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Rene and Poet 9

Rene:You are the brightest,  cheerful, warm-hearted boy I know. A sweet smell of the very earth, a rock and a solitude. I feel safe when I am with you for you will soon give your life for me before I give mine for you. I love you more than tongue can tell and you must love me in the same way. 

Poet:Oh my sweet sunshine, I love you more and should war come beyond those high walls and foreign men come with swords and stones, I shall defend you with every air I breathe and seek your safety before I fall. 

Rene:What of her? (He paused for a while) for you cannot protect the both of us.  What if you had to choose my sweet friend, what will you do? Oh let me not live to see you brought to such a wretched state, for I will choose for you. 

Poet: My Love, I will see to it that the both of you will be well. I will not choose but hold my tongue and offer my life. The gods forbid that I should be found in such a state but whatever theme it may be you both will live.

This is a heavy conversation my d…

Forgetting Tomorrow

At Night I watch the Sky
Drink a fifth of the bottle
As I reminisce on old times.
Me and you plotting Fantasy
Chasing our dreams
Escaping reality as we close eyes.
Tell me its true cuz we be a love story
Forgetting tomorrow 
Tonight we shine brighter than the stars
I'm in the deep, tommorow ain't long
Gotta be strong cuz when they come
You're the only one I'm dying for.
This is the truth please don't cry
Dry your eyes lets enjoy tonight.
You gotta live and keep him breathing
Tell him the story about the night I said I'm leaving
Lets close our eyes and escape reality
Chasing our dreams of one day becoming a happy family.


Miscellanies 8 - Fear the LORD

Have you no inclination of fear, no regard of God’s holiness? Oh this miserable generation, oh this uncaring people who have no regard for God and of His holiness, who disrespect Him from their youth and treat him as a little thing. Oh this hardened people who have not known the holiness of the LORD and yet they call themselves the people of the LORD. I am not here to indict you or to speak wrath upon you but I am here to hopefully instil in your soul a reverence for the LORD. That you should Love him and treasure Him, that you should see Him with eyes of splendour  and ascribe to him glory and strength.  

It is said of God that He is a consuming fire, Holy and pure and without sin.  He sits on his Holy throne in heaven full of Glory and splendour. He is enthroned forever, his name is majestic in all the earth. Who is it who may behold his face and dwell on his holy hill? Only those who are pure in heart, who walk blamelessly and does what is right and speak truth in his heart. For the…

Critical Yeast

“Sad to hear of Brian Haw’s death. While UK bombed Iraq a man shouting in Parliament Square was the nearest we came to sanity.”

This was one of the many tweets reflecting on the death of the peace campaigner last Sunday. For a decade his presence in Parliament Square was a constant provocation. A rebel with a cause.

On the same day, Aung San Suu Kyi celebrated her birthday in freedom for the first time in nearly a decade. At the time she received her Nobel Peace prize, the citations specified that she was a shining example of "the power of the powerless".

As I laid some flowers in Parliament Square , I thought of ‘weakness’. Living out our convictions often reminds us of our vulnerability, limitations and even powerlessness in the face of the enormity of the task. ‘Weakness’ is a dominant theme in Paul’s theology. Understandably, really. At the time, the Christian community was a minority in a powerful empire, so the connotations of the word are many. It refers to their numeri…

The Righteousness of Christ by John Bunyan (1628-1688)

For a long while I used to worry that I was not saved after all. Certain Scriptures especially troubled me, for they seemed to argue that I could never be secure in my salvation. This fear would come upon me often, like a nightmare of fire comes to those who have been burned. Every sound I heard I thought was someone crying, “Fire, fire!” The slightest touch hurt my tender conscience. But one day, as I was walking in the field, my conscience once again nervous that something was wrong, this sentence suddenly fell into my mind: “Your righteousness is in heaven.” I seemed to see with the eyes of my soul Jesus Christ at God’s right hand, and I knew that Christ Himself was my righteousness. Wherever I was, or whatever I was doing, God would not be watching for me to lose my righteousness, for all along it would be right there beside Him. My feelings, whether they were good or bad, had nothing to do with my righteousness, for my righteousness was Jesus Christ Himself,“the same yesterday, tod…

No time for Jealousy

I ain’t got time to be feeling no jealousy
That envious trait that I find deep inside of me.
Birthed from love a runaway drum
Of playing beats I wish never learnt to hop.
I can’t stop; full of passion vested with heat
Burning uncontrolled, growing branches 
Withered leaves was all it Yield.
I can’t strain, she got me stressing 
Cursing the day these eyes
Caught the vision of a perfect beauty*. 
Now I can’t see cause I’m at odds
With the competition all making petition 
For an hour with constant repetition.
Will it go or will my feelings flow 
Like a torrent causing chaos or will I implode.
I don’t know but somebody must show
To soothe this pain that causes ache.
I gotta go a million miles away
Cuz I ain’t got time to be feeling no jealousy.

