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Still a major key

I’m trying to forget the past

But it keeps coming back like a incubus in the night

Africa sitting on the table distributed like a piece of meat

The eaters ate and left the waste for the kids to build

Wanna live for peace but war comes to play

Knocking on my door I tried to tell him to go away

Gotta play by force or else hunger will take me far away

Witnessing my mother die by the hands of a regime’s kind

Now I’m scared to go to sleep my sister singing an unknown English lullaby

Couldn’t understand the interethnic obliteration

My land degraded through mineral exploration

Our wealth Siphoned out

Can’t seem to stop globalization’s greedy hand

An economic scheme, Africa has lost her self-esteem

Now I’m fully grown, I interrogate my own Soul

What is Africa to me? She is still a major key in the Orchestra’s piece.


What is Love

Love. Many use this four letter word emptily, they put upon her body a flesh which is destitute of bones, sinews, blood and heart. She is readily used without meaning - she serves not her true purpose but the purposes of man. But what is Love? what is her nature -  what kind is her likeness? Is she a warm feeling in the stomach of a teenager who has caught the sight of a beautiful over-dressed girl. Is this her, is this her dwelling place? Is she an attitude of acceptance, a despiser of one universal truth - is she the very earth, a Gaia, a memory unforgotten - What is love, where is she whom some poets have slept with in the satin of their beds preferring her to the wives of their youth? Philosophers have chased after her, they have not tarried for a century for they see her mist, they have noticed her trails but yet she transcends their reality - they cannot commit her full reality to thought. They reach the destination where nothing but silence is the only justifiable reception. S…

Women of the Bible: Leah

There are two kinds of beauty. There is a beauty which God gives at birth, which withers as a flower and there is another kind of beauty, namely, the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious. The first beauty is given by grace and so is the second beauty accomplished by God in the hearts of his redeemed. Leah was denied the first beauty as she is specifically reported that her eyes were weak to suggest that her eyes were lacking that lustre which always and everywhere is looked upon as a conspicuous part of female beauty. Compared to her sister Rachel, Leah's appearance had no beauty that we should desire her, or that humanity should boast about the excellences of her feminine frame.

Women who feel the lack of praise for their feminine physique should not feel the urgency to desire such earthly praise from the world, for was not the Lord Jesus himself depicted as a commoner, one who had no majesty in the likeness of Rachel or in the manner of …

A woman's worth

Click to listen - A woman's worth


Women of the Bible: Lois - Timothy's Grandmother

Paul befriended Timothy for his journey whilst he was in Lystra, modern Turkey (Acts 16:1-3) and from then on grew in his love for this man. Paul calls Tim his “co-worker” (Romans 16:21), his “son whom [he loves]” as well as his “true son in the faith” (1 Corinthians 4:17 & 1 Timothy 1:2, respectively), his “brother” (2 Corinthians 1:1) and a “servant of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:1). Paul even displays 360° discipleship as he offers his dear one some apothecary advice out of concern for his health, telling him to take care of his stomach and frequent illnesses (1 Timothy 5:23). Most prominently Timothy is described to the church in Corinth as one who will remind them of Paul’s Christ-like ways. Timothy reflects Paul, who reflects Jesus. As Timothy is discipled by Paul, he imitates not only his earthly Rabbi but also his heavenly one. His life is an example of healthy discipleship, where leaders aren’t afraid for their followers to be like them, trusting that the leader is follo…

Holiness Beyond Words

Holiness starts with God. Discussions about holiness get off on the wrong foot when they begin with what we don’t do, rather than with who God is.

This is essential to keep in mind as we talk about sanctification — the process of our becoming holy. Before we get too far down the road with the derivative holiness of the creature, let’s tune into the original holiness of the Creator.

The holiness of God, says R.C. Sproul in his classic book, is “one of the most important ideas that a Christian can ever grapple with. It is basic to our whole understanding of God and of Christianity” (12).

Holiness Carries Us to the Brink

In trying to define the almost indefinable, John Piper draws in an illustration from the end of C.S. Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. There Reepicheep, the gallant mouse, sails to the end of the world in his little coracle. Says Piper, “The word ‘holy’ is the little boat in which we reach the world’s end in the ocean of language.”

The possibilities of language to …

Pray for a teachable heart

Naturally men are the most unteachable creatures in the world. The prophet Isaiah was sent to preach to a people who keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Perhaps you can relate to Isaiah’s hopeless errand of presenting the gospel of Christ to a people who keep on hearing the truth of Christ but do not understand. Sadly, your message makes their hearts dull and their ears heavy and you hear the refrain once again ‘I just don’t understand how you can believe what you believe,’ and also ‘I’m happy you believe that but it is not for me.’

How will you teach one that can neither see, nor hear, nor understand?

The bible tells us that this is the case of every natural man, that is, every man who doesn’t have the Spirit of God inside them or to put it in old fashion Christian terminology, born again.

