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The Politics of Food

Who would have thought that this week’s agenda would be so dominated by the politics of food? It started with the news that people who have so much money that they will never experience hunger have been invited to use some of it to buy dinner in the prime minister’s private flat – and with it the implication of access to political influence. By the end of the week the politics of food had descended from the heights of Samantha Cameron’s cuisine to the relative heat of a Greggs pasty. Cabinet ministers were teased about whether they could tell the difference between a Cornish pasty and a boeuf en croute! The political implication is clear. The food you eat is a crude but graphic indicator of your status in society, and with it your power or powerlessness.

My church is very big on food.  Every Sunday after the service someone – usually several people – will have brought buns, cakes or fruit to share.  It is always abundant and it is always free.  At the same time every Sunday a handful o…

The Princess and the rain (1)

Once upon a time, so long ago, there lived a king and queen who had one daughter. 

When the queen gave birth to their daughter, they decided to name her Charley for the name Charley means free man.

There was a polite reason why the king and queen decided to name their daughter an un-princesses name. The reason happened sixteen years ago. One sunny day, the clouds suddenly turned sour and began to pour down with heavy rain. Every one in the Kingdom rushed into their house, closing their curtains and shut their door.

The rain poured and poured for twenty days. 

The king said to himself inside his palace “what manner of rain is this! Such a thing has never occurred in the past before; but it happens now in my reign. I feel cursed!” The king began to ask many questions mostly happening in his own mind. “When will the rain stop? Will it ever stop? What about the people? Especially the poor people? Am I not a very good King? What should I do?”

The king had locked himself in his room. 

The king wa…

Letters to Sybil (3)

My dear beloved, It is you and hope that suspends the terrible dread of the magnitude of terror which ceases our camp, late at night, snatching men’s potency while they sleep covering them with an apprehensive dismay of the approaching day, where common men, must travail the tyranny of the foe. I endeavor my love, exasperating myself to comfort these poor folks who have forsaken all to fight this immoral adversary. The antagonist are much like us; they are men, but we differ in ideology and thus they have ceased to maintain their humanity. It is not our will to kill for the sake of killing, my comrades possess no lust for death, no thirst for murder, but, for the goodness of humanity, they pick up their weapons in fear and courage, fighting for country, love and family. As for me my beloved, the sweetness of returning to your table keeps me warm at night; I stare your picture before I sleep as to banish all ugliness and fear, and last night I had a dream, at most inspired by a tale I …

The Way of the Cross

The hostilities in Syria have taken a lower profile this week. Apparently, the main story worthy of news is that Vladimir Putin is prepared to back the UN’s proposals, calling for a ceasefire and allowing humanitarian aid into the country. He is the head of an administration which is arming the Syrian regime with heavy weapons to use against its own citizens as the Cold War is played out in the Middle East. The UN estimates 8,000 people have died. What is striking and tragic about the situation is the level of violence, and the seeming determination of the regime that the resolution to the uprising is the extermination of its opponents. This takes place not only in armed battle but also by strategic torture and execution. Violence escalates.

But it is another particularly brutal act that has been at the forefront of our thoughts for these last few days: the murder of the rabbi and the three Jewish children in Toulouse, France. The gunman, who is believed to be responsible for a total o…

The best accuser in all the lands

The devil was finally called to stand
To bring the evidence he found all night!
In fear, I sat for I heard him good
The best accuser in all of the lands.
Every case he attended no one could find a fault.
All accusations established on solid ground.
The jury watched with a persuaded heart
The judge was ready to hammer down;
Until another known by the Christ, Stood
To defend my case by the Judge’s rule.
‘Undoubtedly a sinner and a wretch
A blasphemer, and an adulterer at heart.
But as you well know my Father, the Judge,
No sinner may be acquitted by law, 
Except by The blood of My Atoning death!
Sinner, what have you to say?
Answer me this question and take heed what you say!
I have in my records a time and a place
Where you confessed to believing in my name’?
My Lord, it is true what you say.
‘Have you denied me ever since?
Did you throw away your faith, before thou didst sleep?’
No, my Lord, my hope in you still stands.
He then declared his argument done;
The Judge hammered down,
Not guilty was his cry.


