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Book review: Seeking Allah, finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

In Seeking Allah, finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity, Nabeel paints a wonderful picture of growing up in an Islamic family. For an outsider, one can see the appeal Islam has on its adherents. The devotion of the parents for their child to have a thorough knowledge of the Quran shows the love and care the parents have for their child to grow up in the knowledge of Allah. Nabeel's mother was a daughter of missionaries and his father 'was a self-sacrificial, loving man who bore the noble name of Qureshi. Qureshi are the tribe of the prophet Muhammad.
Nabeel in this book shares his experience of growing up in an Islamic family in the west and writes, “The mystical beauty of Islam that enchants billions cannot be grasped by merely sharing facts.” You had to live it which is something that we outsiders cannot comprehend. Nabeel loved Islam, and before he was six he had read the whole Quran. In high school Nabeel was ready to defend the Islamic view of Jesus aga…

A short story: My only Son

There was a man, a father I should say, who buried his child three days ago. The reason for such a burial was because his son was accused of a crime that he did not commit. But everyone was so against the boy that no piece of evidence could have acquitted him.

He had spent just a night in jail and was terribly beaten up by the guards. They taunted him and teased him.

"Confess your crime, you dog." shouted one guard before another spitted on him.
"Let us go easy on him." taunted another before punching him in the belly.

Such acts were against the law, but it was a practice here for the guards to do as they pleased as long as they did not kill the prisoner.

The poor boy did not utter a cry. No tears were wasted, only drops of blood poured out on the prison floor.

Early in the morning, the innocent boy only eighteen years of age looked very disfigured and unrecognized by his own family. His father screamed:

"What have you done to my Son. I will never forgive you.…

To hell with it that all things work together for my good

When times of difficulty comes, it is hard to say that all things work together for good. That promise which we so utter well when things are good now becomes shallow in the soul.

'O where is God now', the despairing soul cries. 'How can a loving God mean this bad situation for my good.'

A son dies. Poverty hits due to theft. Depression comes uninvited. Stressed out. Feeling hopeless because of unemployment. Addicted to drugs because of past abuse. And etc.

It all hits you at once. Drowned by the unforeseen hands of calamity. 'And all this is suppose to work for my good?'

'O to hell with it', the faithless cries.

That mustard seed of faith has now been ate by birds. Silence is now his portion towards God. No, anger. 'Why me?' the unfortunate man cries. 'Why me!'

What can the pastor say except to repeat those words that has become shallow in the man's soul. O what can he say that could effect such a one whose anger against God has ov…

A prayer for my soul: Let me not forget you

O God let me not thee forget.
For in forgetting you I forget me
And go again to those sins which you hate.
Lately there I have been
Drinking by dirty streams
Believing that this is all my worth be.
I know wrong I do but no strength in me to leave
For hope no more in me is found
I believed Christ no more blood for me does have.
O let me not forget you
For in your remembrance
Your love does shine
And I remember that I be your royal child.
Now in prayer I plea
Not just for me but for many that be
Lost in sin and has forgotten thee
That now by thy Spirit help them remember thee.


One day God will call us home

What tears can I weep for a sister whose friend was lost so soon.  Prematurely fell to his death and in sorrow I cry with you,  Mourning with the angels above.  Crying with God, all of your pain known, but none lost to him.  Your friend is precious to him as gold.  No words to say but this, that life is a gift not earned.  One day, a sure night which to all our friends and family will seem very sad,  God eternal, will call us home.  God himself, death did taste,  The Father, thy sorrow does know, in portion greater than your own,  For tears He wept, grieving sad, He rend the light, making it dark.   So that you in this mournful hours on Him can lean.  On Him can rest your woeful cries.  And hide nor your funeral face, nor your emotions,  Let every water fall from your eyes,  Till all your pain are emptied in his bottle of hope.  In these downhearted hours, forsake Him not.  Ask Him why, but remember, dear sister,  that He is for you.

She smells like royalty

Beautiful she appeared to me,  A pretty sight of delight,  Loving her deliciously,  Watching her enticingly.  Like magic she draws out the summer and laughter in me.  Dresses like a rainbow. 
She smells like royalty.

Life is moving on

Life is moving on I'm moving on too.  But I am going to play my own song, And dance too.  I am going to walk on the sunny side,  Because everyday is the day to feel alright.

Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers and chocolate are cliche gifts for a woman on valentine.

