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The look of death

I swear I saw the look of death
Behold my eyes on that vivid night
The sight was such a fright it sparked 
A terror unimaginable my soul did have
It drowned my soul and made a hole
Snappy detached her answers hold.
I soon declared to fold my love
To go and cry and reason why
But here I see her bitter heart
Crispy and tough and a mass of stone
The night I witness that deathly look
I threw my hope of love to drown!


What I feel when I sing to God in the congregation

When I stand in the congregation to sing, I am immediately taken over by a strong colourful affection for the sweetness of His face. Oh I feel in my heart an upward journey towards his throne of grace and all the while He showers me with tender kisses. And when I behold His adorable face I dare not open my earthly eyes for I am so far gone into His presence. My heart is fully set upon His glory. I am moved a million times more than the sea in my happiness and it is a shame that the praise is but for 20 or so minutes. I would gladly sing all day and night eagerly moved with all manner of affections accordingly as He would have me feel. My soul is often alone but bathed with tremendous peace and joy that even in my worst despair I feel in my inmost being His satisfaction. But I am never truly alone for He is with me and will always be with me until that glorious reunion when I shall meet Him bodily and then we can with unimaginable laughter stroll the park of the new earth with a host o…

Do you fear that you will fail again tomorrow?

I fear my soul that I will fail, if I should promise once again
I fear the hurt it will bring, despair will swallow up my mood.
What should I do? I wish to run, to live and dance
To sing and laugh for my God. 
But here I am once again, fearing tomorrow’s breath again.
So I’m still as a useless tool but this is far from my design. 
If I be as I am, the devil wins and the kingdom pass.

A voice I heard with wise words say
“Take no thought for Tomorrow’s pain
Tomorrow’s day will take its pain
Remain your heart in today’s gain”.

If you are crippled by failure and fear that tomorrow you will fail again, do not worry so much about tomorrow’s failure today but rather rest in the forgiveness of Jesus today and let that dictate how you live your life tomorrow. This will free you from the fears of tomorrow’s failure.


Beware of self-righteous performance

Some have imagined themselves to be dedicated to the Lord by their good deeds, by paying close attention to their manner of life, to their external duties and having a powerful zeal for the works of charity but all the while this were all to advance their cause and acceptance before God. Many rest upon their duties for their security before God and when these things are found to be lacking they fear that God must not love them anymore so they are reduced to fear and despair. This shows that their works are founded upon the pillars of self righteousness and not under the blanket of His divine grace. Those who are disposed to such avenues find time and time again to be entirely useless in keeping on the narrow path for a mountain appears before them which is insurmountable to climb. Even saints whose eternal abode are secured are apt by their fleshly wants to return to the works of the law wherein their performance dictates the nature of their acceptance before God. Thus a little neglec…

You only need to wash your feet

It was just the hour before the Passover and Jesus knew that his hour had come. The hour where he was to be crucified, to be hanged on a tree, to be mocked and tortured had come. Jesus knowing this set aside his disciples and knowing who He was, which is the Son of God, the eternal Word made flesh, wrapped a tower around his waist, poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples feet. He said to Simon Peter, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not everyone of you”. Jesus explained the meaning of this duty that his disciples should do as He has done for them and that no servant is greater than his master, nor a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Then Jesus says something interesting which shows that active obedience is required of his disciples. Jesus said ‘Now that you know these things, you will be blessed when you do them’.

This blog is not an exposition so the focus is not in exegesis but …

Rene and Poet - part 5

Above the earth, the sun beams shines on the green pastures where Rene and Poet lay with affectious fondness for one another. Poet has just awoken and while asleep Rene analysed his frowning expressions and then asked him what brought him such sorrows.

Rene: You must tell me your dream, my loving Poet, your expressions brought a great sense of sadness to my soul, what worries you?

Poet: Ah Rene, the sun shines like the radiance of her beauty and this grass displays the bounty of her laughter. I dreamt of her again but I had to forbid my willing tears to flow. She is the soothing source where all my sorrows pour and the source of which my grief endures.

