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Will I See

A rap (Watch video)-  Life screams from the morning break Night lived in vanities range  Strange aint morning injustice living for another day Poor obsessed with stress blessed but living cursed....

Without a conscience

There are troubles by the sea which I’ve seen Terrors by the grave which I’ve witnessed  Death in the field which I’ve observed  Misery in the houses which I’ve beheld.  I’ve seen the rain devoured the poor man’s shed The earthquake swallow the rich man’s manor The fire burn the widows inheritance  The wind raze the preacher’s chapel. These poor calamities for one day never cease They rave their songs without a conscience drum.

An attitude of hospitality

The London Olympics is allegedly becoming the biggest media and broadcasting event in history. This week, the city opened its doors to around 28,000 commentators, anchors, reporters, technicians, make-up artists, and camera and sound operators from 190 countries. This is almost three times more than the number of athletes.

Whereas at previous Games reporters who could not afford rooms have camped beneath their desks, London aims for this to be the first Olympic press centre that doesn't have journalists sleeping on the floor. With London accommodation prices soaring to an all-time high, members of St Brides Church on Fleet Street are offering free accommodation to journalists from the world's poorest countries such as Togo, Croatia and Romania. Hospitality as a neighbourly response.

St Brides stands in a long tradition of Christian hospitality. The Bible suggests that those who have much are obligated to share. In Acts we are told the community of believers shared with those i…

Defending Jesus podcast - The Atonement

Ken and Adam discuss the atonement.                                                                                                      


The Age of the Universe and Genesis 1 — A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture

In this series, we have been discussing Dr. R.C. Sproul’s answer to a question about the age of the universe during the Q&A at Ligonier’s 2012 National Conference. We have discussed a number of foundational theological issues that reflect Dr. Sproul’s distinctively Reformed approach to this issue, an approach based on the thinking of Reformed theologians from John Calvin to B. B. Warfield. In this final post, we turn to Dr. Sproul’s answer to the specific question that elicited his lengthy response:

When people ask me how old the earth is I tell them “I don’t know,” because I don’t. And I’ll tell you why I don’t. In the first place, the Bible does not give us a date of creation. Now it gives us hints and inclinations that would indicate in many cases a young earth. And at the same time you get all this expanding universe and all this astronomical dating, and triangulation and all that stuff coming from outside the church that makes me wonder.

And then at the end of his response, he …

Miscellanies 47: Full of ache

Are we, or any of us, burdened with a sense of sin? are we perplexed with temptations? are we bowed down under the oppression of any spiritual adversary? do we, on any of these accounts, “walk in darkness and have no light?” One view of the glory of Christ herein is able to support us and relieve us.
 I  must confess the truth of what I read here. For last night, up until the early mornings my heart was full of ache of a particular kind. I could not sleep as I felt the burden of the world upon my shoulders and another distinguishing feeling which at times accompany my feeble heart. Although this night I wasn’t burdened due to my own sins, but I was unable to rest, to be in that bed of Christ where sleep comes naturally to his saints. My eyes were wide awake, the terrible yet sweet ache still lingered until I at once began to read of the glory of Christ. I read and as I read I began to contemplate upon his glory; how beautiful his incarnation was that Him to whom the heaven seem unclean…

What is his without him

Whatis his glass without him drinking it
Or his words without him speaking it.
What is his picture without me touching him
Or his memories without me living it.
I must learn the hateful art of forgetfulness
Live the life of an un-present being.
I must in tears unwind a love knitted in many years.


Idea taken from a poem I once read, re-written.

Miscellanies 46 - i am believing today

I am believing today that God is my Father and that He loves me That He is God who is high above the universe That He is God of our redemption and our Saviour. That He is the condescending* God, who humbled himself and took on our form. That He is God who indwells me, that all glory is His.

*By condescending I simply mean that God became man, that is he left his infinitely superior throne to be found as a servant - not in a snobby or pretentious manner but lovingly as to be our mediator and our representative. 

