Thursday, 13 February 2020

I do not worry

I do not worry about what I will eat
I do not worry about where I will sleep
For the whole world is His
And everything in it.

I do not worry about what will come
For history and the future belongs to Him.
I fear no one except for Him 
I love no one more than Him. 

Jesus is the King of Glory
The indisputable ruler of the world. 


Sunday, 9 February 2020

Forgive me, Lord

Forgive me, Lord
My sins are deep
Have I taken repentance seriously
Or your forgiveness cheaply?
What is my life
Where do I stand
Am I walking towards life
Or running to my death?
I stand and sit lonely
Not depressed nor am I anxious
Is it apathy or a lack of sense
Is it disappointment or discouragement?
Have I forgotten how to feel?
One thing I know
Is that I can still love
Still preach, still teach and pray.


Sunday, 2 February 2020

My sins from thee I foolishly hide

My sins from thee I foolishly hide
Eschewing the saints, I dwell alone
And ride the waves of sadness
When happiness beckons me,
I turn away. Defeat my flesh
Then the battle shall be won
But it is won, only cling to Christ my hope.


Summer comes when the sun smiles

Summer comes when the sun smiles
Nature rises to her Eden designs.
But my love is imprisoned to my chest
Chained, unable to lay on paradise rug.
I go on and march on with the quest of life
I feel defeated but hope is the gentle wind 
That carries me along, 
And one day, on a summer's day
When the sun smiles
I too will laugh and rest on Eden's grass.


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