Miscellanies 34 - Open the door for Christ

It is true that those who worship the Lord must worship in Spirit and Truth; and those who say that they know him, that is truly know him, must walk as he walks. For Jesus Christ, the heavenly King is the way and the truth. In him is the life, the life that shines ever brightly, eliminating the darkness. If we obey His truth, his words, we walk in the light; but if we disobey his truth, his words, then we walk in darkness. Perhaps the reason for the lack of spiritual maturity is the fact that you have not yet submitted to the words of Christ. You have not yet made it the roof of your house but you dismiss it willingly and unwillingly. If we are found to be in this darkness, we have only one thing to do, that is, to humble ourselves, to acknowledge our positions and come into his marvellous light. He longs to clothe you, he stands at the door and knock, he knocks so that you may hear him. Will you not come to the door that he may begin to put your house in order? Or do you say that you…

Miscellanies 33 - Come, Sit and Stay

Jesus bids us to come to him. ‘Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Literally, Jesus says ‘I will rest your souls.’ Are you carrying an impossible load on your back, are you feeling the burden of sin, the burden of shame, the burden of shoulds and the burden of suffering? Jesus says come and I will rest your soul. Do not linger in your shame like our first poor parents. If you tarry till you are better, you will never come at all - but arise your feeble soul and go to Jesus. He will embrace you. One rough touch will break a bruised reed, and quench the flickering, smoking candle, but his matchless, tenderness, love and skill will strengthen your week hands, and confirm your feeble knees. He will comfort you entirely. Are you burdened with sin and shame? Come now! Hurry your weary legs and do not delay. ‘Come out of your bush,’ Jesus says, ‘come out. Where are you my beloved!’ ‘I am behind the bush because I am naked.’ O poor sinner. Come to Chris…

Smoke and Ashes

Why my soul at first did love
A figure whose frame fires us up - 
Only to burn our love to ashes
Snuffing our flames to smoke and ashes!


The writings of Sunny Caane (2)

There are something I have no hope for. I have abandoned any notion of ever attaining them, so I no longer entertain them in my mind. Although, these things I would like very much, that made me dream of them so long - now I know that any hope in ever attaining them is like a hope in the wind. I need not tell you what these things are I know them perhaps you do too. A little imagination should bring you close. But I do have hope in many things of which I shall hope for till my death. 

Light rain in the morning after vivid dreams of a new fancy while the old one remained strong. He (Paul) desired to say goodbye after missing the opportunity the night before. He awoke fresh in the morning with an aching heart. He packed, then went to the bus-top to begin his mission. He wondered how she will receive his gift whether it was easier for him to drop it through her letter box with a note. This was to be his second plan unless she's already left for home. Regardless, 'I must be brave…

Saving little Joe's life

I’m ready to say goodbye,
So I’ll do the final rounds
Take a stroll round the block,
the last times I’ll see em all.
On the park bench chilling where me and E use to kick it
Diana was hot, we fooled around till the evening - 
Hey Mr Alfonzo serve me up on my usual,
The night is yet young, finally legit, remember when i use to jack it
From old man fray, he knew, but shut his eyes
And when I got paid I gave it all back.
This is my block, constantly hot on some family drama 
The other day made the news big Eric on the evening news-
Talking loud, about Jay, the local preacher
Who taught him about God instead of guns and riches. 
Now we grown when we use to be this ignorant kids,
Some of us gone.
I pour this liquor especially for uncle tom. 

Leaving it all, 
I only got one regret -
Hey Tasha let me apologize for things I should have said.
Remember the first time we met,
I loved u,
Ever since then, I should have said,
but there was plenty of dudes besides I only weigh like a 50 pence. 
Give me a last hug,
I know u …

Breaking the cycle of violence

This week Taliban militants vowed to avenge the shocking murder of 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar by a US soldier, saying it will “avenge the martyrdom of each of the victims of the invading and beast-like murderers and punish them for their barbaric action".

And in Gaza, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees(PRC) vowed to take revenge on Israel for the Israeli air strikes on Gaza that killed at least 12 Palestinians.

It’s natural that when we or ‘our group’ experience injustice, we want to hit back. But all too often this leads to a depressing cycle of suffering, whether this is at the level of neighbours or nations.