The joy of confession 18

Sinner:To you sir I acknowledge my sins and before God Almighty. For he was present when my evil deeds I committed but took no pleasure in his presence but rather abhorred it. Now, I feel evil, a son of perdition, arousing the Lord of hosts to jealousy and abusing the grace given to me in Christ Jesus. Now I am full of trouble, the heaviness on my heart could sink this unrighteous city. O I feel like a foe of the Lord, an enemy of righteousness. I feel like an entangled thorn, the blooms of my joy has wither, the earth heaves before me and my rocks are broken into pieces. I have heard Sir that with an overflowing flood he makes an end to his enemies - his torrents are set up against me and I cannot collect my strength. My lines no longer fall on pleasant places, my face can no longer endure the sight of his temple - O Sir my unrighteousness gleams like torches, my face grows pale. Behold he is against me, I am a marked man. O for help and grace, for mercy and pity - I am ever willing …

The vulnerable mind

While David Cameron was hogging the media limelight in front of Lord Leveson last week with the disclosure of the “Yes he Cam” text from Rebekah Brooks and the sports’ writers were midway between Germany’s defeat of Holland and Spain’s annihilation of Ireland, something of far greater significance was happening in the House of Commons. Backbenchers were debating mental health. What was extraordinary was the passion of all the speakers. Yet it was a far cry from the yah-boo politics of Prime Minister’s Questions.

MPs of course spoke from their constituents’ experience from meeting them in their surgeries. However four mentioned their own experiences: Sarah Wollaston and Andrea Leadsom both talked about their post-natal depression, and being convinced that their family would be better off without them. Ms Leadsom, the Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire, said: “It is unbelievable how awful you feel when you are sitting with your tiny baby in your arms and your baby cries and so do…

“Thy Righteousness is in Heaven”

“One day as I was passing into the field, this sentence fell upon my soul: ‘Thy righteousness is in heaven.’ And with the eyes of my soul I saw Jesus at the Father’s right hand. ‘There,’ I said, ‘is my righteousness!’ So that wherever I was or whatever I was doing, God could not say to me, ‘Where is your righteousness?’ For it is always right before him.

I saw that it is not my good frame of heart that made my righteousness better, nor yet my bad frame that made my righteousness worse, for my righteousness IS Christ. Now my chains fell off indeed. My temptations fled away, and I lived sweetly at peace with God.

Now I could look from myself to him and could reckon that all my character was like the coins a rich man carries in his pocket when all his gold is safe in a trunk at home. Oh I saw that my gold was indeed in a trunk at home, in Christ my Lord. Now Christ was all: my righteousness, sanctification, redemption.”

- John Bunyan, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

I am to think of you as

I am to think of you as God’s princess
A delightful daughter of God -
In this there is worth, a treasure kept in the palace of Christ.
I am to think of you as sought after
By the king of heaven himself.
I am to think of you as a little Christ
One day to be his glory.


Have you seen the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in your heart?

Have you seen the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in your heart?

Because if you haven’t seen this light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in your heart, to put it simply and gently, you do not know God.

How can you say such a thing you may ask? Its because of what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 4 vs. 4&6. 2Co 4:4  In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
2Co 4:6  For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Do you see why I can say such a thing? Who are they who cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ? It is unbelievers. Why? Because the devil (god of this world) has blinded their minds.

And who are they who can see the light of the knowle…

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing?

For many of us living in the UK, war is at a distance – it is at a safe arm's reach. War doesn’t disturb our daily lives like for those living in Afghanistan. We may have the odd breaking news of rampant looting and arson attacks of unprecedented levels by many young peoples in their local communities. It is a far cry from having American and British soldiers occupy your land and bombing your country. 

War is violent and terrible. In GCSE history as we surveyed the twentieth century it quickly slapped us in the face that this century was a bloody century. Two world wars, revolutions, genocide, Hiroshima, and thank God, the restraint of America and Russia in keeping their nuclear weapons inactive otherwise we may have witnessed multiple Hiroshimas. 

War is pointlessly murderous as Joseph Persico, author of Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour: Armistice Day, 1918 summarises the gruesome death toll of the First World War, noting that “Graveyards were the chief legacy of World W…

Our Father

Our Father

Of never failing love - Who treasures up his bright designs and works his sovereign will

Clothed in splendour and girded with praise - still stores of his wonder untold

A changeless decree - Never find him to fail - Ineffable love, A vision gave of Calvary -

When clouds

Instead of sun,

Leads to crushed hopes, sickness unto death

Yet he guides with unerring hands for our good Father He is -

Every children’s theme His Son He gave beyond a seraph’s thought -

His love a refuge ever near - the performing God, The Sovereign Lord

Rising with healings in his wings- The fair glories of his grace to show -

For Man to view, enjoy at last - His glorious beauty displayed -

His children to see and dine, His Love shall be their everlasting feast.


Some phrases will be recognized as I am indebted to the free Presbyterian Church hymn book. ( I like to use it for personal worship and enjoyment of God)

Who is hearing you?

