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The dancing God

Zephaniah 3:17 says 'The LORD your God is with you,the Mighty Warrior who saves.He will take great delight in you;in his love he will no longer rebuke you,but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Here we see a picture of God. The happy God, the dancing God who beholds his people, who beholds his church and sings over them. He gazes upon their beauty and the light that radiates of his church delights him. There was a time when judgement and wrath was their portion, but look how he has loved them. For the Man with eyes like fire and feet like bronze, who leads His church is His Son. And look at his hands and feet, they are pierced, it is because of His wounds that light radiates of his church for the Light belongs to the Son and look how marvellously He covers them with great delight. Behold the dancing God, He has come with songs, songs of merriment, and songs of joy. He quietens their souls with his abundant love. And behold, the Blessed Spirit, the One who sealed them  till the da…

More short Poems

A day like this

Perhaps a day like this I prayed
Where my eyes can flee from this pain
Internally immortality I did believe it would remain
Till this day came and released my ache

No laughs remain                                             I spend my time
                                                                       Alone tonight
I did believe                                                              Unused and fused
once a day                                                      With energy bright
A man ought                                                              I long to touch
to cry away.                                                    but none to reach
Then to Laugh                                                                they all pass by
about his fate                                                    and ignored my ring
for the day
No laughs remain.


Upward call to Heaven

This is my poor attempt to imitate the wonderful book called ‘Stepping Heavenward’. The book is written in a journal style format and it details the story of a girl as she lives her life and grow in godliness. Its worth a read for all girls and boys perhaps may learn from it as well. I am currently reading it and it has inspired me to imitate Prentiss style and write one of my own, titled, ‘Upward call to heaven’. I will be writing it and posting it up in parts. You can download and read Stepping heavenward from this link: Stepping Heavenward.

Upward call to heaven (1)

I designed to get up bright and early this morning but hearing the rain pour outside dismantled my ambition. The air was cold, and my bed was delightfully warm. So, I stayed a while making sound promises to myself until the loud voice of my loving mother bellowed through my door. I chuckled, because I had made a promise that I would be more obedient to her and each morning greet her with a kiss for I had come to see the …

Active Worship

True worship consist not in the praise and singing of Sunday services, nor even in your gatherings. But true worship is shown in your love for one another. It is also shown in administering justice and demonstrating compassion. It is shown by you not thinking evil of each other in your hearts. Worship is shown in kindness, being patient, self-control and loving your enemies. Worship is obeying God and delighting in His precepts. It is first loving God and active towards neighbour.

But take heed that you do not raise up your hands in worship while your necks are stiff and your hearts hardened; hating your neighbour and promoting injustice. For your cries are mere noises and you are only arousing the wrath of God against you. You will cry out to Him and he will not listen.

But first, if you find this horrible corruption in your heart, humble yourself, confess your sins and then turn to God for He is faithful and will forgive your unrighteousness. Do not continue to play the hypocrite bu…

Demonic realities and the need for spiritual warfare prayers

Just like the Sadducees in Acts 23:8, many in the western world deny the reality of anything they cannot see. They deny the spiritual world and reduce everything to mere materialism or if they do believe in the spiritual, they focus merely on the good spirits and neglect the evil ones. Even if they do believe in evil spirits, they are not taking into serious consideration but are soon dismissed as powerless and meaningless. Also, evil spirits or the demonic realm are thought of to be mere fantasy and products of fiction and the dark ages; but this plays sweetly with the demons because they can carry out their duties without much bother at all. Even in some churches, although a believe in the demonic realm is assumed to be real, yet, there is a real neglect in dealing and crippling their effects on a particular people or places.  Are we neglecting the demonic realm to our own ineffectiveness in evangelism? This issue was tackled in the Lausanne Covenant of 1974 where the last two sente…