These gifts rescue valentine's day procrastinators.

"I'll just pick this and this off the shelf and for her it will do.

And speak sweet words, how of her I love so dear."

But this, we may call lazy love, though it may be true,

For reasons be why such minds be stray

From thoughts prepared. But beware

Of the unhappy smile

Warm cold eyes will look you back.

Flowers and chocolate, do think outside the box

And if you have tarried

Then flowers, chocolate and the truth will do.


Miscellanies 90: How can we put all faith in God

How can we put all faith in God?

Faith means reliance. It means to trust God. It means that in all situations one should not lean on their own understanding but on God.

I think we can put all faith in God by simply submitting all of our lives to God - transferring all that we have or is to all that he is.

When we read scripture there are hundreds of promises that God has given to us, and thus to put all faith in God is to trust all of God's promises. When we do that we will not be worried about anything.

Jesus, looking ahead to our time questions the faith of our generation. He asks his disciples, 'Nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth,' Luke 18:8.

O, how does this apply to your own personal situation. It is easy to see the lack of faith in others, but how hard it is to see it in ourselves. If we lack faith we have some sort of reason to justify it. We say, only if this were the case then we would be full of faith, or if I were in there shoes…

Philip Seymour Hoffman and the urgency of the gospel

The sad news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death hit the media on Sunday. The multiple award-winning actor and director died of a drug overdose at his New York home – a tremendous loss to his friends and family, a huge blow to the acting world and to fans of his unique and skillful performances.

Tragically, Hoffman is not the first star to hit our headlines in this way. Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, to name but a few, had similarly untimely deaths.

Of course it isn't just the rich and famous who are riddled with such heartbreaking pain – how many others unknown to the public eye have died of similar causes, either accidental or intentional?

Back in 2012, Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, spoke movingly about Amy Winehouse's death in Woman Alive: "I found it absolutely tragic when Amy Winehouse died – it made me weep – because it represents thousands of other young people who have so much pain and can't process it other th…

A false cry of repentance

Many under some sort of influence have made passionate declaration and resolutions, namely that they shall henceforth leave their sins and follow Jesus Christ. Such passionate cries as one writer puts it 'is raised in a storm and will die in a calm.' For when the terror of punishment abandons their soul, or the misery which brought them to call out to Christ is alleviated, they at once return to their old sins or embrace another.
They forget that repentance as one writer puts it 'is a grace of God's Spirit whereby a sinner is inwardly humbled and visibly reformed.' This the angels in heaven rejoice for. They do not rejoice over one who makes a passionate cry with their mouth, but their actions are altogether like their old ways. Here there in no new cloth, only the old garment of unrighteousness.
God is not blind that he cannot see. It is true as one writer puts it that 'under a veil, a deformed face is hid; and persons are veiled over with ignorance and self-l…

The two-faced Church?

So it seems everybody is pointing the finger, endlessly speculating or downright guffawing, over the alleged indiscretions of French president Francois Hollande.

We seem to have a thirst for the juicier morsels of scandal of those involved in public life, from which even the Church is not immune.

In fact the biggest critique of Christians today is that they’re just a big bunch of hypocrites. They don’t practise what they preach; they say one thing but live in a totally different way.

Who are we to judge Monsieur Hollande?

When you flick through the annals of history, read of the monstrosities of the Crusades, the heavy-handed domination of empires or the bigoted social and ethnic divides that are often accredited to the Church, doesn’t it basically indicate that Christianity is a defective product? It claims to change your life, but in reality stinks of rank hypocrisy.

Well, I think it’s important to underline that every belief system will attract people who don’t meet its standards. In fa…

To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I write this article towards the fundamentalist evangelical Christians, which is the majority of the Church today. This article is to question your belief in the gospels not as the word of God, but that it is without contradictions, discrepancies and your definition of inspiration.

1. We do not know what was originally written by the authors of the New Testament from Paul to the authors of the gospels. Now I am not saying we do know anything, we know about 99% of what the earliest form of the text said. Scholars agree that scribes sometimes changed the text for theological purposes .e.g. Mark 19 9:20, 1 John 5:7 etc etc and sometimes the text was changed by accident to bar. Now this causes concern for the textual critic to know what was the original, now we can make a pretty good guess with high plausibility by using the tools of textual criticism and I am not going to dive into that, as it could confusion if you do not know about it. However, I am going to be writing a length…