptation and how he dealt with it. ‘I had awoken with an unwanted desire to satisfy my natural cravings which were contrary to the law of Christ. I had this bestial affection in me which lusted for the satisfaction which could quench its thirst. But I knew, being a man learned in the scriptures that this means of satisfaction was wrong. In time past, my desires had been so resilent that it overpowered me and often I succumb to that hellish satisfaction which wages war against my soul. Lately I have been a man moved by the Holy Spirit and awed by the invading nature of divine grace so that it appears tangibly that heaven is only at a arms reach. I was a heavenly man, having no care nor worry but only of that which was of the kingdom. But I woke with this foreign desire and I knew immediately I must not let it breathe. To combat this devilish craving I at once fled my bed and dwelt in the secret of a quiet place where I abruptly began to declare the pr…

Who then can be saved?

I am here to show that it is possible for any man to be saved but it is impossible for any man to save himself except God saves him. ‘As Jesus was setting out on his journey a man ran up and knelt before Him and asked him “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? And Jesus said to Him.. “You know the commandments…”. And he said to Him, “Teacher, all these I have kept from my youth”. And Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “You lack one thing: go sell all that you have and give to the poor , and you will have treasure in heaven and come and follow me.” Disheartened by the saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. And Jesus looked around and said to his disciples , “How difficult it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God..” And they were exceedingly astonished, and said to him, “Then who can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God”,

A Prayer for my Soul

Oh Lord we pray for your light to penetrate this present darkness
For your people to be willing to die
To be ready to carry their cross to the hills
To the camp of evil knowing that it is there where the Light shines brightest.
Protect us from the evil one
But use our lives to bring you glory.
If my death will bring a lost soul to you
Then let me die a thousand times.
I will be a watchmen, I will be a prophet
Only steady my hands and remove the dross in me.
Creation is asking ‘where are the Sons of God?’
Oh Lord! make a powerful revelation of us
Let us be like Christ your Son whose light outshone the Sun
That we may glorify you and set the captives free.
Harden not their hearts but open their ears
That they may hear and believe.
Oh Lord we pray for your light to penetrate this present darkness. 


Tired of crying alone

I’m tired of crying alone
You always seem at a distance
Every time I feel I’m near
Then you go away
My sky is black and grey
You have taken my feeling of love away
There’s no party here
 You’re my happiness
My sky is black and grey 
Oh Lord Why wont you see me
I’m crying right here.


Who is the Judge? Jesus or Yahweh

The new testament Portrays Jesus to be the Judge of the whole earth and of the nations while in the old testament it is attributed to Yahweh. Is there a conflict in this or as the role of Judge been passed on to Jesus by the Father.  Jesus clearly mentions in John 5:22 “Moreover, the Father Judges no one but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. Whoever does not honour the Son does not honour the Father”. So it is clear that the Father has entrusted the role of Judgment to the Son. 

Before we begin to see whether there is a conflict with the old testament scriptures* which says that Yahweh is the judge even of eschatological issues and with the new testament which attributes all eschatological judgements to Christ, it is first wise to understand who Jesus Christ is. 

Jesus Christ in the gospel of John identifies himself to be Yahweh of the Old testament when in John chapter 8:24 and 58 he clearly says “If you do not believe th…

The Past Month

Its been a long time since I’ve given a summary of what’s been happening in this life of mine. Well, there’s many things I could write but this will be very brief and only highlight the major events and not bore you with tiny details.

I’m back in London well Kent in Greenhithe and life seems very peaceful although rather linear at times but there’s been a few disruption to the same old activities. You may wonder what the same old activities are. Well let me tell you. My day normally consist of sleeping late and waking early and probably in between have a nap. Whilst awake I am found to be on my Laptop doing a range of activities generally carried and dictated according to how I feel. If my soul is at peace then I am generally with a wonderful heavenly disposition seeking my beloved and always thinking of Him but if I feel melancholy due to the corruptness of my flesh then I am a distant figure until he comes to restore me with the gentle kisses of grace. This past month has been a mixt…

I'm Hearing rumours of Love

I’m hearing rumours of love
But I’ve been bought by the blood
Sold to a King of infinite love.

I’m hearing rumours of love
But I’ve got a solemn vision
To live and die only for my heavenly King

I’m hearing rumours of love
But I’m only living to seek
The treasure of my priestly king

I’m hearing rumours of Love
To heed will only hinder
My walk with my heavenly King

I’m hearing rumours of Love
I dare not comply
Although it breaks me to decline.

I’m hearing rumours of Love
But I’ve resolved to Be alone
That I may entirely be for Him.


When Winter comes

The dewy lawn the starless sky
Laid I with the grief my senses still supply .
When her sight is hushed 
I am found to feel the touch that memory provides.

“Cry not friend, winter is yet to come”.
But I see winter running with an athlete’s speed.
The long summer is done, her cheerfulness is gone.
“Save thy tears then my fellow friend”.

What wealth the summer to me has brought
Her gentle kiss and dancing breeze
Made the air sing with bliss
A common pleasure she was to all.

When winter comes the darkness will fall
“Hurry in! all enter the Inn!”
But I am a Summer’s tree 
“Winter will kill the summer if they meet”.

The dewy lawn the starless sky
Laid I with the joy my senses still supply
For Her sight is gone...... 
I am left with the warmth her memory provides.