Prince Charming WLTM A Future Queen

So I’m driving back to Wales from Hertfordshire. The weather’s atrocious; thick fog dissected by blinding shafts of light. Breaking news on BBC Five Live: Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. After eight years know the rest. My immediate reaction is disappointing; a momentary happiness. After weeks of unyielding gloom a tale of young love raises a smile on this middle aged face. Then normal business is resumed as I realise that this wedding will now be the starter, main course and pudding of every media outlet for month after month. I can’t say I’m a republican – Cromwell or Crown are both capable of abusing their subjects – but I find the notion of a royal family deeply uncomfortable. There’s too much unquestioning deference to position, privilege and establishment. But again this may be the delirium of someone living in this sceptred isle’s Celtic twilight. However, a day later and the media coverage is bewildering. It’s all…

Jesus has done all things well

Mark 7:37

What a testimony the people of the 1st century said of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ‘He has done everything well’.  The people were overwhelmed with amazement as Jesus did the good works in which His Father gave him to do. Jesus, in everything he does, does it well.

Do you not believe this doctrine my fellow creatures? Then let me walk you through his life and you will indeed see that He does all things well.

He was born to a carpenter, a man of no reputation, poor in status. At twelve years old we find him in Jerusalem in His Father’s house sitting among the elites of the religious order. He sat among them listening to them and asking them questions. He not only listened but also answered their questions and such was the answers that He gave that everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and answers. Here we see that even at twelve, being a mere boy that Jesus does all things well. (Luke 2:41-51).

Jesus began His ministry with a baptism from John the Baptist. M…

To draw your beauty

Many times have I taken to my pen

To draw your beauty of unspeakable words

Many times I have failed

Left frustrated at my incomparable skill.


The Joy of confession

Sinner:I’m tempted to go back to those things in which I left; the struggle within me is fierce and one hour I am fine, rejoicing and the next besotted with temptation; the attractiveness of the fast life, the music and swagger seems to be calling me. The pride of life reaches out for me, to work for my own gain and security, to look for my own comfort and to forget that Calvary road in which the Spirit within me is so inclined to walk. I am torn in and out and I know which one is more beneficial for me but my flesh wants me to walk the other way

Good Sir: This trial you are going through is not strange to many saints; the apostle himself walked the rope of departure for the evil one wanted to sift him. But remember the comment of our Lord, that He was praying for him. And now are you not confident that He is in heaven praying for you also?

Sinner:But I feel the weight of my guilt and it presses upon me. I cannot move, nor turn to the right or left, it chases me. For when I contemplate…

The missing generation

On Wednesday evening at my local Church, Gavin Calver came to speak on the missing generation.  He asked the question, ‘how many people are there in your church aged between 18-30? Where have they gone? Does it matter? He thinks it does and he sees this lack of 18-30’s as a serious problem.

The conversation grew out of a national and worldwide discussion among Evangelical Alliance members and to tackle the issue, Gavin as been going around different cities, engaging with churches by challenging them to reach out to this key age group.

In his presentation he highlights seven major issues that perhaps account for the lack of 18-30’s in our church and the seven points will be listed below with a brief commentary on each from what I heard and with my own opinions too.

1.     Churches need to see leadership differently- Although the key positions in high authority is held by males it is surprising that the church has now become so feminized. Research shows that females outnumber males in t…

God knew Adam would Sin

When Adam disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, God knew that Adam would disobey him and yet God instructed Adam not to eat of the fruit knowing that Adam would rebel against Him. The question now is, if God knew that Adam would sin against Him and thus mean that man would die and be separated from God, then why did God create Adam at all? We look at the world around us and see the many evil things that occur, the tsunamis, the mass murder and all sort of wickedness that abounds on this earth. We are prone to wonder, why such a world exist? If God knew that Adam would sin and have such catastrophic consequences, wouldn’t it have been better to have not created Adam at all. Here I am prone to insert Romans 9:20 which reads ‘But who are you oh man, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to him who formed it why did you make me like this’? and in this case who are we to question God on why He created the world. But we shall investigate further on why God created the world.

Many may…

Have a passion for the Unreached people's of the earth

William Carey in his book called 'An enquiry', wrote the following in order to create a passion in people to go to places where there is no present witness or testimonies of the good news of the gospel of God. I also hope that the following will create in you a passion to pray or go or send to the unreached places of this world.