Rene: What brought about such misery?

Poet: I found myself with another youth walking to a house near the street. It was adorable and the air was the most comfortable to breathe. We entered after being greeted by a man of lovely features, smart and eloquent in his speech and wonders were hidden in the staring of his blue eyes. I could not l…

Thank you God for my pain

Last night, I was inflicted with a pain unbearable that it brought me to my knees in the prayer room grasping for breath and laying face down struggling to stand. I could not pray for my head was throbbing with severe headache as if needles were jabbing me from the inside of my head. It was uncontrollable and with the little strength I had, I picked myself up and hurried as fast as I could to my house on my half injured leg. I immediately opened the cupboard door and took two ibuprofens which helped calmed my storm a little but the pain shot through my head almost through the night as I could not sleep but dwell in darkness hoping and praying that the pain would go away. I would have wished the pain to be anywhere else but my head and at times I wished for my soul to depart from my body if this pain could cease. I was a terrible soul and the devil saw it an opportunity to afflict me with spiritual guilt but I countered it with the imputed righteousness of Christ.In my pain I felt I ha…

The Joy of Confession 7

Sinner: Dear Sir, it is too much for me; it is to much for me. I feel I have no more strength left to bear. I am weak with emotions and the fear of failure grips my heart and I feel a miserable soul. I reflect upon my life and I have no moment of being proud, none at all. My existence is meaningless for I have exceedingly falling short. I wish to die, to relieve myself of this pain, to go to sheol where there will be no traces of my conscience. Oh Sir, help me if you can for if I should leave here without oil to my head, I do not know whether anyone will see me alive again. I hate the world but I am trapped, I have shut myself in and driven away all help. The darkness I feared but I thought I could love it so I dwelt alone. Help me sir.

Sir: I tell you the truth my son, it is good that you are beginning to fear the darkness here before you depart to the place that you want to go. For you see, the darkness here compares not to the darkness hereafter. The darkness you taste now is but an…

What is it that you love to do oh man of God

What is it that you love to do oh man of God?

"I love to pray and praise in the secret of my room. I delight myself in the presence of God and saviour, I belong entirely to my Saviour and I have no better joys than when I am found in His company. I sit by his feet and digest his words, in all conditions of my soul I have been found there. In my sadness I saw his tears aligned with mine and he touched the brow of my eyes and showed me His glory. When I am a rebellious spirit He reminds me of His tender love and shows me His nails; my soul weeps and draws near to his smile, he steadily rebukes me in gentle grace and sets my feet on the level path. When I am drawn to find satisfaction in other things, He breaks the bread and pours the wine and he gives me to eat and drink and lo I am found to be full. Oh My sweet God is all for me, I love to do His errand, to do his duty and to engage in those things which pleases Him. I love him, my soul Loves him and more of Him I want, I am full …

The goal of Christian service may not be what you think it is

People serve others for many different reasons; some serve out of guilt and others serve out of duty. Some serve out of love and others out of hate in other to get revenge. There are many different motivations why people choose to serve others but the motivation for there service is ruled by the end goal that the server wishes to accomplish. By this I mean for example, a man may set up a charity shop to help in the fight of defeating breast cancer, his motivation for starting the charity was because his wife recently died of breast cancer and thus his overall goal his to stop breast cancer therefore he sets up a charity shop and the death of his wife being the motivation. Another example would be that of a man who hates the fact that people don’t have access to clean water. His overall goal is to create this access and his motivation is that he wants people to have access to drinking water. These are all good motivations and good goals but the goal of Christian service goes beyond the…

I must avoid your face

I must indeed avoid your grace
And set a pace between our taste.
It looks as if I ignore your look
The if is true I must not speak directly to you.
To be again one on one
Will melt my heart and kill my mind
For such affections I wish to flee
Such emotions I seek to leave.
Forgive me for the neglect I show
The new term flows I hope it goes.
This passionate love I must unclench 
This season must grow a stone of flesh.
To do this trial hurts me much
But one-sided love would kill my life 
I must indeed avoid your grace
To catch my breath and live again.


