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Know that you are a beloved daughter of God

All women in God's kingdom ought to know this indestructible truth, namely that they are beloved daughters of Yahweh. To your heavenly Father, favoured one, you are forever a season of summer fruits and never a twig of dampenedNovember. In his eyes you are a full grown flower, a delicate lilly, a colourful bright dress and a radiant star. It is him who puts his words in your mouth and covers you in the shadow of his hands declaring merrily and happily to all his hosts that 'you are his adorable heiress.'
Wake yourself Odaughters of Yahweh, you who have drunk from the hands of a lack of self-worth and ugliness. You who have seized to lift your head because of shame, wake up from your slumber. Cease from your famine in understanding your own preciousness and prettiness. Awake, for your Father is at hand to console you, yea, to welcome you infinitely more readily than any man ever could.
Cease your weeping. I understand that your tears have their origins in the pain that runs…

I knew a sad boy

I once knew a sad boy who asked his father this question. "Is it right father for people to mourn the loss of a girl they loved even though she is still alive? Because in hearing that she is now married, I hardened my heart in order to keep back the tears. But every time I go by the harbor to sit at the mouth of the river, nature warms my soul breathing a softness to my character which makes me think favorably about her. When this feeling is upon me I harden myself and leave my spot of comfort and engage in some disinterested flirting. But I have come to realise through mother's words that I loved her more than I knew, and I must let my sadness come to the horizon, to spill through my eyes for a day or so and then I shall find my feelings over. But I fear father, that as you still mourn for the loss of Billy that I shall mourn forever concerning her."


Making Room for Atheism

Our church exists “to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” That is our mission. “All things” means business, industry, education, media, sports, arts, leisure, government, and all the details of our lives.
Ideally this means God should be recognized and trusted as supreme by every person he has made. But the Bible teaches plainly that there will never be a time before Jesus comes back when all people will honor him as supreme (2 Thessalonians 1:6-10).
So how do we express a passion for God’s supremacy in a pluralistic world where most people do not recognize God as an important part of their lives, let alone an important part of government or education or business or industry or art or recreation or entertainment?
Answer: We express a passion for the supremacy of God...
1) by maintaining a conviction at all times that God is ever-present and gives all things their most important meaning. He is the Creator, Sustainer…

Book review: Getting your husband to talk to you

If you wish that your husband will talk to you – or talk to you more often- or talk to you on a deeper level then this book is for you. What it offers are principles and techniques that the authors claim has worked time and time again in getting husbands who typically don’t talk – or don’t talk much – to begin sharing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with their wife.
In one of the stories told about a wife's complaint to Bob (one of the authors) that her husband won't talk, she challenged Bob to see if he could get her husband to talk and then remarked that “It won't do any good.” Bob decided to take her up on her dare to see if he could get the woman's husband to talk. Bob met up with the woman's husband and to his surprise the man began to talk and for the next thirty minutes Bob realised that he had said less than a dozen words. Wondering why the guy's wife had made such accusation that he wouldn't talk, Bob mused that perhaps maybe there aren'…

Hope is the anchor of the soul

Hope is the anchor of the soul
How is hope the anchor of the soul?
I shall tell you by way of a story.
Hope by definition is believing things that are yet unseen, things which are promised, rooted on unshakable grounds but are yet to come. By way of story I shall use Jesus Christ as an example.
Jesus Christ was soon to die for that was the reason why he came. At one time, towards the end of his ministry he set his face like a flint towards Jerusalem. He was resolved, knowing that he was condemned to die by his loving Father and his treacherous enemies. When the night came, yea, that awful black night, Judas approached that garden filled with the tears of the Son of God. Judas saw Jesus, and having Satan as the king of his wretched life, he drew near to the stable Christ and kissed him with his disingenuous lips. He kissed him and thus effectively crucified him. Christ, knowing Judas to be a devil from the start yet called him a friend. What a love! This is heavenly love for day after day…

No pleasure for Christ for those who are out of Christ

It is true that there is no pleasure in music for those who cannot 
hear and there is no awe of the grand canyon for those who cannot 
see; likewise there is no love, joy, gladness for Christ for those who
have no knowledge of the glory of God as seen in the face of Jesus 
Christ in their hearts. 