Our own countrymen have the means of grace, and may attend on the word preached if they chuse it.  They have the means of knowing the truth, and faithful ministers are placed in almost every part of the land, whose spheres of action might be much extended if their congregations were but more hearty and active in the cause:  but with them the case is widely different, who have no Bible, no written language, (which many of them have not) no ministers, no good civil government, nor any of those advantages which we have.   Pity therefore, humanity, and much more Christianity, call loudly for every possible exertion   to introduce   the  gospel  amongst  the…

Serve Jesus while you are still young

The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes writes “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach you when you will say “I find no pleasure in them”, (12:1). Many young minds, who have been blessed divinely with good health are apt to think that they are too young to enlist in the Lord’s service, and they see the ordinances of God, and think off them to be undesirable in their youth for there is much fun to be had in the world. For everything in the world- the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does is there desire and they see no joy in the things of Christ because it is contrary to their sinful nature. They hear of the commands of God that we are to put off our old nature, to mortify our corrupt passions, to flee lust, to turn from darkness into light, and they seek to delay such piety to their old age and then commit themselves to the service of Christ. But they know not, that in thei…

Psalm 5- An Exposition

This Psalm of David is a morning psalm. David prays to God to hear and consider his lament, He wakes in the morning and lays his request before his King and God. The presence of his enemies are still with him and he turns his enemies to God, that God should deal with them and their wickedness.  The Psalm begins with David, humbling himself before God and in a gentle but earnest whisper ask God to vs. 1 Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my groaning. Here David is asking God for two things which are for God to listen to his words and to consider his groaning. David presents his case before God, he makes his petition known to him and his words are not motionless but it is accompanied with groaning of heart meaning that his troubles are real and not the mere repetition of a hypocrite. His prayers are immediate and may God consider them to test his sincerity and if found genuine, that God may grant them and give relieve to his aching soul. We can learn from David that our prayers if g…

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is always significant, when we remember those who laid down their lives and wear poppies in memory of those who died in the two world wars. It’s a day not just to remember what happened before most of our lives began, but also to think about what is happening now, in parts of the world where servicemen and women are dying with harrowing frequency. But, even though most weeks we hear the Prime Minister offer his condolences for the most recently fallen, what has happened in Iraq and what continues in Afghanistan can seem removed from our daily lives. Last week, the BBC website reported that some of our politicians are too large – too large, that is, to go to Afghanistan . Ulster Unionist peer Ken Maginnis and DUP MP David Simpson have not been allowed to make a visit to armed forces because the military do not have flak jackets big enough.As powerful as these two gentlemen might feel within the corridors at Westminster , the powers that be within the Ministry of Defence …

Rene and Poet part 2

Rene: My dear Poet, when thou set your starry eyes upon her, what shall be your speech?

Poet: What beauty is the day today my precious Rene; marvellous it is; my heart screams joy as the sun shines so rightly in its place. It is so distant and so far away but yet its light penetrates into our darkness. May it penetrate into my fancy. I think of her on days like this, even more when it rains because it shows my tears.
Although my love is rare, can I pave a compliment that will attract her to me. Can I tell her that she is beautiful, that I adore her more than any other woman in this world. Can I tell her that I want her to be mine, can I tell her without her rejecting me. Can I look her in the eyes and not be quickened to look down. But will she fall for me? will she look deeper into this brown eyes and see this beauty that is in this red heart. Will she look and not stumble, will she be amazed and be astonished, bringing her to her knees and saying that will you be mine or will she on…

The book of Colossians

The letter to the Colossians written by the apostle Paul, a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ, one who bore remarkable sufferings for the spreading of the gospel  and counted  it all as joy. This tireless  apostle who validates joy in all circumstances due to his understanding of  the riches of the glory of God in the face of his Lord Jesus Christ and the abundant grace that was poured upon him in all measure knew it was his duty to strengthen the brethrens by preaching  the Lord Jesus, “warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Colossians 1:28). The apostle Paul, hearing of the indisputable faith of the Colossians, the faith which bears fruit of love and hope (Colossians 1:4-5) from Epaphras also a faithful minister of Christ, thought it splendid that he should write to the colossians warning them and teaching them in all wisdom that they may be perfect in Christ Jesus.  Paul, having a zeal for the Colossians to …