Forgive me for my life of Sin

Lord Jesus Please, forgive me for my life of sin
For ten years I’ve been running like a thief
Committed felony, against the law of God
Ever since I’ve been living this life of wrong.
Screaming Westside as a little kid
I sold my soul to the fiends for the highest bid.
Living a life of pleasure, getting with chicks past midnight
Drinking and slanging until I pass out.
The drugs were just the antidote 
To kill my conscience escape reality of my guilty life.
Somebody save me was my secret cry
But with my boys I put my shades on so they can’t see my desperate eyes.
Its all wrong my mama once told me
This lifestyle she really tried to save me*.
This is the fate of a ghetto kid, I could have changed
But I march to the beat of the streets.
I maintain this passion for so many years 
Until I heard a voice come calling.
Couldn’t resist, it was irresistible
I guess I saw the white light
Brought me on my knees
As I screamed 
Lord Jesus Please, forgive me for my life of Sin. 

* or raise me right


Help me fight it

I can’t fight it 
The situation keeps me awake
I feel I’m slipping 
Sinking deep beneath the sea
I can’t win it. 
Death seems like life to me
I’ve gotta keep breathing
Drinking in the fountains of hope
I’ve gotta Keep believing.
Dreaming of the end of my woes
When sunny days will roll
And I’ll be firm like the solid grounds.
Somebody please give me a call
Tell me its cool before I reach 
The end of this fall. 
I can’t fight it 
The situation keeps me awake
I’ve gotta try it 
The only way I’m keeping this will
Is if you help me fight it!


What did I go out to see?

What did I go out to see?
A reed swayed by the wind?
A man dressed in fine clothes?
Those who dress in fine clothes are in the Kings’ palaces
 I did go to see a Prophet
 More than a Prophet
 not more than a Man.
A prophet who was the greatest born of a Woman.
I did see this rugged looking man with Camels hair
A Leather belt around His waist
With locusts and Wild Honey for His food.
I did see him preach and reach 
Baptize and teach proclaiming and
Preparing the way for a King.


Does God Love His Enemies?

I can still remember the chair I was sitting in years ago when I read a life-changing page in John MacArthur’s book The God Who Loves. In an economy of words, John exposed, confronted, and changed my thinking on one of the most critical areas of theology, the nature of God. My understanding of God’s love—specifically His love for the non-elect—was never the same. For months, I had been wrestling with the question of whether God’s love extends beyond those He chose for salvation. “Does God love all humanity, even the Judas Iscariots and Adolf Hitlers of the world?” At the time, I couldn’t answer that question with any degree of certainty. And although I was sitting under sound biblical teaching, I had begun entertaining the idea that God’s elect have a monopoly on His love. I couldn't reconcile the idea of God loving His enemies with the following texts: Psalm 5:5, “You hate all workers of iniquity.”Psalm 7:11, “God is angry with the wicked every day.”Psalm 26:5, “I have hated the as…

Open Window

Although a week a stranger she was to me
But now a familiar face of fantastic delight.
From two avenues we came to join
Still yet I blush and dare not linger my stare.
One morning the Sun shining in its glory
She shone in my eyes
To wave me dimineata*.
I dare not linger my stare
Lest her reddish hair wins me away.
For I am abandoned to another's bright afternoon love.
This is an open window I must close.

*dimineata means morning

A Prayer for my soul - Fill this place

Fill this place Lord with your Power, Spirit and Love.
Fill it with the fullness of your presence that we may encounter you in a new way
Or that old way where the weight of your glory overwhelms us.
Fill this place Oh Lord for the sake of your name.
Should not the nations declare the glory of your name?
Should not the people bow before the Sovereign King?
Should you not be jealous for your glory?
Oh God our heavenly Father,
Oh Christ our heavenly Saviour,
Oh Spirit our heavenly Comforter
Come and dwell upon us
Increase your dwelling in us that we may be full of power, full of love and full of your presence
That we may do the mighty works that our Lord did while he walked this earth.

We are thirsty, We are hungry, We are not satisfied until you come.
So we will persevere, we will endure the barren times
For we know a storm is coming when He will drench us with His Spirit
And the Sons of God will appear with Power.
Then it shall be fulfilled 'The whole earth is full of His glory'.


Staying awake this summer

Last year for the summer holidays, I set up a facebook group called Staying awake this summer. The aim of the group was to help us maintain a healthy reading of the bible because many of us will be going back home away from the Christian union and the church. Therefore it is easy to sleep through the summer period and backslide in your Christian walk. To help us from this danger I set up the group and we read all of Paul's letters and this year I have done the same thing but we will be reading through the gospels beginning at Matthew. We have started already and I am impressed with the comments that people have made on the chapters they have read and it has been a great encouragement to me. I will be posting people's comment on the chapters taking directly from Facebook. We read two chapters a day but the individual can dictate their own pace. If you would like to join us here is the Link, it would be a pleasure to have you involve.…

Miscellanies 9 - To see your face and die

My heart is ever pressing on to know of that infinite satisfaction of Yahweh. To taste in full all of the impressions and dimensions of the love which abounds in unequal measure in the Godhead. I am prone to wonder, to dream daily of that day when the incorruptible will swallow up the corruptible. When this feeble flesh will be utterly resilient to all the temptation of the devil and hell. I long as a father for his lost son to be found in the drowning sea of Yahweh's Love. Here I am unsatisfied because I see but dimly. Yahweh, a masterful arouser knows the perfect means to awake my soul, to leave me with the dew of the morning and make me strive for the evening rain. Better it is oh infinitely better it is for me to spend a day in His presence than for me to enjoy all of the pleasing pleasures of this earth for all eternity. My heart is entirely abandoned to your face, let me see it and gladly will I die, yes to see your face and die - to see your face and die.