Monday, 29 December 2014

I knew a sad boy who was very lonely

I knew a boy who was very sad because he was lonely. He was so lonely that the loneliness often made him shiver, as if he was out naked in the bitter cold. Often in his loneliness, he would ask himself this question. 'What is the point of living? Nobody cares; and a certain person whom I admire very much cares not for me either'. He would sigh each night, wishing he had the strength to take himself away into that other dimension where all is silent. But each morning he wakes up alone, and do all things alone. And even though he works and smiles, yet it was all a cover to hide his deep dark loneliness. Nothing could fill it but one thing, but that thing was never going to be. The boy is indeed a very miserable boy, and he fears, no, he knows that he will spend the new year all alone. Such a terrible thing that is, that I told him at once to come and spend it with me. With a great sigh he accepted but said that he would not be a great company, because his heart will be somewhere else. The boy confessed that his heart was always at that somewhere, or rather with that someone.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tired of waiting

I spent the night praying
Holding the posion saying God I aint playing
Tired of waiting, life is hard
Infact its pretty lonely
Wishing the mob would pick up stones to stone me.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Give me what you will, My dear Lord

Give me what you will, My dear Lord
And take what you will, My dear Lord
I will endure, whatever the grief,
And follow you still, My sweet dear Lord.

Trouble and pain you have promised me
No easy path on this road I tread,
Suffering seems to be the book I read
Joy and gladness still follows me.

O pity not me  the world I plead
For Christ did die and rise indeed.
All my errands for him are not vain
Though they leave me with marks and stains.
But know, surely as light comes with the sun
That my reward will come when this earth is done.

please me in your prayers keep

Dear Christ, My wonderful mediator, please me in your prayers keep, To flee from sin, and from my lukewarmness to awake. Please on me sprinkle thy blood, and from heaven continually watch, That I may not in my misery keep, but in your righteousness be, And live in thy heavenly bliss. 


I must beyond my own ache look

There is more to life than her loving me back,
Starving children, needy friends
I must beyond my own ache look.

Broken down yet not dead,
Words without frown
I can another heal,
When beyond my own ache look.


Should I write a Christmas eve's cheer, or wallow in dirge?

Should I write a Christmas eve's cheer, or wallow in dirge?
What my heart feels, that true I should write, with distinguished sight.
Here, in this woods, sunlit trees, happy kids with birds feed;
And I, surrounded by household heed, still alone, even with many deeds.
Absent, though present, dance, yet not dancing, laughing, yet not delighting,
For she, that girl in 10,000, even in years way past 1000, Much missing, painfully longing,
To hold once more and more, hoping, even in my death, stolen, my memories of me,
Remembering her, not remembering me.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Will she me love and love again

I see her, beautiful as dawn,
Golden in all ways, like summer days.
No copper seen in attitude, but silver
Pure in heart, like a clear stream,
Christ reflection realised, when those serene eyes surveyed.
Will she me love and love again?
Or as another replaced my place.


I see my lack of faith

Here I see my lack of faith, namely not that I believe that God does not exist, but that he does not reward those who seek him. So I have put my hands up at private prayer, on study of him, on giving to him, on love, the kind that treasures God above all things. And thus I have recieved the reward in myself, namely a heart full of darkness, devoid of the inward sunshine. O for help and grace! For pity from heaven, that on me the eyes of mercy may once again look upon; and by supernatural power, the kind that raised Christ from the dead cause me to believe again; even more to experience.


Never to climb up Love's wall again

What she makes of me
I no longer know,
Dreadful to hear the truth revealed
Shudders my heart with terror.
To hear her string no longer tight,
That I am released to fall,
And I, never to climb up Love's wall again.


finally on my way home.

There is a day that will come when my strength will fail me; unable to hold on, to grab onto the horns of life with my hands, that day shall be glorious, fantastical, for I shall be finally on my way home. 


Dedicated to excellence

I ought to be dedicated to excellence, that everything I do is done to the best of my ability. We ought to give all to God and do all as if ...