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Story: Double Love

I cannot reach my love, her who is constantly in my soul. It seems more than ever that we are world's apart, like we live in two different realms. Yet she is always in my heart and in my soul. Oh what to do!
But the other day, in the early afternoon  I met another who gave me an approving smile. The stars of admiration glistened in her eyes. Although she did not confess it with her lips, yet her arduous touch and steady gazing confirmed it. 
I spoke to her a while conversing on many light matters, for it would do no good to talk about a thing that weighs the soul. We spoke of gentle nature and how equally we admire the sunset but that we both favored the sunrise. The more she lingered around me, the more I began to see her ascending supremacy in all things.
Have I been won? As my heart been taking away once again into that garden of dearest love? But there was nothing in my mouth to suggest such a thing, for my tongue still had the taste of indifference, although as each hour wen…