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This age of age

In this day and age where reason prevails
That is the reason of man and many many men
Are etched above the divine Word
A train of souls forsake their trust
And re-write genesis to suit their laws

Nature is loved but not its maker
Nature they adore but not its creator!

The enlighteners spoke of a new dawning light
Freeing the spark from the Word we have
Elevating utopia to a present time
Which will dawn as we progress unharmed!

Fools! They misjudged the human nature
Total depravity rejected but it was unaffected
This age of age is full of vice
Wickedness and wickedness evades its style.

 We speak of peace, peace and peace
While rejecting the Prince of peace.

Despite the lack
Of genuine believe
Yet the Maker operates his design
Man may shout and scream and bark
But never will avail the Creator’s grand design!


Can't trust myself but I'm trusting you Lord Jesus

Forgive me Lord for my secret sins
My heart breaks at my depravity
A terrible wretch and a helpless soul
Held by the sin I wish to flee

But it seems the devil got a hold on me

Locked in a cage with my sins and they haunt me
Can’t resist the pressure the temptation couldn’t pass me by

I’m trying to close my eyes but its in my heart

To stay my hand but resistance is futile
                                                                        Im burning up can’t control all my anger
                                                                  Frustrated by the lack of my discipline
                                                          It seems to be no rest for my weary soul

When I commence to rejoice then I fall down

Live my days with a sad frown
This aint the life; I’m just a girl trying to find my place

But it seems pride and feeling made much of is my secret aim

                                                        Deep  in my chest I want more but I can’t trust my self

Wedding Fever

I love a good wedding.

Recently it seems that as a nation we have had our fascination for something old, borrowed and blue spiked by the Bafta-nominated Channel 4 series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Millions have tuned in to see the outrageous lengths to which some teen girls in the travelling community go to when it comes to glitzy dresses and 10-tiered wedding cakes. Poor old Dad gets to foot the bill – bless him.

And the fun ain’t over yet, because bad weather forecast aside, this Friday’s Big Fat Royal Wedding (catch My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding tonight on Channel 4) promises to top the charts. Grateful for the distraction from depressing headlines, theNew York Times exclaimed that: "Months of excited gossip over a possible royal wedding will now be replaced by months of excited gossip over wedding preparations...and general overuse of the description ’fairy tale’."

So Friday is going be good, but Saturday is coming and with it the great post-romance come down. The ‘fairy t…

Buttering bread

Last night I was back at the wild goose café which is a charity that feeds the homeless daily. It was a joy to be back and to see familiar faces again and some of them were covered with great smiles and gratitude for the free meal they received. One of the guys said to me, ‘so you’re back’. I returned his comment with a smile and asked him whether he wanted a drink. Before the evening began, there are things to prepare like buttering the bread, slicing the cakes, preparing or heating up the food and etc. I took the task of buttering the bread as I was failing in slicing up bagels or something similar. Buttering the bread brought a moment of reflection although at the time it was a simple reflection about my day. Throughout the evening was a continual reflection upon this simple duty of buttering bread.

Buttering the bread may seem to be something simple but it is something which adds extra taste for the homeless when they pick up their bread. Sometimes if there is not enough butter on …

Nero in Beijing — The Communist Party Declares War on Christians

The news out of China grows worse as reports of the arrest, detention, harassment, and beatings of Christians come from across China. The most publicized case thus far is the repeated oppression against a Beijing congregation that has led to numerous arrests and a crackdown within China’s capital. In a very important editorial statement, The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board set the record straight. “Religious persecution is always abhorrent, but in this case it’s also a political blunder,” the paper stated. Further: The incident is a microcosm of the wider problems caused by China’s crackdown. Beijing insists it wants to promote a harmonious and stable society. Yet by arresting prominent activists for no apparent reason, the security forces are doing the opposite: Those who were once content to live quietly with the Party’s restrictions on free expression are now compelled to speak out. Observers warn that China is sending the signal that it will not allow the eruption of protests l…

The Joy of Confession 11

I am once again moved with the fondness of prayer and an enjoyment of the Word for pleasure. Although I had such desires in me, I have found every reason or activity to deflect myself from such enjoyment. It is as our Lord said that the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. I am now a more amiable soul, lightened by the word of God and sensitive to my creatures ails. My revival was birthed about by the asking of a particular friend to pray and since I promised I neglected not this duty. Upon praying the Lord saw it fitting to bless me with his grace of joy and anoint my soul with oil. Although I have no theological reasons to feel myself unholy before My God yet my accuser finds it a pleasure to taunt me. But the Lord has deflected his burning arrows and covered me with his tender duvet of which no evil could penetrate. 