* or perfect view


Psalm 13 - An Exposition

There are only six verses in this Psalm each coming in pairs. The three pairs of verses shows a climbing up from the depths to total trust in God. The psalmist is in a depressed state because of his troubles; God seems very far away, his soul is very sorrowful and his thoughts yield him no peace. We may say, that the psalmist is in a state of depression, and for a while he sees no light until he remembers the unfailing love of God. 

In a man’s life, there are many seasons of sorrow and despair, there are days of crumbling and days of darkness. Each man may have his own method of coping with such dark days, but the man of God who knows his creator will commence his fight like the Psalmist. 

Vs. 1 How long, LORD? This question is repeated four times in the first two verses. It shows the intense desire for deliverance. It shows the psalmist desperation for help, and this question can only be asked if one has been in their darkness and misery for a time. It is like a woman who has gone into…

The Joy of confession 13

Sinner:Oh Sir I have many confessions to make, my heart has lately or for the past year been a pool of idolatry. I have been held by the love of a woman, by the love of money and often taken over with jealousy and envy. My flesh has been weak and unwilling and I have quenched the Spirit. Oh Sir, what is to be done with my soul, I feel useless and unworthy and although I seek God yet I cannot find him. I feel I shall never find him again because of my rebellion and my many sins. Oh I am done, I am finished, crippled by my sins crippled by my sins and now heading to hell. Oh I should have heed the warnings of scripture about hardening my soul, I should have listened and suffered my flesh. Now I reap of what I sow, Oh help me sir!

Sir:My Child, it pleases my soul to see you in such a wretched state. It pleases me because there is hope for you. Because you weep, because you seek help the Spirit has not altogether forsaken you but it pleased Him to bring you to repentance. And I have seen m…

Who Knows

Who knows, if tomorrow Peace awaits my soul
If rest and Joy I shall hold.
Who knows at all, no one knows my fault
No one knows Because I close my door.
This barren path only I have walked
Refusing all help refusing all care.
No one knows I know no more
If tomorrow, Peace awaits my Soul.


Theology, Therapy, Twitter, and the Scandal of the Gospel

There is no shortage of perplexing realities in our world today, but counted among them must be the fact that many rather well informed people seem to be shocked that Christians believe the doctrines of Christianity. Over the weekend, Rep. Anthony Weiner announced that he will request a leave of absence from the House of Representatives in order to seek professional treatment in the aftermath of his sexting scandal on Twitter. In the words of his spokeswoman, Risa Heller, the congressman left last Saturday “to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person.” She continued: “In light of that, he will request a short leave of absence from the House of Representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well.”
That is a course now familiar to us all. As a matter of fact, it is now almost a reflex that people caught in moral trouble (especially related to sex) announce that they are seeking “treatment” for the…

More short Poems

More than a passing thought

It is but for a shadow and a thought
I cannot give you what you seek.
Although your vision tonight is of true beauty
Such angelic perfections of which I am unworthy.
To hold me dear is your desired longing 
To have me yours will complete your treasure.
I say you fight a Loosing battle 
Perhaps there is hope in winning the war.

The source

I know the pain it will be to your soul
The tears which will flow
I know it all because Ive felt it once before
It kills me more to learn I'm the source.

A loving fool

I stagger like a drunken man in the isolation of my soul
To hear the rumour that I have been forsaken in my darkest hour.
Oh Bewitched Bewitched 
Yet I cannot curse nor stay my anger.
I have been a fool for loving her
But a loving fool I'd rather be!


Whitewashing History?

To borrow a phrase from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, it is the best of times, the worst of times. That is how one might describe the current movie-saturated era. Certainly, from an entertainment perspective, it is the best of times. While I myself still prefer the classic films of the 40s and 50s, from The Maltese Falcon to The Searchers, it is hard not to be impressed by everything from the special effects in something like Inception to the sheer brilliance of acting inThe King’s Speech. Yet therein lies the problem, that which makes it, in a sense, the worst of times. As our access to the past is increasingly shaped by, if not actually mediated through, such media as movies, the real past is too often sacrificed for the sake of a good story. Take The King’s Speech, for example. As every British schoolboy of a certain generation would know, Winston Churchill, great war leader though he was, was also an ardent supporter of the pro-Nazi Edward VIII in the abdication crisis. Th…

Amazing Free will

This song or poem presents opposite views to amazing grace and if you know anything of the centuries long debate between monergism and synergism then this will be quiet amusing and if not then it is a good introduction to synergism I believe. Comment below if you would like to know more.

Amazing Free Will how sweet the sound,
That saved a neutral soul like me.
I once was sickly not even drowned,
Was seeking then given opportunity.

T'was a soft voice that taught my Will to decide.
My seeker-self ultimate prime.
How precious did that Free Will coincide
Looking down the corridors of time.

Through foreknowledge and capacity
'Tis also Free Will that determined my possible lot
Whosoever Will!, can come through synergy
"How often I wanted to gather you but you would not"

Adam preserved ability for me.
My cooperation my hope secure.
Faith then rebirth hence eternity,
His salvific potential always near

Yea, this Free Will shall never fail,
but irresistible grace may cease,
Sinner's prayer w…