The hearings of the Leveson Inquiry – the public investigation into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press - rolled into their seventh month this week. And like a familiar iPod in shuffle mode, another crop of public figures and political faces were seen and heard. Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Osborne were among the classics downloaded and added to the playlist, which already included the overtures of Blair, Cable, Clarke, Jowell and May.

The initial announcement of an inquiry was made by the prime minister in July 2011, following a much-publicised phone-hacking scandal. After outlining the parameters of the inquiry, and identifying its victims, Team Leveson’s bus pulled into town, set up its decks in Westminster and the hearings kicked off in earnest in November 2011. They began to call those affected as well as those implicated, and sometimes more ‘news’ seemed to be being made of the people appearing before the inquiry than the purpose of the inquiry itself.


The pure in heart

Our Lord Jesus Christ in his famous discourse uttered this Holy Spirit inspired words, "blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."

Only they who are pure in heart shall see God. If you are not pure in heart you will never see God.

The psalmist puts it another way by asking a question and then answering it. Psa 24:3-4 Who shall ascend the hill of the LORD? And who shall stand in his holy place? 
He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. 

You may now be thinking like Solomon in the book of proverbs: Who can say, "I have made my heart pure; I am clean from sin"? Proverb 20:9

Can you really say you have made your heart pure; I am clean from sin? If you can then you will see God and can ascend up his hill and stand in his holy place.

You may be suspicious at this point if anyone answers possitively because Jesus once said that it is "What comes out of a person is what defiles …

A Love lost

A love lost found in late December
Picked from the memory by the sight of  remembrance
Releasing an accent once scented in September
Captivating the mind of harsh November

Twinkle trickle must cripple this dove 
Fair love please don’t awaken in me - 
Lost before, her sympathetic eyes replied.
Yet, fair sweet hope of light contained in mine

Although it fades yet it cannot die
Although it be lost yet remembrance will find
It chilled, calmed, comforted
Beneath the warm subconscious craving heart. 


Miscellanies 46 - Why my soul do we run so far

Why my soul do we run so far from that which brings us joy and satisfaction - why my soul do we delay to sit at his feet and listen to his voice when it is there that we are content. Why do we rise very early to chase that which will only bring us misery. Why my soul do we not stay like a dog, why do we not rise and pray and sing and dance to his tune. My soul we must from this day employ ourselves entirely in him - there is nothing for us in this world, nothing of ultimate satisfaction which will not leave us dry. We must be nourished upon him, yea, we are hungry and he has the bread, we are thirsty and he has the water, we are tired and he is there to comfort, we are restless and he waits to rest us. Come my soul, let us go. We feel entirely sinful, he has the forgiveness, he has the righteousness, we have none of our own. He calls out in the street, he is calling our name, hear is soft tender voice, ‘Behold, I freely give the living water; thirsty one, stoop down and drink, and liv…

The rocks of my laboured life

Stricken late afternoon - beside the pounding waves
Heavy upon the rocks - the rocks of my Laboured life.
Carried above the marsh,  headed towards the stringent dune
With a heart hard as stone unrepentant un-renouncing 
The gospel preached to savages convert to behave
Like Christ crucifying death for joy.
Drunkards thieves meet no more to glorify the night
The day revealed profits counted as loss - 
The rulers such works do hate
Have me lead to death through the dirty dismal sanctified street
Now marked with a martyrs sprinkled blood 
Followed by hidden gentiles believing Christ is Lord.


About a martyr who is being lead to die by the rulers of this poor dark city. They will stone him to death. 

The writings of Sunny Caane (3)

Listen Fredrick. Can you hear the soft playing piano?  I think its coming from heaven. I could rest my soul now to sleep. Fredrick, I can play the instrument of life, she is rather the loveliest of instruments but for some her tune only yields a melancholy note. My tune has long been heard like a soft playing flute and like a gentle harp - mine manifests itself like the movement of the clear stream on a calm day - I spend my days on the sandy shores late into the cool evening when the moon beamns her quiet disposition of soft peace invincibly into my soul. O Fredrick I speak to highly of myself.

I must say also Fredrick, that i am not well trained in that art of flirtatition - I am a pitiful drawer, mixing my colours in the wrong manners. One time, I tried to sell a very fine painting and I knew not how to maintain an interest to the audience; infact I bore them and where I to leave the painting to sell itself it would have gone for a high price.

Reach for the shelf not for a masterpiec…

The discipline of celebration

Friday Night Theology may have popped into your inbox earlier than expected. The short working week following the Jubilee has had a disorientating effect, throwing us out of our natural rhythms. This ‘break’ in the everyday pattern of life has a wonderful effect, allowing us time to be with friends and family, to celebrate and relax.

