Saturday, 11 August 2018

Miscellanies 107:The fight over sin is never ending

The fight over sin is never ending until the day of this mortal death. I had thought earlier in my youth, that surely sin would eventually cease her fight against me, but nay she continually violently tries to obtain that which I said belongs to Christ. More than ever, her resolves grows and her tactics ever deceitful that if I should think of resting for a moment, she would engulf me, reducing to ashes all of my past achievement. I know now that the battles are longer, watchfulness I must always be. O how easy it is for me to forget Christ and lean on my own strength, and it is in those moments that I fail exceedingly.


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Miscellanies 106: Jesus is my best thought

Jesus is my best thought by day and by night and always will be. O sweet Jesus, you will never depart from my heart, for you are the darling of my soul. Forever will I search your wonders. Your eyes like flames, unblemished in your character, tender in your patience towards me. O may I forever give you my attention and lovingly sit by your side. You wooed me with your grace, you showed me your unending beauty, and thus I bend my knees in adoration and in tears, that such a lovely being should love me, the worst of all sinners. O may I press on, may I eternally press on to behold you!

Come and see the wonder of all the ages. Come and gaze upon him who is irrefutably enthralling. O deny not your eyes the greatest vision in existence. Come and see Jesus Christ, the eternal darling of the Father. Hurry men and angels, you are invited to behold his glory. Usher him quickly into your heart, and see how rapidly your heart will be enveloped with joy, and your being ennobled. O delay no further, forsake whatever you think is sweet and ravishing, and put on Christ. There will be no comparison. His greatness is eternally great!


One day

One day I'll be old and frail
And in that day
I hope the world is kind.


Dedicated to excellence

I ought to be dedicated to excellence, that everything I do is done to the best of my ability. We ought to give all to God and do all as if ...