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Fighting dirty: the battle for school places

This week, a mother was convicted of forgery after she submitted a fake tenancy agreement in order to secure a place at a high performing school for her daughter. She was fined £500 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

Many parents might have sympathy for her. The magistrate in the case, Michael Peacock, sounded like he did: "You are obviously a very good and conscientious mother and like all good mothers you want your kid to go to the best school available. We hear of people buying expensive houses in expensive streets and so on, in order to get into a certain catchment area".

But, as he summed up, his judgment was clear: "Whatever you do it's got to be within the law. What you did was dishonest. It was cheating, cheating the system."

There are few issues that create the kind of anxiety and competitive behaviour among parents more than the battle for school places. Recent figures show an increasing number of parents are giving false information to se…


Agrey cloud like a flag from despair hangs over my head. Sleepless, Going about my day with my face pale as wax, Fatigued, confused, angered by my past reflection, Hand icily cold, crumbling like a fairy dream, Broken, like some great river's ice at the touch of spring, Sleepless, Alone, like a storm tossed-wreck. Feeling unconscious to life like steel. Dreaming awake to fall asleep, As slumber falls on the eyes of a tired child. Sleepless, Because I'm still accepting that she's gone away, Feeling, As stars that flashes with the sun, Breathing, as a sea disturbed by a violent wind. Sleepless, For my love upon love upon love in her was packed, Now gone, Despair replaces the cloud I've lost.

I do see God's hand in everything

I do see God's hand in everything. The old divines put such a matter under God's providence. There is not a thing which occurs that God had no hands in it. He is in every detail, in fact he weaves it all together for the good of his awesome glory, yet sins not, and grants liberality to the creatures as justice and his love demands it.
Now sometime ago, on the 24th of December 2013, I decided to go and cut my hair for it was rather messy and unkempt. Ony my way to the barbers, I bought Ola Ola pounded yam and placed it in a blue carrier bag. I sat down at the barbers now waiting to cut my hair, but besides me sat a boy who clearly had a disability. I shunned him not, although at first when he placed his hands on me, I moved away as to find it a repulsive thing. Perhaps I did shun him, but afterwards I allowed the boy to rest on me.
Now, it was my turn to cut my hair. I hanged up my jacket and placed my blue carrier bag on the chair. After my hair cut for which I paid double…

Where is the blood you bring to enter heaven's most holy place?

“Where is the blood you bring to enter heaven's most holy place?” asked the devil. “For under the covenant, the high priest must never enter without blood. Where is your sacrifice, knowing that the blood of goats and sheep could never suffice for the heavenly sanctuary. Such sacrifices are indeed sufficient for man made tabernacles, but it is not sufficient for the real thing here in heaven. Have you not read the documents on these things Oh man. And you O God, whom I hate, will you not now banish him like me? Will you not send him into the outer darkness, or are you a breaker of your own immutable laws, making you yourself and offender. If it is the case, then you ought to banish yourself into hell, and all your heavenly hosts too; allowing my demons to make a hell out of your heaven.”
All the host of heaven watched as the devil spoke in this trial of mine. They all watched from a distance, but their eyes and ears were such that it was as if they were right in front of me.
I …

Prophet of woe and woo

Prophet of woe

Once a lovely lady
Now reveals her skirt
To every nation.

No longer knows
How to blush,
Decency has escaped
From her.

That tower of refuge
Where freedom dwelt
And righteousness reigned -

Has now been captured
By morality's foes,
Which end by Yahweh

Personally descends,
Raining a torrent
Of destruction
Upon her tiny lofty head.

Prophet of woo

Your bright blue land
Does shine -

Dandelions and lilies
Does arise
To sing thy praise,

Through whom
Freedom unleashed,

Spreading justice
To savages reach,

Granting them grace
To know the poet's flute.

Savages did dance
Understand shone alight
Making them men
Born-again to nature's delight.


God, whom to my friends existeth not.

God that golden light,
whom to my friends existeth not,
Save in my mind, that grand design,
Imagined by imagination deep in my heart,
For comfort and vengeance,
No objective right.
Now, if only my mind they have
Then they too would have that heavenly light
Shone deep beyond unbelief

That God is indeed a very real thing.  


I knew a sad boy - Lost love

I knew a sad boy who unleashed some very sad words in verses on me. He bid me read and see his heart, how it breaks never to mend.

Now I know how Romeo felt When his lover perceived her dead, To die was better to live, Sooner or later the anguish Would his feelings kill to stone, And live as if a dead man breathed Passionless talk, thrill-less eyes Better to poison oneself right now.
Some in marriage their walk does sing And others for years enjoy their tune, But mine quickly end, where I wished forever and us would be friends.
O such feeling in my heart. That my beloved has depart, Forever I fear the dart of love Hitting me to love again, For doubt and fear shall reign in me Reminding me of my beloveds leave.
OGod once again I fail This theme has now become my theme, In darkness hide, my secrets keep I never could with another live so deep, And here I thought a ray of hope, But wrong, spectacularly I fail again.
O invested time I wish to take, To be Absent on that first night, Where we made, sweet …

Far from the shore of righteousness

It seems to me that I am ever so far away from the shore of righteousness. That land which I know contains all goodness and loveliness seems altogether to be out of my reach. Although I know that it is ever near, yet it appears that I can never reach it. I see it with the eyes of my mind, but I can never swim far enough to walk on its green pastures. I always sink. O such is the misery of the worldy man, that he can see the clouds but never touch it. He may jump as high as he can but will never reach it. But look how easily planes fly through the clouds! And whilst I have a heart for righteousness and a body for sin, I can never be happy. It is altogether now impossible to indulge in the world with any happiness, because my heart for righteousness will be very much dejected, which is really the centre of me. But if I follow the course of righteousness, I will be very much happy. But my body will be weary and I should be tired phyiscally, for my flesh would seek to torture me. O, this …

Building a new nation

I’m writing this morning after the night before. About two hours ago the chief returning officer, Mary Pitcaithly, confirmed that Scotland will not be leaving the UK. Like so many others I stayed up all night to watch the conclusion to this unprecedented exercise in democracy where 85 per cent of eligible voters took the biggest constitutional decision in UK democratic history. 

And so we stay. 

After all the debate, all the campaigning, all the passion and all the argument, the people of Scotland have made their choice and the UK will not be the same.

It’s hard to describe what these last few weeks have felt like. Politics has been everywhere – the talk of the playground, the building site, the swimming pool and the church. At a time of cynicism in the Western world there has been a reinvigoration of civic engagement and debate as politics once again has actually mattered.

The world has been watching and they have seen a nation debate its future without blood, tanks or sword. And they ha…