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Miscellanies 102

Now that I am in the 28th year of my life, my soul is still not as holy as it should be. I feel no advancement in flesh and soul, but a stagnation. Perhaps I am being too harsh on myself, too critical because I expect more, yet I have failed miserably. In all this, I am still full of zeal to advance, to accomplish my dreams, to forget past mistakes, to move ahead and glorify God before I breathe my last. 

I have forgotten to write. I have left off the commentaries, the poems, the fiction, the miscellanies, the encouragements. For a while, I lost all faith in my talent even though it was only one talent, yet a talent nevertheless. And the master that I serve expects me to put this to good use and not shelve it. O poor me, but do not pity me, I have been hidden from the light, I have been in the darkness although not entirely. 

I have aims and objectives to accomplish this year, and each is beyond my means that they must be accomplished by faith. I have to take risks because, without the …