A prayer for my soul - Let these dead bones live

Can these dead bones live? O God, in the church there are many dead bones - I wish it were not true but it is. Can they live, can they live - yes they can for you God is able to make them live. So we prophesy over them Sovereign Lord, we prophesy over them to come alive, that there be an awakening in your church which then spreads to the streets, to the community, to the nations that people all across Bristol will flood into churches that are yours, singing praises to you God and thanking you for the cross. I can pray this prayer for Christ said to one of the seven churches, that 'you are dead. Wake up and strengthen what remains', he said. I thank you for those awakened, who are engaged in spreading the renown of Christ in the land, doing good works which gives glory to you God our Father. O cause many more to follow in that Calvary footstep, dying to our wills, dying to self and bearing fruit. Let us not seek the applause of the world, we desire a better noble affirmation a…

Miscellanies 75: DO NOT FORGET GOD

Oh my soul, do not be quick to forget the great deeds of the Lord, do not hasten to seek counsel elsewhere when he works not according to our time. Let us wait for him. Even when we see the enemies in front of our eyes, and they plunder and take us to Egypt. In our captivity our eyes shall be closed and daily found on our knees, mourning in prayer waiting for his steadfast counsel, for he is our shepherd and we know that without doubt that he is good. He will not leave us to burn in the fire, and even though we burn, he remembers us and has prepared for us a home. For it is written the just shall live by faith. 

Are these false teachers?

I wonder if you consider these people to be false teachers of the gospel? Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Fred Price, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum and Paul Crouch.

Don't worry I didn't group these names together but Shai Linne, a Christian rapper did in one of his songs from his album called false teachers. You can listen to it here:

There's been all kinds of reaction and one of the son of the women mentioned by Shai Linne as being a false teacher responded to Linne's accusation of calling his mother a heretic. Click the link to read Paula White's son open letter to Shai Linne.

Proverbs 18:17 tells us that the one who stakes his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. This is an advice that all who are friends with wisdom do well to heed.

Women of the Bible: Delilah

The life of Delilah as one Christian writer puts it indicates that for beauty, personal charm, mental ability, self-command, nerve, she was quite a wonderful woman, a woman to be admired for some qualities which she exhibits, even while she is to be utterly disapproved.
She is to be outright disapproved because she was a 'mistress of the art of feigning love in spite of being quite untouched at heart.' The words of Solomon in the book of proverbs of the necessity of one inclining one's ears to wisdom and being attentive to understanding was almost missing from what we know of Samson's life in regards to an ungodly woman's course. The lips of a forbidden woman Solomon tells us drips honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end it is bitter as wormwood, or to bring the phrase more home to us, it is as bitter as eating a piece of log found amidst dogs faeces.
We know from the narrative (Judges 16) that Samson fell prey to Delilah's smooth words, her …

Do you worry about your soul

Are you a person that worries about your soul? And do you care that you are getting old.  Do you ever wonder why you are here – or do you believe you will forever live among the fields of gold. Little child this is not the time to cry, so save your tears for when you start to see your friends die,  And when that girl no longer sings your lullaby, Are you a person that worries about your soul?  Do you believe in life after death, or do you believe in death after life,  Are you the kind to sing under the rain, or the kind to stay inside when the sun shines,  Whatever you may be, do you worry about your soul?  Do you even know what it is, do you know where it is.  I can tell you for a little smile, that your soul cannot be so sold for all that this world is worth and more,  I am sure you have tried to sell it once, for something you yourself don’t even know,  Your soul is the reason why you live, but slowly without God's Spirit it is hard to breathe.   Do you worry about your own soul? 

Psalm 84: An exposition

In the rule of the old dispensation, God's dwelling place, his choice of manifestation was in the tabernacle, in the temple built by human hands. The psalmist fathomed that the LORD of host was to be found there, therefore this whole Psalm consists of his longing and praises for those whose dwellings are in the house of Yahweh.
My prayer for the church under the new covenant, where the temple has been violently rend asunder and God may now be found in their midst wherever and whenever the sheep gathers, is that such longings and obsession be established for Yahweh’s presence may exhaust their souls.
How exceedingly the psalmist loved the dwelling place of Yahweh is a love which we must all admire. Vs. 1 How lovely is your dwelling place. The word lovely signifies that the psalmist views God's dwelling place as a place of beauty that appeals to the heart and mind as well as to the eye. Where God dwells expresses the psalmist elsewhere is a most lovely and refreshing of all p…

To find your smile

My life consists in 
Going to places
Where I can bring your Smile. 


I am going to places
Where I can find your smile


Miscellanies 74: This sweet church

I remember this sweet church, one of the first places where I received such nourishment from heaven, where my eyes flickered in ecstasy and at times all I could see was mist when my eyes opened after a deep communion with God. Returning to this sanctified community, I felt the love of the people. In seeing their faces, my heart warmed, with my soul inclining me that I must return here often, for the worship filled the depths of me, feeling the presence of the Spirit as I was deprived of in the past weeks. Also I met again a friend whom I was sure would have forgotten me but she remembered me and I had forgotten her.  

