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The broken bread

The latter stages of this week saw me drifting from a Christ centre enjoyment to a self reflective bitterness of my imperfection and sinful heart. Toppled with external pressures and unbridled despair, I found myself in a state of unhappiness of heart and soul, in which some commented to me that there is a lack of joy in me.

I smiled but yet maintained a sorrow in which only Christ could lift. He is my sweet comforter. I played with the notion of not going to the morning service but the Spirit prompted me to go, for there I would find peace for my aching soul.

In anger of heart at my failures, I ventured up to church and displayed a negative attitude towards the sermon preached, but my heart softened as he spoke. Then came the broken bread.

It was time for communion, and there the Spirit reminded me of my beloved who died for me. I gripped the bread and ate it slowly and drank the juice (his blood) to the full remembering that no longer guilt I should feel for my sins, because if I sh…

Christians and Halloween

Halloween. It’s the time of year when the days get shorter and the coldness begins to spread throughout the land. For many Brits, there is an excitement and eager expectation of celebration for what is the spookiest holiday of the year. Children in schools are dominated with this theme and in their classes they will be carving out pumpkins and if your family was exciting enough then, spooky decorations would fill your house. Retailers also take the opportunity of this dark holiday by providing costumes and dark decorations at reasonable prices but I must say that some of the costumes cost more than my most expensive clothes. Halloween is seen as an opportunity for huge profit in the market place as it is only surpassed by Christmas in terms of economic activity. Nevertheless, Halloween brings with it a festive mood where children seek to trick or treat and adults see it as an opportunity to dress up and party. So, how should Christians engage with Halloween? The name Halloween derived …

Christian dating to God's glory

Dating for some Christians is a complex thing especially if the Christian may not know how to go about it. Many may have wrestled with this concept not knowing which actions serve to glorify God. The Christian dating scene is not as vibrant and lucrative as the non-Christian scene not in terms of happiness but that of frequency. Christians should by no means seek to compete with the non-Christian dating scene because both are geared to operate on different principles. Perhaps you are one of those Christians who feels lost in how to go about pursuing a relationship because you want to avoid the emotional heartache which is so prevalent in dating. Therefore, Dating is put off and you seek to establish a more fitting, carefully constructed replacement but somewhere along the way you was lost in translation. Or perhaps Dating for the Christian is one of courtship which is where older adults normally the parents chaperone the couple as they move towards marriage. Or for the Christian from…

Hungry for more

I see tonight, many souls, with sweet delight particularly to the things of the Lord, standing with passionate hearts, hungry for more, that is of his presence and of his joy to engulf them. With praiseful hearts they declare his praises and there eyes set like flint to seek his lovely unveiled face. And I standing there, watching the believers take to their God, felt his presence for I had spent parts of my day in his presence and it was very familiar to me. It delights my soul that there are such as these whom God is their pleasure, the reality of everything sweet. To them, like me, there is nothing sweeter or more enjoyable so that their being here is of a willingness of heart to take the opportunity to delight in his holiness. It may be true that some are here for the benefits, they want to advance their own agenda and feel that by being here tonight, God may bless them and thus they can show off their power and display the gifts bestowed upon them for their own glory. May it neve…

Psalm 3- An exposition

This is the first Psalm to bear a title. It is a Psalm of David and we are told that this Psalm was born from his plight from his son Absalom. If you turn to 2 Samuel 15, you will find the story there and how deep the conspiracy was that Absalom plotted against his father, that he turned the hearts of the people towards himself and away from David. Absalom had made himself king by sweet deception and now he sets his face towards his Father to have him removed. David being wise, gathered his whole household and fled not knowing whether he would return or not but that he committed to the LORD.

So we read in vs. 1, O LORD, here he pleads directly to God, the same God who told Samuel to anoint him as King of Israel. The same God who delivered him from the hands of the philistines and the jealousy of Saul, to this God he makes his plea and one can imagine David to be on his knees drenched in tears and declaring with an heaviness of heart, O LORD, how many are my foes. Here, David expresses…

Helping out at One B

One B is a community house where a group of believers aim to live together in intentional community and share their lives. The aim of the community is not just inward looking but explicitly outward looking as well. The house is to be a light to the local community and hospitality, welcoming those who are in need and embracing the outcast with the unconditional love of God.

Today, I went round to the house to help out with some of the things that needed to be done because there is much to do in the house yet. On arriving, I noticed that it was a very big house with many rooms and it was evident that the house is in the process of renovation. I was giving a job to do and I did with joy although my clothes acquired a lot of dust and thought perhaps I should have brought another pair of clothes to change into. Then it was time for lunch and I was served with pasta which I enjoyed and then I attempted to make myself a coffee but I threw half of it away because it was very bitter.