Miscellanies 4 - Unless the Lord builds the house

Oh my Lord, my sweet Jesus come and change us that our lives may reflect yours. Come and display the wonders of your kindness, come Lord and lead many here to repentance. We wait on you and we will continue to wait until you show. Is it not written that unless you build the house the labourers labour in vain. My Lord we do not want to express such folly by building without you being the master builder. We will not commence to lay a single brick a single stone unless you have shown us the blueprint of your designs. We have no interest in earthly copies but we entirely desire the real substance of the heavenly. It is of no attentiveness to us to engage in a work that our Lord has no interest in. we are as the watchmen who waits for you; we have upon our gates six watchmen with two at a time, waiting and looking out for the arrival of our master. Of course here we speak of prayer and how it is our great desire to engage in prayer for it is there that we see our Lord with our spiritual ey…

Upward call to Heaven (4)

Last Sunday Mama was privileged to read out the scripture before the preacher came to preach. Mama wore her Dalmatian dress of which she looked very admirable and peaceful. She read the psalm as if she had wrote it herself and for the whole minute, the congregation were moved by her waves. A sweet angelic voice the preacher described her and joked that he would soon take her to his parish if we would let her. Of course I disdained his comment and took not lightly to his fluffy remark but I soon thought nothing of it.

The preachers sermon availed the whole congregation except I and upon reflection I thought that I must be the most ungodly soul that ever lived. This feeling impressed upon me for the whole week and Mama noticed my disposition. She would daily ask me of what ails my soul but I would tell her not of my true feelings and tell her a lie which deepened my guilt. I felt that all of my progress of striving heavenwards have suddenly been altered; for I thought that how can God be…

How Easter Killed My Faith in Atheism

Earlier this week, humorist Ricky Gervais presented his arguments for atheism and why he thought he was a better Christian than many Christians. In this follow-up essay, writer Lee Strobel offers his defense of Easter. It was the worst news I could get as an atheist: my agnostic wife had decided to become a Christian. Two words shot through my mind. The first was an expletive; the second was “divorce.” I thought she was going to turn into a self-righteous holy roller. But over the following months, I was intrigued by the positive changes in her character and values. Finally, I decided to take my journalism and legal training (I was legal editor of the Chicago Tribune) and systematically investigate whether there was any credibility to Christianity. Maybe, I figured, I could extricate her from this cult. I quickly determined that the alleged resurrection of Jesus was the key. Anyone can claim to be divine, but if Jesus backed up his claim by returning from the dead, then that was awfully g…

Why is Good Friday good?

Many people in the West, especially those of my generation are indifferent to the event of what happened 2000 years ago to a Jewish man in Jerusalem who was crucified by the Romans because the Jewish people (some not all) thought that He was a blasphemer and thus had Him crucified. He died on a Roman cross, condemned as a criminal and buried in a tomb of which was later reported that it was empty. Millions of people have died and whenever a good person dies (as most would count Jesus), the day of their death is seen to be sad especially when they die so young but yet Christians rejoice and celebrate the death of Jesus even though he died at the age of 33. Are Christians deluded and strange or is there a good basis for their joy and perhaps for your joy as well.

Good Friday celebrates or rather reflects the day of when Jesus died.  This man had been in the public eye for three years preaching and teaching and performing miracles and healings of which all accepted because even his enemie…

The cheer of Spring

The Springly sound of buzzing bees
The flying squad of fleeing flies
Reminds me that the earth has awoke
After a winter at autumns place.
Her opened eyes alarms the birds
To find a tree for their nest.

Tis the season for love to grow
The paths which froze now the water flows
The chicks do chirps and the Deers appear
Life it seems has suddenly appeared

Wine and drink the Sun does toast
A party for all the heavenly host
Even Hades despite him a foe
Could not resist the cheer of Spring.
All this I see of nature's cheer
It brought me smiles and a heavenly reflect
Of my own darling Miss
A summer all season she is to me.


My Easter prayer

Oh My precious Lord, my sorrowful saviour
Tis the day of your death by wicked men
And the night before saw you with stones of tears
The magnitude, the weight of the hour began to dawn
The sin of the world will crush your precious frame.
I behold the garden of Gethsemane and wept
Your friend turned foe; your friends did repose  
The night did expose your enemies hate
Of which the psalmist once foretold your fate.
My sorrowful saviour, although you did plea
Yet resound your mission did keep
That I may be as strong as thee
Keep me Father to do thy will.
Trodden and trampled by the enemies fang
The screams did render the temple in part.
Oh let me be as thou art; to share the cross which nailed you down
Let me not pass thee by, but with mournful tears declare my cry.
Grant me the Spirit of love and grace
In my forsaken hour I too may say
Forgive them Father, they are blind and do not see
That this cross brings the mercy which I will receive.
Oh My King, My sorrowful Saviour
You did indeed taste a bitter end

Rene and Poet - part 7

Poet: Oh, Rene, after a glass of wine, fanciful imaginations began to occupy my mind. They were sweeter than the wine I drunk and the imaginations did put a joyous expression upon my face.

