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Sin stole from my heart

Sin stole from my heart, The image of God The Holiness of God The righteousness of God The beauty of God  And the glory of God. 
The righteousness of Jesus restored in my heart The image of God The holiness of God The righteousness of God The beauty of God And the glory of God.

Miscellanies 40 - His love never runs out

I thought I had exhausted, absolutely exhausted the Love of God for me. I thought I had emptied the fountain, plucked all the fruits, and rejected every invitation till a dear friend named the Holy Spirit whispered in my almost deaf ears, ‘His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on you. It will always remain.’ At hearing this I at once heard a knock, I rushed in tears to open the door, to hold so tightly my brother and Father - weeping for a time on their spotless garment. In my brother’s hand was a crown. I fell on my knees, he placed the crown on my uncovered head and said, ‘we have always loved you. Before you were born we loved you and we shall love you forever more.’


Miscellanies 39 - There is only one church in bristol

There is only one church in Bristol and she belongs to Jesus Christ. I hear she is betrothed to him and soon to be married. I also hear that a certain deceiver has long been at work to make her commit adultery and fornication. The deceiver has been tireless in his approach; enticing and wooing her with precious pearls, sweet songs and unlimited power to reign. But She, knowing herself to be the heir of God and that everything already belong to her fiancé, always reply to the deceiver with the words, “I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine.”


Ken's Newsletter 5

Following on from my last newsletter, which was quiet a while ago, I shall briefly talk of the Bristol Christian Union mission week and my work with the students at UWE Christian Union.

A mission week is a week (intensive) where the Christian Union seeks to reach their fellow students with the gospel of Christ Jesus through various means such as lunch bar talks, meal with a message, provocative topic, giving free hot-chocolates to returning student clubbers late at night, text a toasty and etc.

I was privileged to be invited as a hall guest for Churchill and my duty there was to serve the CU. First I would mention the great hospitality of the CU, for I was allowed to eat with them every evening in their hall and thoroughly loved and enjoyed it. The table discussions excited my soul as I was given the opportunity to declare and discuss the gospel with some students. Throughout the week I was able to encourage some Christians, speak at a hall event and distribute flyers for events. Go…

Access all areas

Tagged by the Guardian as the ‘minister for Murdoch’, Jeremy Hunt is under increasing pressure because of emails released by the Leveson Inquiry following testimony from James Murdoch. Hunt has not yet given his own evidence to the inquiry but it would appear not only were key players in the Murdoch empire in close contact with his department of culture, media and sport, but the accusation is flying that Hunt was biased towards approving News Corp's takeover of BSkyB. This after the decision was taken away from Vince Cable because he was seen as biased against approving the bid.

After resolutely pledging his innocence, Hunt appeared before parliament to answer - or perhaps dodge - these charges. This was also after his adviser had resigned for inappropriate contact with News Corp.

This is really all about access - who had access to whom, and what they did with that access. It is also seasoned with a heavy perception that those involved are ‘a different sort of people’. They are priv…

Miscellanies 38 - Whether you pass or fail

God does not love you more if you get a first in all of your exams and essays (although you should aim for this) and he doesn’t love you less because you failed in them. His loving us was not based on our passing and failure, if it was, his love for you is therefore merited and conditioned and not unconditional. That would be a tragedy. So rest your mind and do away with all of your anxieties, think not about what the world, friend and families will think of you but think of how God sees you and how he loves you regardless of your failure and success. Whether you get a first or whether you fail, God’s plan for your life hasn’t changed. It is the mystery of divine sovereignty. Think about Peter; despite his failure yet He was still Jesus’ choice for him to go and feed his sheep. God turns our ugliness into something beautiful and he prunes what we already have to be beautiful into something which is marvellous and causes it to radiate his glory and humility. Think about what I am sayin…

