Monday, 27 January 2020

God sent his very best to save us

God sent his very best to save us. He did not just send a general or an angel or the most wonderful thing he created but sent his very best, that is him who could have done no better than himself. It was as if he himself came to do that job. God did not just send any son but His only Son and that Son was the exact representation of himself, to come and save us. God gave us his very best and how much more ought we without little effort or sacrifice give him our all and more. It should be no effort at all. It should be a sweet thing to us to say, God, here is all I am and all I am worth, it is yours and I am entirely at your service and I am your eternal slave. The blessings we receive from what God gives us cannot compare to any service that we render him. He did not need us but we need him. The dependance is all from us and the grace and power are all from Him. He sent his only Son and how infinitely that Son loved and loves us for he too is God. The eternal trinity loved and loves us. O may we love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with all of our hearts and soul.


Have I reflected the image of God

Have I reflected and displayed the image of God as God intended, and communicated it to others in ways that would bring glory to God in front of men and the ever-watching eyes of the angels? Have I been meek? Have I been pure in heart? Have I rejoiced when persecuted for the sake of Christ? Have I been poor in Spirit? Have I been gentle and kind bearing with my brothers and loving my enemies? Have I brought all to Jesus in prayer? Have I meditated upon his word and counted everything as a loss? O I have failed! I have miserably failed! Have I neglected the fellowship of the saints? Have I pursued love in all things? Have I sought the weak and the poor to comfort them in their miseries? Have I visited the orphans and the widows? Have I written to those who are in prison for the sake of Christ and visited them with bread and water? Have I done all I can to subdue my body so as to not walk in the flesh? Have I bent my knee before Christ? I have no hope save in the atoning work of Christ. He is my only hope to enter heaven and to be in sweet fellowship with the Father.


Sunday, 26 January 2020

The eternal garden - Part 1

There was a way by the Enoch road
Which led to an eternal garden.
No one has yet entered
For the way was tough
The bravest soldier
It's been told died just ten miles in.
One day, when the day was almost forgotten
Came a boy, almost fifteen
Dressed in an unknown garb
He looked princely
He was definitely the Son of a King
Came to us all, with a book and no more.
Fear, not villagers, do not fear my light he said.
We all in silent stood until a soul asked in dread,
What is the eternal garden like
Does it really exist,
Have we in vain sought the rest of eternal life?
The regal boy for a minute answered not
Then turned his back
And like a general implored us all declaring
Come, poor souls, a battle must be fought
For great darkness in ten days must be gone
Or your whole city will be forever embalmed
And you all to hades will descend.
We are ruined the oldest man cried
My great grandfather, he is almost ready to die,
Woe is us, double woe to our kids
Kind Prince is there not a saviour for us to reach?


Saturday, 25 January 2020

I wondered what it was like to be in my thirties

I wondered what it was like to be in my thirties
I am already this age and in a few days, more
But in all, I feel no less than the decade before.
Wiser but the same inside
Is this to be mourned or rejoiced?
Though outwardly I age
What's important is my growth inside.
I wished I prayed more
And conformed to the image of Christ
But I am so far behind
Heaven seems out of reach.
I am not where I wished to be
My Character lacks behind
I will to be more holy
But the world draws me in.
Forgive me dear Lord
Please keep me in your design
That a poor soul like me
Would still be of use in your church.
Many opportunities I have squandered
Will many more come?
Be kind to me dear Lord
Please be Kind!


Thursday, 23 January 2020

God made us in his image to know him

God made us in his image to know him and in knowing him to experience the fullness of our existence. Mankind was not made to just have a relationship with his environment or with one another but to enjoy God and through that sweet relationship to live the blessed life. Man was never meant to be his own guide but was created to be led by God; we see that in the beginning, God made our first parents rest in green pastures. But how sad the scenery looks today that the vast majority of mankind do not know God in any meaningful or saving way. He came to his own and they did not receive him but crucified him. O, I want to know God like the prophets of old knew him. I want to walk with God like the apostles did. I want his guidance through his word which is made alive in me. I want to know him and the power of his resurrection.


Wednesday, 22 January 2020

My dream sits in the sky

She is still a tower of remarkable beauty
The only flower for me of which I cannot pluck.
I watch from a distance with neither sorrow nor joy.
I am wounded but not defeated.
The pain lingers not into my day nor disrupts my sleep.
What ought I to feel?
What ought I to be in this dying world
That breathes in decay yet decorates its body
Unto vanity and decorum.
My dream sits in the sky
But I cannot fly to reach her
Yet she will not come to me
And if there was a ladder
She would not descend
But go ever higher as I draw nearer
To her unfathomable beauty,
She would sit with the stars
And were I to reach the stars
She would sit at the end of the universe
And await my death!


Miscellanies 127: Keep on reading

I am in the habit of reading again or listening to books and how sweet it is to my soul. My head is full of thoughts and ideas and writing comes so easily. It is true that one ought to keep on reading if one wants to be a writer, or if one wants to constantly be full of ideas that it is wise to read. My head is ever engaged and I am becoming all the wiser for it. O to continue and to never cease. To keep on this difficult mountain for after a while I take a pause and see the wonderful scenery about me and I marvel that poor I have come so far.


Miscellanies 126: I will not lose the sunshine in my soul

I will not lose the sunshine in my soul and that sunshine which is only dimmed by sin, but Christ has paid it all. Yet I will not live in a way that I sin so that grace may abound. I will leave my sins because grace does abound and has been given kindly to me in the greatest of sacrifice.


Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Her beauty shines

Her beauty shines,
A monolith among the rest.
I wish to forgo
But when holiness fills my soul,
I am drawn to her,
The forbidden pasture
That becomes my temptation.
I still sigh
But only when sight brings her face near
That beauty which I dismissed
That if I linger a little long
I see her manifold perfections with ease.
A golden glow, forever a wonder to my soul
Protesting in silence and perhaps in denial!


Sunday, 5 January 2020

I did a meditation on you

I did a meditation on you
I couldn't help how I felt. 
You never moved on 
Because you never noticed me.
But I do not fear all I have been through.
Let it all fall down
I will not run
But will pick up the pieces
That you left behind. 


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Whatever is my weakest thing

Whatever is my weakest thing, that makes me look down,
Let me not be ashamed of it
But embrace it and seek ways to improve
If improvement is what is needed,
Like snoring in my sleep
or being the slowest runner,
These things at times can't be helped
and although it makes me weak
Let me not hide my face
But walk in the light of day.
And if it is sin, like lust and greed
Then let me confess and move on
And forsake it, and even if I fail daily
Let me, even more, forsake it
And give glory to the living God.


Dedicated to excellence

I ought to be dedicated to excellence, that everything I do is done to the best of my ability. We ought to give all to God and do all as if ...