Whilst e…

This week

This week has been to me a mixture of casual doses of melancholy and a sweetness deriving from the loving kindness of our heavenly Father.  My feet at times moved not; although the heart was filled with ambition which then led to frustration because I had not freely accomplish the things in which I had aimed to accomplish. Nevertheless high points of my week was when on Wednesday I played for UWE 1st against Exeter and I was deeply humbled because there was no place in the starting line up for me but I was later substituted in and scored the winning goal which I attributed to divine providence. Also, meeting up with people in small group and having dinner at our house with some friends was of sheer delight and the times I spent in writing and reading was sweet to my soul. Although, some of the old worries and anxieties, wanting to come back again, I cast them away to the wind and entrusted myself to Jesus and his promises.

Yesterday I went to a day conference with the Christian union …

Her name meant love

Prudent eyes and a affable smile
Your features do shine
More than the brightest light.

A vision of peace, I had never seen
Until the day I met with she.
My heart did burn and bend with ease.

The wind did blow, gentle and soft
The tide did still and danced along.

My summer wind at last has come
Caressing, inspiring the leaves around.

I could but follow, her dreams were mine
A prey to her unaffordable smile.

Her name meant love and love I found.
Eternal time my love will last.


He is coming for a pure bride

Like the Psalmist, my heart is stirred by a noble theme as I contemplate the coming of the bridegroom for his bride.  For His dwelling place is in heaven where he is enthroned and contrary to all of the wonders of heaven, there was none fitting for him to make his bride. His heart yearned and longed for a satisfactory partner, but there was none to his taste. He remembered the assembly He long ago had with his Father and there he remembered that a bride was given to Him. His heart burnt with praise for His Father had summoned him saying ‘My Son your hour has come’.  The whole host of heaven gathered round the throne and witnessed a sight that no eyes had seen and that which mankind would witness for thirty three years. The Son eternal, the Prince of Peace did not consider equality with his Father has something to be grasped but he made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. For he was coming for his bride, the only one he chose out of all o…

Psalm 2- An exposition

The Psalm here is written about our precious Lord Jesus Christ because in Acts 4 when Peter and John had been released from prison and went back to their brethrens, this very Psalm was quoted and Peter gives us an interpretation of solemn comfort that our Lord Jesus is the Anointed one.  ‘Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and the people of Israel in this city to conspire against your Holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed’, Acts 4:27. Here we see the deep hatred of man against his creator because was it not the Eternal Word which was made flesh, and this Word was the light of men but men had grown to love darkness.  Yea, men would rather stay in their wickedness and plot against their Lord but how foolish are they to think that they could ever have succeeded. The rulers in view here are like Pharaoh, vain and conceited and thus Yahweh destroyed him and in this Psalm, it is so for the rulers and kings who will not draw back from their plans and beg mercy fro…

Should a Christian fight or not

On Sunday evening, a good friend of mine was driving me back home when we engaged in a discussion on the Just war theory, whether it was ever appropriate for Christians to fight or whether pacifism was the only seating place for the believer. The conversation arose from a discussion about John Stott on how he changed his position from being a pacifist to a believer in the just war theory (please correct me if I’m wrong). It is critical to mention here that pacifism and the just war theory are asking two different questions. Pacifism focuses on the individual while the just war theory focuses on the governmental usage of force to promote justice and scripture evidently is used to support both cases.  Also, the relation between the Church and State are to be distinguished because both are giving two different responsibilities by God and one is strictly giving the role of unrelenting pacifism, e.g. sermon on the mount, Luke 23:24, Romans 12:14-20. And the state I believe to be giving the…

The Bible: Precious, True, Glorious Baby Talk

Human language is precious. It sets us off from the animals. It makes our most sophisticated scientific discoveries and our deepest emotions sharable. Above all, God chose to reveal himself to us through human language in the Bible. At the fullness of time, he spoke to us by a Son (Hebrews 1:1-2). But that Son spoke human language, and he sent his Spirit to lead his apostles into all truth so that they could tell the story of the Son in human language. Without this story in human language, we would not know the Son. Therefore, human language is immeasurably precious.
But it is also imperfect for capturing the fullness of God. In 1 Corinthians 13, there are four comparisons between this present time and the age to come after Christ returns. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. When I was a child, I s…

The freedom of Romans 8

I feel in me a hellish despair in which I brought about by due negligence in which I rejected the clear instructions of my conscience and now feel the due penalty of my dear perversion. The bondage of the will is scarcely free if free at all for those righteous things in which I desire to do, I can do not; but those principles of perdition I find to reign in me and that very freely. I yearn to flee this bondage but where can I flee from my own skin? For if I should escape to the monastery it is there with me, if to the far east where materialistic sensuality is of a lesser degree, lo, there it is, clinging to me never wanting to let go. So night and day my eyes drip relentlessly like the rain for I dread those awful scriptures that speak of hypocrites like me whose end is the river of hellfire where the devil himself screech and what is to be my shout? In anguish I pace my self up and down trying to find precious scriptures that relieves the conscience of a tortured soul and therein …

From Darkness to Light

Wednesday was a good day.