Rene: Poet, I am yours for a time; indulge me with your intricate imaginations 

Poet: Sweet lover of mine, allow me a space upon your thigh for my head. Look how the heavens fade because its bridegroom has gone away - it is how I feel when my future bride is far from me.
My imagination was of her which is no surprise to you - it was like a sweet smelling aroma to my nose and there I beheld her breathtaking jovial face. She looked at me with the highest of love, her dovely eyes penetrated my chained soul. Yea I am chained to her love, happily imprisoned held by my devotion to her manner. She was altogether mine, her whole being and method were now one with mine and we possessed a divinely love of which death may scratch for infinity and never tear nor mark. 

Rene: I adore your feelings, I wish I had the …

Oh! Let me not perish

It is of certainty that there is life after death because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. There are many sufficient evidences which points to his rising from the dead such as the empty tomb, the rise of Christianity and the miracles, and converts wrought for the past two thousand years. Because Christ has risen, every capable soul without Christ is in danger of perishing and entering unpon an eternity of hell. This is much to be concerned about for it will be a terrible thing for you to be found among the perishing. Ask yourself this solemn question, ‘Am I trusting entirely upon Christ for my salvation and am I sure of my eternal resting place?’ If you are found to be negative, I sincerely plea with you to turn today and call upon Christ for mercy.

It will be a terrible eternity if you are found among those who perish for it is Christ who said, ‘For God so loved the world, that He sent his only Son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal lif…

God's delight in Himself

God is His own object of infinite delight, in that since God is the source of all joy and joy itself, therefore, it stands to reason that the being which could give God the most Joy, is God himself. If there was another being in the universe which could excel God in happiness and pleasure, then God must by necessity turn to this being and admire the surpassing nature of the being’s happiness compared to His. Therefore, this being becomes the fountain and the source of superior pleasure and happiness. But it is impossible for a being to possess a higher degree of pleasure and happiness than God, because God is the creator of all things, therefore all beings must be inferior to him in all things pertaining to godliness and those things which are of God’s nature. 

Some may think that God’s ultimate delight is to be found in his creatures, that those things which he made delightfully by his hands are the end and beginnings of his pleasure and happiness. But this view itself is deceptive an…

The past Month

So many things have occurred to me in the past month that here I will detail just a few experiences. I begin by telling of the greatness of God and how good and loving He is to me. That I a sinner should daily receive His mercies, allowing me to steadfastly grow in the faith and in His love. I am constantly in need of remembrance of the gospel of his Son by which he redeemed me and purchased me. He set me free from sin and made me an heir with His Son all to the praise of His glorious grace.

The closing of March witness the football varsity against Bristol and UWE won the match after a penalty shoot out. I was awarded with the man of the match for UWE although it was to my surprise but a fitting way to end my career as a UWE football player. The season has brought me much joy and although plagued with injury God granted me the grace to play through the pain and to glorify his name.

In March I also handed in my dissertation and now waiting for my results - I could have done better and wh…

An unspoken struggle - Christian Women addicted to Pornography

Jesus says in Mathew 5:28, “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you loose one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”. 

Rob Weiss, the founder of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, says that porn addiction is becoming an epidemic and Oprah also states that “it has been reported that 1 in 3 consumers of online porn in America are now woman”. The Guardian reports that for more and more women, “the PC becomes an erogenous zone”.  Theresa Flynt, vice president for a pornographic video chain, comments that women account for over half of the business at their stores and according to the national campaign survey, over 1 in 5 teenage girls (age 13-19) have participated in sexting (the act of sending nude or partially nude media electronically, usually via mobile phones). This epide…

Psalm 10 - An exposition

Some have suggested that Psalm 10 is a run on from psalm 9 and that psalm 9 and 10 may have been a single acrostic poem, the stanzas of which begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Psalm 10 like Psalm 9 is a plea for Justice, for God to arise and help the afflicted. The Psalmist takes his case to the divine court where God administers Justice to the righteous but the Judge as well as being perfectly righteous administers punishment to the wicked in his own timing. He permit’s the righteous to suffer for a while, He permits their soul to witness injustice so that they may cry out to Him and He may take delight in vindicating them and His righteousness.

The psalmist being on earth and God being in Heaven although omniscient the Psalmist asks of God, vs. 1, Why, LORD, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? The psalmist could not understand the absence of God in times of trouble for surely if God is ever to appear then it must be in times of…