You are my favourite one

My Heart has been hard for too long
To tough to succumb to your love
                       I played the part of the hypocrite 
All the while I was fading inside

It was sin which hurt my soul
My failures have made me numb
                         I could not lift my eyes to thee
For fear I should fail again

Your rain poured but I shielded my soul
I ran but couldn’t go too far
                       I feel ashamed to eat your bread
So I plea for the crumbs which falls thereof

I, now a miserable soul
Afraid to fall once again
                               I remain a distant from your shore
Satisfied, here I couldn’t disappoint you once more

Then I heard my name
                          ‘You are my favourite one
                              What are you feeling, 
Why so far away’.

I replied 
                              ‘Jesus Here I am
                    I am after your heart after you 
           But how do you feel of me, of my failures?’

He replied 
                          ‘You are my favourite one’.


Who gave Christians their Identity and to what purpose?

Perhaps the question ‘who gave Christians their identity’ is to easy a question and everyone in the congregation would say ‘God gave us our identity’, and then you may ask, ‘but to what purpose?’ The congregation at this stage may pause a while to think and doubtless there would be different answers from the church. But which is correct? The bible illuminates with great gravity the answers to both of the questions asked above.

There are numerous passages in the bible that identifies what exactly our identity is but here we are to focus on two passages which speaks volumes of who we are in Christ, of who gave us this identity and what the ultimate purpose of our identity is. Some Christians may be struggling through a severe identity crisis. They may perhaps be trying to figure out their role in society, their role in the world, what is their status and their ultimate purpose. If you get your Identity right and truly know who you are in Christ Jesus, this will transform the way you liv…

Why was Man created?

Perhaps you have looked at the wonders of creation, the excellencies of the universe, the vast array of different materials filled with all kinds of beauty; or perhaps your reflection is bent towards the ugliness of creation, the corruption that fills the universe which manifest itself in chaos and destruction and you are forced to ask yourself the question, ‘why was Man created and what is Man’s purpose?’ Is there a universal purpose for the existence of man and if there is how are we to know it? Can Darwinian evolution give us a satisfactory answer, or do we look to the different philosophies of man and adhere to its conclusions? Each man may look under which ever rock he feels persuaded to search but I will search for the answer in a book called the bible in which the Creator Himself as given us the reason for why He created Man.

The Bible in its opening verse declares that ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth’, Gen 1:1. The subsequent verses details how God crea…

She seems to me a lovely scene

She seems to me a lovely scene
A play with bright sparkling themes.

She centres the stage; all eyes are fixed
Captivating the audience with her light speech.

Her golden eyes have done it for me
Her diamond smile sees me still

She stares my face, she stares again
Perhaps a chance lay my way

I dare to dream that our love be real
I’ll drink the sea for hers to be

She seems to me a lovely scene
A play with bright sparkling themes.


Psalm 8 - An exposition

One commentator on this Psalm commented that ‘this psalm is an unsurpassed example of what a hymn should be, celebrating as it does the glory and grace of God, rehearsing who He is and what He has done, and relating us and our world to Him; all with a masterly economy of words, and in spirit of mingled joy and awe’. This psalm magnifies the glory of God in creation and how God is able to use the weak things of this world to shame the strong. Are you a timid soul? Rejoice for God is able to use you to His glory and praise. Let your feet dance that this mighty God does not overlook the weak and the poor but he delights to crown them with glory and honour.

