Saturday, 1 September 2018

Blackest eyes

They come to our land to win, in sin we lived, merry and giddy, man and woman extremely silly. No thoughts beyond the sky above, until the rivers red, and many eyes emptied in silos. Lucifer this must be, no mortal could unleash a pain so free, So sick, they laughed in their greyish coat, Smoking our skin, and drinking our gin, That last night, we danced our fill, till we all sundry fell asleep. Awoke in terror, sister we must run, invaded by a clan no defence could prevail, such feelings felt divorced from cheer, No stint for tears, the stones the coldness felt. Run dear sister to the hills above, I will stand for your career. Live! you must live for me and you, for all of us, and for the trees that fall, remember the wind and air we breathed. Think me no hero, no sun nor moon, but a happy folk, my death must be a song embraced. Blackest eyes, my killers march near, the sun gleams on, to display his care. is it fair, that diamonds are rare? and only the wicked enjoy her shine. Yesterday I lived, today I live too death is not dying, only those who fear dies, it is fear that kills, hopelessness kills, slavery kills. Blackest eyes, to me he said, "your last scream Will raise joy in me". Blackest eyes and surely the gloomiest eyes, you are but dust to me, your joy from hence compare not to mine, I have lived, and what I have lived your sword cannot kill. For my ways have gone with the wind, to every youth who for freedom lives, in them and everywhere, to all that breathes for liberty there my life shall be.


Miscellanies 108: Forgive me my Lord for my sins

Forgive me my Lord for my sins

I am ashamed because I have shamed you

But from now I repent of it all

And promise to depart from all of my wicked ways.

Oh help me, dear Spirit, help me deep

Help me change and I will lead others to follow your beloved Christ.

I know your mercies are new each day

And you lovingly direct it towards me

I will lavish in your love for me and glory in the splendour of your goodness

In prayer and in fasting I will seek thee

May my works be like the light, illuminating the darkness.

I dedicate all I am to you

Oh Christ my sweet beloved

Let me cease from my idolatrous ways

Oh, righteous anger feels me when I see others depart from thee.


Dedicated to excellence

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