Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Your troubles are like my own

Your troubles are like my own
The night is long the day won't sleep
I pray for me I pray for you
I pay my tithes I pay yours too.

Open your eyes or I'll close mine too
Dream away I'll dream for you
See, my death is long overdue
Worn out, I'm worn for you.

A very sad poem touching on the misery of a man who has lost his dear wife. He continues to live on for her in a way that is very much in the deep grieving stage. He cannot move on from this. Instead of moving on, embracing her death and celebrating her life, he chooses to try to live for her in a way that humans arn't meant to live for the dead.

Also this is about carrying another's burden, having deep empathy as suggested by the first stanza. 

Kenu and Asha 2

Asha: I do see clearly my beloved Kenu - I see amazingly! If ever two were to become one, surely we. Surly she is my burning zeal in this fleeting life; no waters can quench my desire. It is lifted up to heaven itself, no, gone beyond to the place where all colors meet their rest!

Kenu: My sweet Asha, I wish to see as you see. I would give both my hands to have your eyes and heart. Then blessed contemplation on a woman would be mine. The sword is heavy on my heart - the ways of war are forged in my soul. I would soon sleep on a rock than on a flower. I would soon swim than fly. I wish your ways were understandable to the steel of my soul - but yet I love thee as a sword in wax, rust free!

Asha: O you do do me kindness with you choral voice. Deeper than many waters it gushes into the cheery creeks of my soul! But the celestial chase is mine and until her lips embraces mine, in chastity I bind my humanity. War to me is not a bygone word, it is nearer me than you think! You fight with swords I fight my thoughts with thoughts of hope.


Come quickly to me and remove my darkness

My good Lord, ever glorious and right.
You are the light removing all darkness,
Come quickly to me and remove my darkness.
Put your ways in me - let me walk in your righteousness!

The world is away, away from thee!
She has travelled her own path, neglecting thee!
O lord may I not be among her,
May I always be found on your path.

Search me Lord,
There are many wicked ways in me.
I sigh in shame - My head is buried in my palms.
Burn away my wicked ways and fill them with righteousness.
Let it be that I seek thee and thee alone!

For I starve and it is all of my own doing
I have neglected thee and thus have become filled with all unrighteousness.
But you have won me, and to this day have kept me.

You are ever sweet!


Monday, 28 March 2016

The Lord is ever kind to me, forever Loving!

The Lord is ever kind to me, forever Loving!

He leads me in pastures green,; sits me beneath the tree of righteousness.

He is ever tender, forever patient with my ways.

He is all lovely, forever sweet and loving!

He is my God, my eternal lover; He is my King, the darling of my soul.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord

Blessed is my Christ, the king of glory!

I love Him, but He loves me more

He provides everything that I ever need.

O for that day to hasten when I shall be in glorious white

And He shall stand outshining all lights, O how wonderful!

And we shall be forever - our forever knowing no end!

I love thee but not enough

O how I wish that this could be the sole desire of my heart, namely to seek only Christ! To forsake all other desires and make Christ my only desire.

O that my head and heart will bow to Christ and forsake all idolatry. How my heart should be exceedingly happy, rejoicing forever!

Help me O Lord my Rock. In you I take refuge. I love thee but not enough.

Help me walk in your ways. Teach me to resist. Deliver me from the evil one!

O how I wish to be taken from this world so that I no longer dwell with sin. It is better to be with you but I submit to your ways for you want me here.

Blessed be thy name!


Saturday, 5 March 2016


Here I stand, bewildered by life.
I fear my greener moments have passed,
The long sunshine, ceased!

Here I am, in this moment of puffing rust
Sagacity eroded,
Dusty death my daily breath!

Here I go, to a surer shore,
Joy like sunshine is far abroad,
Fall and flash, heaven begun!

Dedicated to excellence

I ought to be dedicated to excellence, that everything I do is done to the best of my ability. We ought to give all to God and do all as if ...