Vs 1 LORD, our Lord. Here is an immediate recognition that Yahweh is our Lord, that He is our God. He is the God of Israel, the champion of mercy and the Lord of glory. He is incomparable and unrivalled, He is undisputed and worthy to be praised. Our God is great and sweet thus the psalmist declares how majestic is your name in all the …

My Morning prayer

Blessed be your name Oh God, blessed be your glorious name
Hallowed be thy name, Let your kingdom come
Oh my Lord, my soveringn King, you are my delight, my pleasure and daily food
I thank you that you have chased sleep from my eyes
and you have awaken me to seek your face
I thank you for such mercy and grace, your Love is too wonderful for me
I am filled with your joy and I can see the glow of your daily mercies
Grant me the joy of your presence, set your countenance upon me.
I am glad that you are my God, the blessed Trinity, Oh I adore you
Prepare my day for me Oh Lord, grant me strength to see it through
Let me be a blessing to others today and let my words minister to those in need of your gospel.
I am exceedingly thankful of your steadfast love, your ways are to sweet for me.
Oh that I may not forget you in my daily task but that I may do it all to your glory.
Fill me with the power of the Spirit, let your kingdom come today, let your kingdom come!
Hallowed be thy name, Hallwed be thy wonderf…

Hallowed be thy name

I wrote this as my facebook status today: 'When you go to pray to your heavenly Father, don't merely close your eyes and bring your petitions but open your eyes and look to see your Father's wonderful face and then you shall say with the deepest affection, 'hallowed be thy name'.

Reflecting upon what I wrote and thinking about how sometimes we are so consumed with our petitions, troubles, aches and sorrows in prayer that we often neglect to look up and really survey who it is that we are praying to. Imagine that you find yourself injured and your wounds are terrible; your calls are for the doctor and while the doctor is not in your presence you continue to call. But when the doctor finally arrives, you have no more need to call for the doctor but to enjoy his presence that he is able to treat your injuries and make you well. How much more is the presence of God when we visit Him in prayer. what troubles or injury may aghast your soul that you should continue to scre…

Bankers, bonuses and Camels

The Bible is not often quoted in Parliament. A Theos publication from 2007 showed that even Anglican bishops refer to Scripture only rarely in their contributions to House of Lords’ debates. If that remains so, no-one seems to have told Labour MP John Mann. For it was he who, last Tuesday, halfway through a Treasury Select Committee grilling of Bob Diamond, chief executive of Barclays, dared to quote Jesus Christ himself. (Click here and scroll to 68 minutes in.) “Can I ask you a philosophical question?” he began ominously. “Why is it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?” Diamond was stumped. This he had not expected. He paused, grinned, and looked around, before asking: “Do you have another question?”
Bob Diamond earns a lot of money (about £75m in the past five years). It is estimated that he is on track for an £8m bonus for 2010. He employs many people who earn similar figures. His bank, like many others, was bailed out…

The Barber shop and the grace of God

I have often affirmed that there is nothing more soothing to the injured soul than for one to remind oneself of the gospel, of the Love of God that saves sinners perfectly. This week I felt in my soul a misery that is not uncommon for me, my soul is usually injured because of my sins and like a puritan I have a piercing conscience and my disposition is naturally to that of withdrawal and sadness. But time and again this is never my final state for the Lord comes with effectual grace and revives my soul to that vibrant joy and peace it is accustomed with. And I am never moved to such heights unless God moves in me for I cannot pretend of my joy when there is none for that sad countenance would avail me. Unless God moves in my soul I am left in my pity and God has moved in a thousand ways to restore my joy and this week He restored my soul through an encounter with the barber.

On my way back to bristol from london, I went at random to cut my hair. I was hoping to see the regular barber …

Found in a strange land

I am found in a strange land 
Where the ground does not love the rain

The Heights and depths are all the same
The morning light fears its stage

I am found in a strange land
Where mice are clean and dogs are free

The earth refuse to do its task 
And bees are large and walk on grounds

I am found in a strange land
Where all do speak in English act

The trees are planted on little clouds
And fishes enjoy the open air

I am found in a strange land
Where music is played by the deaf and blind

The storms bring peace 
And the wind is seen

‘A strange remarkable land I’m in
There is more to discover in this God created green’.