33 men thought lost were found. After 69 days shrouded beneath 700 metres of rock thousands of journalists with their cameras, politicians with their speeches and family members with their tears, bore witness to this dramatic salvation. 
This was a mesmerising story from the moment the mine collapsed, leaving little hope that anyone would come out alive. It took 17 nerve-wracking days for any contact to be made. In those first two weeks, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack as boreholes the size of a grapefruit were sent deep underground. The seventh attempt returned with a scribbled note attached, the simple red lines on a scrap of paper offering the first glimpse of this 'almost Biblical rebirth'.
It could have so easily ended in a very different way. This was life out of death; it was rescue from the jaws of tragedy. And it made for a great news story. Not just great, but good. Amid a back drop of suffering and pain, economic recession and…

Rene and Poet

Rene: So, my good Poet, why the Long face?
Poet: I really genuinely don’t know which step I ought to take for I am besotted with her but when I do see her all of my premeditative plans seems to be non existent and I feel somewhat unworthy and my soul is quietened within me. Perhaps I wish for her not to know although I do but I am not yet convinced either way whether her feelings are reciprocal so yet I linger in the dark but I must not stay there too long lest a charming handsome guy should take her away and forever is my opportunity gone. So what must I do? (Shrugs his shoulder, and then pauses for a little while). For I enjoy our friendship but I think that at times because of my disposition to withdraw and remain quiet and hardly display no affection that I may be driving her away so I must change and perhaps be loose but to behave in this manner, I am not well trained so my folly may be evident and she being quick natured and cultured may see this and take the wrong assumption from…

Hypocrites deficient in the duty of prayer

Some harsh but true words from Jonathan Edwards. 

It is the manner of hypocrites, after a while, to return to sinful practices, which will tend to keep them from praying. While they were under convictions, they reformed their lives, and walked very exactly. This reformation continues for a little time perhaps after their supposed conversion, while they are much affected with hope and false comfort. But as these things die away, their old lusts revive, and they by degrees return like the dog to his vomit, and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. They return to their sensual practices, to their worldly practices, to their proud and contentious practices, as before. And no wonder this makes them forsake their closets. Sinning and praying agree not well together. If a man be constant in the duty of secret prayer, it will tend to restrain him from wilful sinning. So, on the other hand, if he allow himself in sinful practices, it will restrain him from praying. It will give …

I never knew

The morning comes with light to my soul And lo I knew its source.
For the night had been dark for long Lost in my sins                         and fantasies.
Alarmed dismay the morning will sing Frantic noise I cannot sustain To arise again to this gall and bitterness Yea this bitterness of my hardened soul.
That cup in which He trembled to drink I did entirely reflect that double was my portion of it.
For no sinner like me there ever was and will ever be I was frayed,                     Dreading to wake. But I never knew in the sunrise
Kind-heartedness He would confirm That He would breathe life into me Escorting me to repentance,
And once again cause a Praise               To arise From the mouth of a pitiful saint

I dance to your tune

I heard your story
I heard your ways

Beautiful like butterflies
Sparkling like diamonds

Your wings will fly
As  you soar the skies

Your name will be among the stars
Never to fade nor perish

Though we are fading flowers
And the leaves do fall

But you will stand because
You have trusted in Him

So I dance to your tune
To your melody that draws me


Four new things

A good friend of mine on Tuesday asked me a question and the question was, ‘what’s new for you this week?’ In my dejected state I replied and said ‘not much, not much at all’, but in fact that wasn’t the whole truth because in thinking about her question, a couple of things, some to my surprise are in fact new. There are four new things which have happened to me.

1. A new Love for fair trade 70% dark chocolate.   If you knew me and my hatred for the taste of dark chocolate then this news would be a complete shock to you but yes I have moved past my original feelings for dark chocolate which in itself was a tremendous shock to me for I confidently asserted that I would never like such a chocolate for it was too bitter for my sweet tongue. But lo and behold I now enjoy it and deeply understand why people love dark chocolate. Also this perhaps could be related to people’s initial reaction to Jesus. They hate him and find him to be bitter, but when they encounter him like the apostle Paul…

Psalm 1- An exposition

By K.Oni

1. Blessed. The book of the psalms opens with a benediction which is a state of being blessed and the word translated is plural meaning blessedness. The rest of the psalm distinguishes between the blessed man and the man who is not blessed at all because he is not in a state of being blessed. As a Christian one should be abundantly joyful because we are in a blessed state and that always because God has justified us in Christ Jesus. There is therefore no more condemnation for those who are blessed in Christ Jesus but there is still condemnation for those who are not in a state of being blessed in Christ as the psalmist reveals in vs. 4 & 5. Note, that this should cause you to rejoice and perhaps to enjoy your blessedness it is wise for you to consider what it is that you have been blessed with and a searching through scripture should reveal this to you and cause you great excitement because now the LORD watches over you and he does it like a joyful mother looking after her…