Book Review: A brief history of Old Testament Criticism

The aim of this book according to the authour ‘is a brief introduction to orient students and interested readers to the field while pointing them on to further study and inquiry.’
The athour accomplishes his purpose because reading this book has opened my mind to the history of Old Testament Criticism and to some of the major contributors in Old Testament historical and literary developments.
This book introduces the reader to seven major figures who contributed somewhat to Old Testament criticisms. Gignilliat approach is to focus on the life and work of these seven figures rather than just talk about their critical theories, although, in detailing briefly about their life and work, Gignilliat focuses specifically on the works which contributed to Old Testament criticism. This approach I found to be helpful because the figures behind the criticisms can be seen as people who genuinely struggled or in some cases were seeking to understand the biblical text even though they skewed from t…

Book review: My name on his tongue

“…Until I found 
That Home
Is inside
Not out
That the view changes 
Where I sit
Which window
I look out of

Mixed blood 
Is like an old trailer 
that’s always frowned at
Because no matter where 
It’s parked
It’s always 
Out of place…”

Laila Halaby was born in Bierut, Lebanon, to a Jordanian father and an American Mother. She speaks four languages, won a Fulbright scholarship to study folklore in Jordan, and holds a master’s degree in Arabic language. In addition to writing novels, Halaby also write poetry and children’s fiction. My name on his tongue is a book of poetry where Halaby addresses the issues of identity, belonging, race, war, childhood, motherhood and friendship.

Halaby’s genius comes through in her seamless ability to transfer the reader into her world without the reader necessarily possessing a knowledge of her past. Each poem is self-sufficient, clear and personal.

The book is divided into four parts viewed from Halaby’s perspective: as a tourist, a child, an exile, and an op…

More short poems

Kandace, Kandace I once heard a story
Of a little fish who baked a whaley cake
How the fish did it, I still wonder till this day
I hoped you may have heard the story
Of a little fish who baked a whaley cake

Kandace, Kandace give us a smile I want to see it again, which made the angels rise, And the sun, the moon and stars.

On a very small hill

In a little place on a very small hill
Lived a little King and a little small pig.
One very little day, the pig went a little way,
To visit his little small chick.
They enjoyed a little kiss, 
And played with a little small bee.


A prayer for my soul

My Dear Lord
I begin my prayer with a confession- 
For the sake of peace for my soul
I must confess my awful sins. 
It seems the arrow of sin has killed my love for you - 
No more am I awed by your beautiful glance.
I dread your presence and Holiness.
The arrow of sin, when it pierced my heart
Leaked its deadly poison into my soul - 
So that sins which before I could resist 
Have become to me a thorn, a continual pitfall.
The depth of jealousy which I find in me, I find astonishing.
It is so bitter, so hateful.
It kills my brothers and sisters.
My disposition towards them is filled with hypocrisy.
I am envious, consumed with selfish ambition, driven by pride
And I find that horrible principle of adultery in my heart.
My dear Lord,
My soul fears that I may be a reprobate 
At last to be buried under the eternal flames of hell - 
That perhaps before I leave this life my faith may depart from me.
That I may sell it for 30 pieces of silver - 
That I may trade it for sin or for pleasure.
But I am not completely s…

Miscellanies 37 - Its ok to worship God

It is ok to worship God with pleasure - it is ok to jump up and down and swing and move your body. It is ok my friends to sing from the depths of your being for these external things are natural for the happy soul. Let it be manifested accordingly to the individual, but for heaven sake do not suppress it for the sake of what man may think - feel free to celebrate; surely, the celebration of a godly assembly certainly should not be less of that of an unholy one, where men feel themselves free to worship idols while we worship the true God. Shake the earth with your victory shout - proceed your meetings with an everlasting decree that all glory belongs to God. With our whole body we shall worship him. 


Would you persuade me to be a Christian?