1.   Every natural man is blind and cannot see spiritual truths. 2Co 4:4  In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to …

"And when must this peace rule in our hearts?"

And his glory is flooding my soul

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts!

"And when must this peace rule in our hearts?"

It must rule when you have sorrows
When you are clothed in anxiety
When you are uncertain about your future
When you are in great danger
When you have no money left to eat
When by your sins you are oppressed
When by this world you are satisfied
When for Christ sake you are persecuted.

It must rule in the winter as well as in the summer
It must rule in the night as well as in the day
It must rule at every passing hour
It must rule when death is nigh. 


The writings of sunny caane (4) - I live but no life to live

One of my good old friends once presented this rather unkempt poem to me. Although un-styled and weak in prose yet the spirit of the man speaks clearly to any soul who has a taste for this kind of sight.

I never even tried to win her love
 If love could be won by words, or charm or a consistent pursuing,
Suffering myself the potential shame,
Then I never tried at all.
 Too weak in this manly chest
Grieved my heart to only dream and wish
And when one night the passion I no longer could bear
 I took to her rue not a confident man. 
Better in poetry I had written than in speech when I declared my ideal fancy to she - 
Even then I was filled with nerves something of an unusual kind. 
After a hug the last I must say from her received though a year have gone yet I feel it still, 
She uneasy unfeeling for me, I closed the pursue of gaining this treasure chest. 
I saw her often I smiled all brokenly, returning to my first state of dreams and wishes.

I was made alive to my folly in a foreign shore -  
A dr…

Painting, a troublesome task

Other than money there is another reward for labour, namely, satisfaction. Yes, agreeing with the famous preacher it is to find enjoyment in one's toil. And so it was for me as the day was handed over to house decoration, namely painting with some lovely Christ centred folks.

Things of this kind I generally find to be troublesome, not because I can't do them but because it requires effort and time that I would rather spent elsewhere. But when I do engage in these troublesome activities I do  it willingly and in a good spirit because it is better to do something alone than to spend time with someone who does a task begrudgingly. And besides all things are to be done to the glory of God.

We put our hands to the plough until it was time to stop. I had the satifastion of painting one wall red which was to my joy and when people come to my new house I can say that I painted that. Understanding that boasting is a sin I'll add a clause to it and say that it was through Jesus Chr…

Psalm 18: An Exposition

This Psalm is a psalm of David. David is a servant of the Lord, that is, He is committed to serving Yahweh. As well as David recognizing Yahweh to be his master and Lord, Yahweh is also His God in whom he takes refuge.
The words contained in this Psalm was addressed to the LORD on the day when the LORD rescued David from the hand of all his enemies and in particular, from the wretched hands of Saul. Saul was a despiser of God's anointed although once anointed himself, yet it pleased the LORD to discard Saul as His anointed because of his awful rebellion against the commandments of God. God rejected Saul as his king and instead established the throne of David which the Lord blessed forevermore by crowning Christ, the King of peace as the inheritor of the throne forever. Saul, upon hearing of his chastisement should have purchased an humble spirit and submitted to the will of Yahweh - he should have uttered the words of Eli, "Let the LORD do whatever is pleasing in His sight&qu…

If I'm happy with my life, why do I need Jesus?

If I'm happy with my life, why do I need Jesus?
I hear that from a lot of folks. They say to me, “I just don’t feel the need for Christ.” As if Christianity were something that were packaged and sold through Madison Avenue! That what we’re trying to communicate to people is “Here’s something that’s going to make you feel good, and everybody needs a little of this in their closet or in their refrigerator,” as if it were some commodity that’s going to add a dash of happiness to our lives. If the only reason a human being ever needed Jesus was to be happy and a person is already happy without Jesus, then they certainly don’t need Jesus. The New Testament indicates, however, that there’s another reason you or somebody else needs Jesus. There is a God who is altogether holy, who is perfectly just, and who declares that he is going to judge the world and hold every human being accountable for their life. As a perfectly holy and just God, he requires from each one of us a life of perfec…

Woman of the bible - Rachel

The first we read of beautiful Rachel came from the mouths of Shepherds. They said of her to Jacob with an exquisite delight, as if to be very proud of her; “and see,  Rachel his (Laban’s) daughter is coming with the sheep.”

Rachel was a shepherdess. We may ask what distinction is there between a shepherd and a shepherdess? None at all, except one be male and the other female. As a shepherdess, Rachel was open to the dangers of the open field from the wild beasts; and if one of her father’s sheep went missing, she was required as a shepherdess, just as a shepherd, to search for them. 

The Lord Jesus once asked the Pharisees; "What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it?" Rachel does not stay with the ninety-nine, she goes and finds that one sheep. We can also say of Rachel, although much of it is imagination, but fitting, because her father has trus…