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The tired old mouse

The cat at twelve MEOW MEOW
The dog at one WOOF WOOF
The bird at two TWEET TWEET
Causing the tired old mouse to curse not sleep. 

I wish this day for a death to die

I wish this day a death to die
So my soul in peace may lie
Tranquil, abandoned from the world's delight,
Where I had no portion sweet,
Save misery, loneliness and two sullen eyes. 
A forlorn heart, and a pang of mind
Bid me sit by misery's street,
Where I no more strength to see
The hope which each day does bring.
Whether sun or candle, its all black to me
Praying death will come and greet me quick,
Today, today, tonight, dear death do not delay,
And let us eschew beloved lady courtesy.
I wish this day a death to die,
With tears I plea to go in peace.
And if by violence, violence shall sing
A melody that will make my happy soul feel,
That the realms of peace shall soon be mine
Free at last from life's cruel design. 
I wish this day a death to die
Not me but the sin which makes me decline.
I wish for him for a death to die
So my soul in peace may lie.