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Nobody lingers to talk with me

Nobody lingers to talk with me,
their heart in me nothing enjoys, 
conversing, only to see their wandering eyes,
willing to depart at every chance. 
For them no blame I hold, 
For cold my presence must feel, 
alone I must forever live.


A responce to saaib Ahmad article - The real Jesus

Recently I came across an article posted by a Muslim called Saaib Ahmed who I have recently been speaking too. The name of the article is called, 'The Real Jesus' and after reading the article I found it interesting and thought I would respond to the article.

Saaib was recently in a couple of debates where he used similar arguments to what he has put in this article, so therefore using this article as a basis to respond to him would be easier, as you can read the article yourselves at

I will put Saaib's remarks into speech marks to show it is his words and I will respond.

'Prof. Bart Ehrman, who happens to be my favourite, is almost a celebrity among Muslims. Quotations from his books can be seen in almost every apologetic Muslim  literature'

I have done an  article on this in the past and this just proves my point that Muslims will treat Dr. Ehrman as some sort of celebrity who has completely refuted Christianity, ye…

Miscellanies 88: Pursue and pursue

O it seems that in one moment as only God could do, that he filled my heart with a love for himself. Yea, with that evangelical Love I had for him. He filled me mightily as to now I find it swelling up in me to declare his name to sinners near and wide. It is God alone, yea indeed, absolutely alone that melts the hardened heart. And he uses instruments, yea means such as men and women to be a blessing to others. So in your struggles to win souls, never cease to wield your weapon of love. Never cease to release (that is to let it go)  your heart of devotedness to a person even if they appear uncaring of your passion. Nay, never cease your kindness, for it is often the persistent labour of kindness that thaws the icy heart. It was divine love that won sinners to draw near to the throne of God to fall in admiration of the Christ. Pursue and pursue until death takes you home. If it becomes an uncomfortable thing then pray and pray until death takes you home.


How as the waters of the world been sweet to you?

There are for some it can be said, that in their youth, that is in the beginning of their salvation, or when they first encountered Christ, they had an unwavering devotion, they loved Christ as their husband, and followed him through the wilderness. But now after many time has passed, they have lost the vigor of their passion, they have settled for the norms of society and no longer live first for the kingdom of Christ. Alas, what has happened to them?

They have gone after worthlessness and thus have become worthless. What made you stray from the sweet narrow path? What wrong did you find in Christ that you went far from him?

How as the waters of the world been sweet to you? Has it satisfied the cravings of your flesh? Are you nourished from its food?

O I do pity you. But in all my pity I have heaven's love for you. Come back and see the delight of a waiting Father. Feel the joy of a searching Saviour for a lost sheep. His gospel beckons you.

Come now from your wanderings. You kno…

I knew a sad boy: I am not hers

I once knew a sad boy who wrote down these words and gave it for me to read. He writes:
.... I am not hers but very jealous when she gives attention to other guys. I exclaimed in my soul, O she likes them very much and they like her very much. They shall soon be joined in happy matrimony and we shall not attend. We shall find a good reason to exclude ourselves and busy our bruised fancy with something of a similar kind. But O there is nothing similar to her, nothing at all. What shall be our comfort? Perhaps we are better off to wallow in our misfortune and caress our loss. But there’s no virtue in pity of this kind, none of it at all. 

A dress yet to be worn

I have many a times in my heart married you over and over. The scene is always the same, perfect. We marry under the grand blue sky and ride deep into the lovely horizon living our lives without worry of separation, nor care about the years ahead. Your eyes remain the same, your smile for me never changed; everything about you matures into completion. I awake each morning blessed and in praise of thee, that you, being an angel would favour me. Everything about us is lovely. The butterflies still remains when you draw near as a prince walking towards her princess. My heart pounds and tears of joy floods my eyes. If ever a girl was in love then it is I, and if ever a girl found happiness in the eyes of a man, then it is I. For in as much as I loved you, you loved me. And everyday you never fail to show me in one way or another how many ways you love me. Such pleasure reigns in my heart when I think of thee, when what could be adorns all of my thinking thought. But it is only a dream, a …

A prayer for my soul

I must pray my lord to heal my soul, my life no longer my own, long my heart as sigh for thee, save me now save me now. I come just as I am, broken and much conflicts within. I doubt and doubt with many a grief, O please help my unbelief. I have drifted far from your shores, into the sea of worldliness, now I drown and sink   in waters where faith should make me stand. Here I am without one plea, without a goodness I can give, I am content if thou would have it be, that I should eat the children's crumb. A child is surely better than a slave, and a slave better than one without a home, I am content to be just inside thy gates, Just say the words and I shall be clean. I do pray my lord to heal my soul, for your merciful fame spreads yonder on, that even clouds declare thy grace, that every penitent sinner in thee can find a home.


Lay Aside the Weight of Prideful Comparison

By the grace of God I am what I am. (1 Corinthians 15:10) God made you to be you. You have the body God gave you — with all its genetic capacities and limitations (Psalm 139:13). You were born at the time and place he determined (Acts 17:26). And if you’re a Christian, he has called you out of darkness into light (Ephesians 5:8). God considers you a necessary part of Christ’s body, the Church (1 Corinthians 12:27), and he has given you particular gifts to use for the sake of this body — along with a measured amount of grace for using them (Romans 12:6). Battling Comparison That means the life that you have is a sacred calling (1 Corinthians 7:17). By the grace of God, you are what you are (1 Corinthians 15:10). It also means that the lives others have are sacred callings by the grace of God. And some of those saints have received sacred callings resulting in greater levels of gifting and prominence than yours. And this means that you and I frequently must battle against comparing ours…