Jesus took a different approach, challenging us to: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who ill-treat you” (Luke 6:27-28).

He also put this into practice, forgiving even those who were crucifying him (Luke 23:34).

When I first came across this passage at school I tried the approach on someone who was b…

Does God change?

The apostle Paul affirms that Man everywhere know who God is because God has made it plain to them.[1] Even those who do not have special revelation as the Jews have some consciousness of God’s invincible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature but have suppressed the truth by their unrighteousness and failed to honour him as God. Born from this suppression is the endless form of idolatry of man’s supposed knowledge of who God is, manifesting itself in the Athenian inscription to the “unknown god”.[2] The apostle made clear the magnitude of their error and boldly proclaimed the truth and nature of who God is given the Athenians an opportunity to be saved. This essay will briefly highlight the essential nature of God as revealed in the bible and then discuss whether it can be argued from the bible whether God changes.
 Andrew S. Kulikovsky in his article[3] the Nature of God presents ten essential attributes which constitutes God’s nature. The ten attributes…

Miscellanies 32 - What a lovely morning

What a happy morning, that my dear Lord Jesus, who is the love of my life should fill my heart with so much sunshine. He awoke me, just before dawn opened her lovely eyes, rousing me to pray and meditate on the indelible words his lovely ever pleasing Father gave for man to eat. I could not resist as sleep fled from my eyes distancing itself from the lively affections which has occupied my soul. I bid it all to grace, for in the week before my soul was like a hollow; empty and filthy. There was no room for happiness to play, joy was locked up by depressing melancholy and cumbersome guilt set his camp in the middle of my field. I was like a stone, unmovable in my low fondness with any creature high and low that I resolved much to settle within my own soul. She was all I had for comfort and she proved to be a miserable companion. Then I began to hear and listen to the voice of whom they call the prince of preachers; even though his body have long been decomposed, yet, the words he left …

As I’m getting older

As I’m getting older the world becomes more of a stranger
I thought I knew her well but each day I feel I’m a pilgrim.

My friends don’t worry, the stillness is my dance
I’ve learned to make peace with the thought that I’ll die.

Its not a beautiful scene - the stars are pretty ugly
But it’s a crime to call ugly what God has made to share in his beauty.

Reflect on my thoughts because I’m getting pretty worse
This heart of mine is getting colder by the minute and the hour.

Who will unfreeze before I take myself to the grave
I’m not looking for hope, hope is a commodity that charisma sold.

Its all down to my nature, there’s conflict within
An outrage, waging war I pray for the Spirit to win.

Its nearly over, a sabotage been played 
A wild card like wild strawberries found where the kids play.

I heard he said he was thirsty, I’m thirsty too.
Thirsty for righteousness, because sin has bankrupt; leaving me no more love to give.

Soon it will be over, unless the music play
A ballad of a saint found freedom fro…

She loved him like me

Even in his darkest place
I cannot let him pass! 

His large brown eyes were like a pool of chocolate
His paintings really felt like summer.

His warm brown eyes looked at me intently;

I tried to hide my love but failed miserably. 
I never saw it coming; She loved him like me.

"You give me an exciting place of happiness to escape to"

"You gave me hope" - 

His eyes soft and mellow, 
His posture, Strong and alluring.

Which will he choose
What will he say?

A butterfly from a distance called forth his name

The voice stilled and broke our hearts

Watching him walk to embrace His butterfly.


Psalm 16 - An exposition

This is a Miktam of David which can be said to be a prayer, meditation or poem of deliverance to God. The original meaning of the word Miktam is lost but the Psalm still speaks to us today.

Psa 16:1 Preserve me, O God,  - David begins his plead to God with a heart desire for preservation. One can imagine that David is in a very difficult situation, and whatever enemy may wish to destroy him, David is pleading to God that He may outlast them by God preserving him. One may run into the camp of a strong man knowing that therein is power to protect them, likewise David runs to God because He knows, without a shadow of doubt, that God is able to protect him.
For one to pray such a prayer highlights the impeccable fact that one is in a position where one cannot save or protect themselves; nor is there much hope in humanity to protect them, but in God alone. Only He possess the omnipotent power to secure and protect against the deadly arrows of the evil one. Our Lord Jesus Christ in his Lif…