The discipline of celebration is deeply rooted in a Christian model for life. In the very earliest chapters of the Bible, God takes time out from his work and celebrates what he has done. Leviticus 23 spells out seven annual feasts that Israel were to mark as ‘holy days’ or feast days. They would come before God in the temple, feast and celebrate, rest and remember the stranger. These days were designed to break the pattern of life, to help the people of God remember all that God had done and all that He had promised; where they’d come from and where they were heading. The descriptions of them are strikingly joyful: “And you shall take for yourselves on t…

Lost in the ambiguity of love

Lost in the ambiguity of love 
Stressing over freedom
Tired of friendship 
Caressing the suppressing sunrise 
Enjoying the warmth of the darkness 
Anticipating the end of a fleeting life - 

Kill the dead afternoon
Poison the sleeping beauty
Entertain the amusing canopy
Release this relentless inkling
Craving a selfish pilgrim -

The autumnal sky
Robbed, savaged, banished 
Unshackled hate unknown to fate - 
Want only to take 
My lostness to find no more in the ambiguity of Love.


An abstract poem about being lost in the ambiguity of love. If the meaning of love remains unknown or rather uncertain to the individual, it is a fleeting life, a selfish pilgrims existence.

Book review: Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

We live in an unequal world. Some Nations are rich and some are poor.

In rich countries, individuals are healthier, live longer, and are much better educated. They also have access to a range of amenities and options in life, from vacations, to career paths, that people in poor countries can only dream of. People in rich countries also drive in roads without potholes, and enjoy toilets, electricity, and running water in their houses. They also have typically governments that do not arbitrarily harass or arrest them; on the contrary, the governments provide services, including education, healthcare, roads and law and order. Citizens vote in elections too and have a say in the direction of politics. p44

Poor individuals living in poor countries are not so lucky. They lack the basic necessities that individuals living in rich nations take for granted. The difference is vast.

Understanding why these differences exist and what causes them is Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson's focus in…

The Princess and the Rain (1)

by Ken Oni

Virtuous governance

There’s something beautiful about longevity. This four-day weekend, a range of events will mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – 60 years on the throne. We’ll watch the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, take part in the Big Jubilee Lunch, and enjoy the Jubilee Concert. The final day of the long weekend will be marked by a service of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, during which aspecial prayer will be offered for her.

The Psalmist muses that those who dwell in the shelter of the only true Sovereign and rest in His shadow will be satisfied with long life and shown His salvation (Psalm 91). It reflects the shalom intended for humanity. The contrast with lives that were brutally cut short in recent weeks could not be starker. Dark shadows were cast when 49 children were killed in the Houla region and six kids died in Derby when their house was set on fire. Longevity and shalom seem light years away from these tragedies.

The Catholic mass t…

C. S. Lewis on Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on 2 June 1953 in London. C. S. Lewis chose not to attend the festivities because the weather was not great, because he did not like crowds, and because he was not in the mood to dress up. Instead he stayed at home and watched the event on TV (it was the first fully televised coronation).
A month later Lewis reflected on the coronation in a letter to a friend (Letters, 3:343):
You know, over here people did not get that fairy-tale feeling about the coronation. What impressed most who saw it was the fact that the Queen herself appeared to be quite overwhelmed by the sacramental side of it. Hence, in the spectators, a feeling of (one hardly knows how to describe it) — awe — pity — pathos — mystery.
The pressing of that huge, heavy crown on that small, young head becomes a sort of symbol of the situation of humanity itself: humanity called by God to be His vice-regent and high priest on earth, yet feeling so inadequate. As if He said, ‘In my inexorable lov…

Miscellanies 45 - Love your enemies

I am called to do good to all people in all situations and stations of life - what does that mean? It means that to the murderer, the rapist, the dictator, yes, even the likes of Hitler and Stalin I must do good to them. Of course exceedingly I hate their deeds but I must love them still for it is written by Him to whom all men at last will desire to flee towards, ‘Love your enemies.’ Yes, these words are as clear as the day at hand; everything is visible, there is nothing hidden. Likewise, these solemn words uttered from the lips of meekness are clear and simple. I am to love my enemies. Of course in loving my enemies I am very much restricted to those of flesh and blood for no where in scripture is it ever commended to love the devil - I am to hate him, yea, and all of his demonic host. But to those who are of my kind I am to love, as well as God himself and everything that is good and proper. From an evil heart flows the mud of hatred, the hatred which is contrary to loving one’s e…