Friday, 18 September 2015

Who knows what life will give them?

Who knows what life will give them?

Who knows except the one who can see the future. Surely we can predict and say, if I do this then this will happen, or if I do that, then that will happen.

Who knows what life will give them?

There is wisdom in planning, in working hard and in having goals. There is foolishness in laziness and leaving everything to nature to sort itself out.

The person who rises up early to study will sleep well before the eve of an exam. But the person who sleeps till late will worry anxiously before he takes his test.

But even with all precise planning, yet who knows what life will give them?

If our life is a drama, the stage has already been set. We enter in crying and eventually we will depart. We observe, we react, we listen and form relationships with the other characters in this drama. We join different plots and develop different themes but we are always under certain constraints. 

What are your constraints? 

What is life given you at this moment or what are you given life? What are your themes? Love, betrayal, alienation, discovery, escape, freedom? 

Who knows what life will give them! Do you know?

Some people lead themselves in life and father themselves whilst others let other people lead them and mother them. 

There is a spirit of the child and that of the orphan. Which one are you? Perhaps you are both but can that be. 

Some people don’t have a direction, whilst some are on a path but no destination. 

Where are you going? Where is your character in this drama of life heading? What are you doing with the props the authour has given to you?

Who is leading you and where are you going?

As for me, I say Jesus lead me lest I stray, gently or in whatever manner you see fit lead me all the way. This is because Jesus is life himself. He sees the future. He has seen the whole picture, I haven't.

So Jesus, walk me through the stream of time to the land of endless days. Guide me through each scene of my life, I will follow your script.

Though I may not know what life will bring, yet I know this that if I let Jesus lead me, all will be well at last.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Goodbye my golden glow

Her beauty far outweighs mine,
Golden glorious
Her smile dislodges my downhearted tide,
Carried in by the moon of my distress
Of her never to adore our filial pride.
But Halt, her gladsome glow forever my golden show,
Now confined to memory, to ethereal gratification
Of her lips caressing the hardness of my skin,
Till serenity overruns our stimulated exhale.
Goodbye my golden glow
Your stream now ease through his pictorial path 
His wonders better than the stars of night
His light brighter, better than the charmful art of nature's rhymes.
He gives your eyes and heart what I lack,
I do wish you well though I fear 
This heartache will soon make me die.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I knew a sad boy: No where to go with his life

I knew a very sad boy who told me that he had no where to go with his life, that there was no future for him. His brown eyes was continually teary even at the best of times. He told me,

"Sir, I have nowhere to go with my life. I just want to die, halt my step and be deceased. For I am a disease, unwanted and unloved. One person said that I was a poison and the other that I had something missing which I could never give. Many others looked at me with eyes of scorn, labelling me a scum. O sir, my heart is sensitive, and those with whom I have built my hopes have taken a hammer in good cheer and happily broken my home. O what to do sir! I have no hate for them in my heart for I am all those things, vile and evil. I believe as they have said that I could never make anyone happy, and what is living if those that I want to make happy can never be happy with me? One time, I saw in her eyes utter disgust for me, as if I was a filthy stain in her life, an hindrance to her happiness and I saw in his eyes deep anger and bitterness. O Sir, in my heart I feel that I have only done good, but my good is bad, and therefore I ought to perish immediately and kiss this world goodbye. In as much as I wish this feeling to go away, that is the feeling of remembering her, and of them accepting me, this feeling persists and each day rises to new heights that makes me stumble because of the heartache. O sir, my hope is hopeless."

I looked lovingly on the sad boy and pitied him. I wish I could remedy his case, but he was so far gone that I fear in the coming days that I should be summoned to bury him. His case is beyond earth and heaven, only divine hands can change his heart, but also her whom he so loved. Only if she would remain his friend and give him hope, but such is the case with our free-will that no matter how one hopes, it has no affect at all to change a person's affection. Only God can do that.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

I give you my all

To be here again, that is among the people of God, that righteous assembly; I behold Jesus and pour contempt on all my pride. O I have boasted on my abilities though they are worth less than a talent and I have delighted in vain things that to my shame charms me more than the the things from above. But now those earthly things that takes my heart, I sacrifice them to my Lord and burn them forever in order to yeild myself entirely to him. For I saw again the crown upon his head, the nails hammered in his hands, and in his eyes I saw sorrow and love flowing down in his tears. O my beloved Chist, my heavenly darling, I give you my all. Love so amazing, so divine demands my all.


Looking to the day I will be still

I feel guilty
how can I escape and feel freedom?
lately I’ve been dreaming of death
she sounds sweetly
save me!
I need a saviour that will whip me
ritual my days
imaginary is what I’m wishing,
looking to the day when I will be still.
Aching desire to accomplish my end
hating my jealousy
thinking deep past death,
the threat of living keeps me bound
in my agitated demise,
I feel guilty
Looking to the day I will be still
Nobody needs me.


Dedicated to excellence

I ought to be dedicated to excellence, that everything I do is done to the best of my ability. We ought to give all to God and do all as if ...