When Unclothed Is Unfitting: Thoughts on Selling with Sex

Jonathan Edwards once said that godly people can, as it were, smell the depravity of an act before they can explain why it evil. There is a spiritual sense that something is amiss. It does not fit in a world permeated with God.
Ephesians 5:3 says that some things "are not fitting" among saints." "Fitting-ness" is not always easy to justify with arguments. You discern it before you can defend it. That's good, because we have to make hundreds of choices every day with no time for extended reflection.
But from time to time we need to pause and give rational, biblical expression why something is not fitting. Some years ago I came to that point when, week after week, a local newspaper put scantily clad women on the second page of Section A in order to sell underclothes. I wrote a letter to the paper with nine reasons why they should stop using this kind of advertising.
Perhaps my reflections will help you deal with the hundreds of abuses of God's good gift of …

Her light English eyes

Your light English eyes Round figure and vivacious smile Candour qualities and respectable charm Warms my heart whenever far or nigh.

I see you whenever it's time to worship
I see your face; and your thoughts I tried to put away
I am torn and when I'm on my knees I see your countenance
The eloquence of His grace takes me far away.

I am far too busy to fall in love
If I ask her to marry me, she may still my love for Christ
Yet I long to be hers; hand by hand on the pilgrim way.

Fresh courage I take today, to declare in letter my love to thee;
You need not be afraid in refusing my proposal
For bless God he will free me from this passion if need.

I am convince this is the will of God
That I should altar my state
Your denial will prove to me
You were not the pilgrim marked out for my way.

 Love for a woman could and will not dislodge my Love for Christ
But many times I have wished of you to be my One.
I would not marry but for Him and in Him, for ten thousands worlds.
Christ is my Li…

Humble me

My question is what would you have me do my Lord? How would you have me spent my time? should I humble myself and endure in joyful meditation at your word?

Humble this heart of mine, I have seen the pride within. Please oh Lord sanctify me, for I wish to please you, I do not want to dwell in vain religion, but I want to seek you Lord above my brethrens in secret, in that place where only you  and the Father may see and the Spirit within, so I’ll seek your face and your righteousness. I am surrendering all to you, all to you. Fill me Lord fill me for I do not want to be filled by anything else but you; if you do not fill me Lord will not my poor soul be tempted to look elsewhere; so here I am waiting at the cross.  I will give you my all and I pray that you may humble my soul and draw me to your breast where I can drink of that living water and be satisfied by your goodness. 

‘That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked u…

The Joy of Confession 6

Sinner:Dear sir, I am a deep sinner, unfit for society and an alien to righteousness. I know nothing of faithfulness and today I declare my repentance of my habits and tomorrow I am found playing with it again. It seems that for many years I have been playing the fool thinking that God can be mocked but I have only been deceiving myself. I am a slave, a wretched slave to sin and have deeply played the hypocrite. I play the Pharisee and now I cannot bear to live any longer. My speech are smooth but my heart lies with wickedness and deceit; I thought I had mastered sin but sin mastered me and now the vice as corrupted my whole faculties that I am found to be mad. My thoughts accuse me day and night and I am worse than those in hell. Oh Sir, should I end my life for I have played the fool with my Maker but I have only played the fool with my own heart. I see no light and freedom is far, I am in the dungeon of despair and my heart feels to break. See the tears that flows from my veins, oh…

Returning to the wild goose

The wild goose is the Celtic symbol for the Holy Sprit and it is the name that is given to a café which aims to serve the homeless at least two meals a day. Good fortune or to say, the kindness of God has allowed the ministry to purchase a new venue as the old venue was very short in space. There was hardly enough room for a full functioning kitchen staff and less space for many to sit and eat their food.

The new location is on Stapleton road in Easton and what a fine venue it is. Seeing it for the first time I was very impressed especially with how spacious it is and how the place was very bright for the previous location was not so bright. I was glad to return and I was keen to help in whatever way I could.

I was to serve tea and coffee for the whole night with a sweet old lady who was marvellous but she had a shaking hand so I did most of the lifting and pouring out of hot water. I am amazed at her willingness to serve despite being so old she serves gladly every fortnight with tre…