My sonata

My Love,  Your eyes green like fluorescent grass on a tropical day. Your hair curly and almost golden,  Your sketch, utterly feminine, nutritioned in the Spirit’s joy.  Your constitution quintessential. My dear Love,  The thesis of all my sonata,  My fabulous rain. My loving sweet bride. 

Psalm 21: An exposition

This is a psalm full of praises to the Lord. The psalmist heart is captivated by the goodness of Yahweh, namely how God has blessed him and saved him.
David who penned this psalm begins with a thanksgiving; and the consequent verses all the way to vs. 5 details how God has blessed the psalter. Vs. 1 O LORD, in your strength the king rejoices, and in your salvation how greatly he exults! Those who read the Psalm in their numerical order will notice that this psalm is a companion to the preceding psalm. The blessings asked for in the prior psalm are granted here, such as the granting of the king's heart's desire. David rejoices in God's great favour granted towards him; and what makes him marvel extremely, is the pleasure that God vs. 6 has made him most blessed forever. The means by which God makes glad forever the heart of David is with the joy of his presence. Is this not our inheritance my dear saints? Should not all our prayers end with this petition, namely for God to c…

What does it mean to be led to the cross?

What does it mean to be led to the cross?

It means that you have acknowledged your own brokenness and sinfulness and helplessness. You have relinquished any hope in your own good works of making you ever beautiful and acceptable to God your Father. You have seen the hideousness of sin and want no more to do with it. You have an open eyes knowing that it is no good to gain the world while you forfeit your soul. You are now walking up redemption's hill willing to count everything as loss. You want life, you crave forgiveness, you desire a righteousness not your own, an everlasting inheritance, a deep long hug from your father, acceptance, mercy, hope and love.

At the cross you fall on your knees, your precious Christ, the heavenly lamb taking all your sins and shame away. Eyes filled with gratitude knowing that on the cursed tree all your guilt was laid. And best of all, you see a willing Messiah, a king with no bitterness but with a heart full of gladness, happy that his bleeding …

Book review: An introduction to Messianic Judaism

To love Jesus is to love him in the fullness of his divinity and humanity, and being a Jew is fundamental to his humanity. As Paul said, "Remember Yeshua the Messiah, raised from the dead, descend from David. This is my gospel."  
According to the authors, Introduction to Messianic Judaismis written primarily for rabbis and pastors, informed laity, undergraduate students, and seminarians in the messianic Jewish, mainstream Jewish, and gentile Christian world.
I am part of the Christian gentile world interested in the Messianic Jewish community, because after all, Christianity arose from a Messianic Jewish milieu. An understanding of Messianic Judaism can only help a gentile Christian understand their own faith better. 
This book comprises of a series of essays from a Messianic Jewish standpoint with the aim of bridging the gap between the Jewish people and the church, so that the church can better understand its origin and identity; and also that the Jewish people can embra…

The Mystery of Iniquity

It has been called the Achilles’ heel of the Christian faith. Of course, I’m referring to the classical problem of the existence of evil. Philosophers such as John Stuart Mill have argued that the existence of evil demonstrates that God is either not omnipotent or not good and loving — the reasoning being that if evil exists apart from the sovereign power of God, then by resistless logic, God cannot be deemed omnipotent. On the other hand, if God does have the power to prevent evil but fails to do it, then this would reflect upon His character, indicating that He is neither good nor loving. Because of the persistence of this problem, the church has seen countless attempts at what is called theodicy. The term theodicy involves the combining of two Greek words: the word for God,theos, and the word for justification, dikaios. Hence, a theodicy is an attempt to justify God for the existence of evil (as seen, for instance, in John Milton’s Paradise Lost). Such theodicies have covered the g…


Lonely and sad, 
From family and friends apart.
All things above, here and below
No place for me to bond.
I wander here and wander there 
Alone without a mate 
Even trees without a feeling 
Shun my very being. 


Shalom, Syria and me

Between the lines of rhetoric covering everything from Thatcher’s hairstyles to her music playlist to her controversial ideology this week, you might have missed that political wars of a very different nature continue to rage on around the globe.

Squashed under the reams of photos spanning the Iron Lady’s 11 years in power lurks the minor news story that North Korea have a ballistic missile with a 2,000-mile range fuelled and ready to launch. A test in the next few days is imminent.

Slightly closer to home, the civil war erupting in Syria sends cold shivers down my spine any time another clip of its news crops up on the radio. When I saw that Sunday marked the 19th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, I couldn’t help but immediately equate it to the dire situation in Syria and the seeming inertia from the international political community. With the civilian death toll rising daily and intense fighting that appears intent on blazing its country to ashes, it appears to be happening all …