A Short story: The sad princess

An excerpt

Once upon a time, there lived a princess who was very sad. No one knew the reason why the princess was very sad except that one day, when she woke up on her twelfth birthday, she had lost her summer’s smile.

The princess’s smile had been so radiant that other kings and queens would travel from afar to see the lovely expression on the princess’s face. The princess’s smile made everyone smile and forget all of their sorrows; so that when this tragedy happened to the princess, her Father was very sad about it, and wanted to regain his daughter’s smile again.

“What shall we do, my queen, to get our daughter’s smile back,” asked the King of his tall, brown, beautiful queen.

“I am not sure”, replied the queen, with a frown that could make a jester miserable for a whole month.

“Maybe we can ask the Princess, your Majesty,” said one of the King’s trusted officials.

The Princess sat in her room with an expression that could make the sun despondent. Her Parents entered, and asked her what could possibly revive her wonderful smile. To which the Princess replied,

“I am not sure Papa and Mama, but I do not like being miserable.”

This made her parents even sadder, and at once they decided to send a request to the whole world offering a reward for anyone who could regain their daughter’s smile.....

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By K.Oni


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