The Apostle Paul, standing before King Agrippa and Festus was finally given permission to speak for himself, that is, to make his defence against all the accusations of the Jews who wanted him dead. The blessed apostle unravelled his testimony to the king and the crowd, declaring unashamedly the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and saying nothing more than what the prophets and Moses said would come to pass, that is, that the Christ must suffer and that, by being first to rise from the dead, he would proclaim light both to the Jews and to the Gentiles. Festus, hearing this heavenly testimony to which the blessed apostle was not disobedient, branded Paul to be mad, his great learning was driven him insane. King Agrippa had a different reaction for he was a man instructed in the scriptures and familiar with the prophets. Agrippa responded to Paul with the words, ‘In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian?’ To which the apostle replied ‘Whether short or long, I wo…

Water footprint

The Environment Agency declared this week official drought zones in numerous English counties and warned that water shortages could last until Christmas.Farmers are rethinking the management of planting root crops and water provision for their cattle. Beyond our borders, water scarcity affects more than 2.7 billion people. In several regions, poverty, drought, and war prevent access to safe water. Mostly women and children spend a good part of their day hauling water. Safe drinking water is a daily health threat for millions of children. Water is described as the ‘oil’ of the future and it is likely that wars will be fought over it. So beyond environmental, health and social factors there is a moral and political dimension. Water provision in much of the world is a matter of justice.

The scarcity of water asks questions about our individual and communal stewardship. Professor Arjen Hoekstra created the idea of the ‘water footprint’, an indicator of both direct and indirect water use of…

Swing me soft

She is still a monumental beauty
 a transfixed image sealed in the field of my memory.
I venture there often to play and watch. 
 This cool evening 
She was by the swing possessing a pale face. 
I watched her dwell in sadness for a time till she realised
 a dear friend was watching her poor countenance. 
 She called out, my lover, my lover.
  come here and swing me soft.
 Allow a movement into my still state.
I drew near 
unable to resist her call
 for she charms my soul 
whatever theme it may be. 


God's fashion style

This brief post is concerned with God's fashion style, that is How does God clothe us. God's ultimate garment, or suit jacket or for the girls, the dress, which He covers us all with, is His Son, Jesus Christ. But underneath it, we find thick layers of colourful clothing, when on any given day we may wear numerous of these clothing but not all at the same time depending on the day and situation. On a very cold day, it is more a necessity to wear more layers than one would wear in the summer. Therefore God bids us to open his wardrobe (which he has given to us) and has lavishly enriched with all manner of clothing, for us to put them on and to never go out or in without the Jacket or the dress which is Jesus Christ.

Clothes are worn to cover nakedness and for defending the body from cold or injuries. These are the primary reasons why clothes are worn, but clothes are also worn for the sake of style, or to display one's identity or personality. God clothes us so that we may…

The butterfly’s song

The leaves sang a butterflies song

The wind steals it and sang it to the moon

The shooting star escort it down to the waves

The waves waved the butterflies song 

Back to the ears of the downhearted butterfly 

Who had lost her butterfly song.


Why don’t we sit outside

The first time they looked and look 
Now they sit. ‘Can I have the usual Please’.
The feminine one pours her speech
The toned brown eyes smiles and sieves.

Once a week they meet to laugh
To dance away the trifle of life.
To cut the edges - trim, trim.
‘Oh, its already time to leave.’

‘Today, why don’t we sit outside?’

Sitting sideways, normally face to face
The feminine one turns; head down.
The toned brown eyes tries to look in her eyes.

She speaks with purple scented Iris words - 

‘Our afternoon song we can no longer sing.’


Psalm 17 - An exposition

This Psalm is a prayer of David. It is a supplication, a pleading to God Almighty, who is the judge of all to execute justice and vindication for his appointed King. A man under great unjust persecution will not be weary to take his case to God when man and law have become his enemies. His eyes will be closed with tears flowing from much affliction for vindication and deliverance from wicked souls who seeks to destroy his life unjustly. Thus David pleas to His God to (Psalm 17:1) hear a just cause.By a just cause is meant that God should give his ears to hear a fair case. The accused, David, feels that he has immorally been inculpated and his accusers have brought an unfair indictment against him. But God, knowing the veins of the hearts, being just and righteous, loves to hear a just cause; therefore David directs his plead, bidding goodbye to the corrupt judges.Attend to my cry!Lord please do not neglect my groaning, do not be far from this court of affliction but come and attend. S…