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She had an angelic beauty about her, an amorous youth. Her ways were dressed in mysticism, in an ancestral creed of woman simplicity. 

Pleasure was her name to me, for she was to my eyes an appealing picture, an architectural grandeur. When she spoke, she had an animated eloquence, an approving smile, an 
ascetic devotion to her subject of discussion. She was to me a cardinal merit, a blessed fanaticism of my boyish heart. A charming radiance strolled with her, soft environment and vivid revelation accompanied her. 

How to me, a charitable allowance she displayed was always answered by grace in me. The loveliness of her character, the tenderness of her disposition, the creativeness of her existence. O to me she was the sum of all my desires, the end of all noble Ideals. Many have said that I have 
been blinded by her, enchanted by her and taken away by her. Whatever spell she has casted on me, I welcome and have no inclination to seek for a release. 


Aware of my love

My love, what I know of my self is this, that I am very much aware of my awareness that I 
love you. When I look into myself, believing that I have a good knowledge of myself, I see that all my faculties have a deep interest in you. My eyes delight at your beauty, my ears are unruffled when it hears your voice, my mouth is eager to kiss you, my nose keen to smell you, my hands craving to touch you and my mind is full of you. 

All of this sensation I am well aware of; and like a magnet I am drawn to you, for everything about you fascinates me. When you are away I miss you. When you are near I want to hold you. 

In my mind, if you will allow it, I have already decided to be committed to you forever. Only death will lose my passion for you. And if in death we should possess any sort of consciousness, then I know this, namely that I will be very conscious of you. 

My desire for you is unfathomable. Throughout various times in the day you have a desire for a cup of tea. To have such a desire i…

Without you, life is death

There is only one life with you
Without you, life is death,
Your sight does ressurect my appetite to breathe
And kiss the brown leaves
Beneath Hades shallow creeks.
For you are like Greece in her Alexandria splendour.


Sin, that vile drip slowly posioing my soul

Sin, that vile drip slowly posioing my soul
Always bitter sweet, never yeilding a honeyed note
But crass, inane, gross like a man living in rotten sewers.
Green pastures, righteousness beckons me,
But sins dwelling, inhabited since my blithe youth
A monstrous hold; Freedom!
But held like Samson under Philistine chains.