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A Prayer for my soul - For your church to care

O Heavenly Father, thou art compassionate and merciful, great and glorious. Your name is excellent and so are your deeds. You cause the storm to rise and the mountains to fall. You still the waves and limit its boundaries.  The whole heaven declares your glory and earth is your footstool. You alone with your Son and thy Spirit has worked and accomplished the glorious work of redemption and to this I now turn. I pray dear Father, that you behold your church, the Church of your Son and have great pity upon them especially the suffering churches. Cease the hands of oppression and uphold the arms of justice. Cause the hearts of your saints to persevere, cause our hearts to cry and care. O Father, that your church may be one as you are one. That we may feel each striking blow inflicted upon our brothers and sisters, that we may feel each day lived without food, that our senses may be heightened due to the immediate fear, that we may be able to emphasize just as your Son was able to emphasi…

A treasure Hid on a Saturday night

A treasure was hid on a Saturday night 
By a Scot of a brilliant mind
With housemates near, which one did bump
The other did play a beautiful song. 
Hear the anthem of God’s chosen ones 
Attracting a peacock to peak our joy
Let it rain the skies declined as we marched through the mud-spattered wood 
Where thickets lurch and boys did climb upon a church 
Which once did have a love like ours for Jesus Christ
Verily verily he often would say pray the father for his kingdom come 
With arms held high in unity bound students weigh what contour love may take 
The treasure found by a group of hounds 
A fitting find to end the night 
She did smile a summers smile 
The bump diminished none of her glow which did spring 
From knowing God’s good show


The garden eclipsed by the bright Sun

The garden eclipsed by the bright Sun
Where daises beautiful and bold play out their songs -
It was delightful, no ruins breathing but lilies whistling.
What landscapes blossoms the uprising afternoons - 
Couples twice seen luring the minnowy brooks,
Awaken affections; heavily tapestry gently weave love 
Between greener banks of happy doves  -
Young lambs in springtime adorn the uncounted primroses.
 Laid I webbed sweetened and restrained 
By the beauty of Nature’s sight!


Letters to Sybil (2)

My darling Sybil, the rain poured much this morning almost drowning the tent in which we lay. Cold are the nights and leaden in the sunlight hours. Even when the sun does pay us a smile without you near it is all a glare. If a bullet or the thrusting of an enemies knife kills me not then the distance that partitions us will eventually murder me. I am not alone in this feeling, for I have made an agreeable comrade. His name is Aemon and long we converse into the late midnight hours talking about many an imperative subject, discoursing about the distressing nature of politics and useless ends of philosophy. We disagree on many themes but both like twin brothers agree on this topic of love where many of our comrades comprehend as a feminine affair. They are beast thrown into a paradise who regards it just like the wild from which they were taken - we are no less men for speaking of such a tranquil weighty subject for we take our course from Him who created it all.

When I speak of it I tal…

The writings of Sunny Caane (1)

It didn’t seem a trifle task when I endeavour to put my hands to the plough. But upon labouring on the task, I felt so much strain that the weight almost became unbearable. It was like walking underneath a scorching heat, like treading on nails and walking a tight rope. I considered much whether to fold my hands and submit to where I came; then I remembered that the master of the business is not so forgiven to those who shrink back. The reflection on quitting became an un-desirous possibility for the weight of it all that is the force of the Master’s wrath will be much more than if I bore this current burden. So I persevered and achieved a noble end; the master was much glad and I too was filled with smiles of tiredness and gladness.

At first I saw him do things that good men ought not to do - it all became clear that men can clothe themselves in godly apparels but when naked they are worse than the devil. It was so with Tom; the shock of uncovering his sin was like the discovery of Am…

Storms of life

A glance at the news this week reminds us of the power of the ocean. On the one hand, a 16-year-old girl has become the youngest sailor to single-handedly circumnavigate the Earth. On the other, a cruise liner lies wrecked off the Tuscan coast. As I write, the death toll stands at 16, with more still unaccounted for.

To some the sea is a challenge to overcome. To others, a dangerous enemy.

Other news stories describe various storms and shakings; terrorist attacks in Nigeria, and the IMF’s warning that the world’s economy is “deep into the danger zone”. In the face of such challenges, Christians must draw strength and comfort from their faith in God. The Psalmist writes: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the Earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging” (Psalm 46:1-3). As the Psalm continues, the writer contrasts the violent sea…

A Prayer for my soul

Oh lord I pray that I may live my life to bring you praise

That in me all may see the beauty of Christ

That all may see the overflow of your love poured in my heart.

To you Alone I am living for

So I put my Life in your Hands.

All that I have I surrender them to you

Take it all away if it will hinder me enjoying you with all of my soul.

                      Oh LORD I pray that my life may bring you praise!


Death will be no death to me

O I wish you were mine 
But my flowers do fade
And the night does come
Where all my sorrows begin again

Tis a wasteland a barren place
Undeniably a deserted Land
I speak not of the desert or mars
But of my heart which finds its home in thee

If I should die with her eyes in view
Death will be no death to me 
A smile will remain with joy, unknown 
The hour when death finally close my eyes. 


A date with Love (1)

Tonight I have a date with Love
Where Her and I shall sit to talk
Of Why of her I have never known
Or me she has not long to show. 

                                                               Oh soul and heart - how dress we tonight of all
Where at last we sit to cite our yearning more
                                                                  Of long we dreamt to have her all
Tonight will she yield and have us all

I knock the blue holy door
                                           Designed with awe and unwelcomed none
                                                  And then Love appeared as a masterpiece
Her glittering eyes encouraged me in

                                 Love’s hall carved like Jesus’ home
                               Angels mounted the open scene with cheer
                                 Where Love dressed in apparel of Gold
                                      Walking me gently to sit me by.

Dear Boy do speak your heart
Hide not heat or cold nor sigh

Gasping for justice

After Stephen Lawrence was murdered his parents faced a valley of institutional failing and disregard, ranging from a press that initially didn’t bother to report on their son’s death to a police force that didn’t bother to investigate effectively. A failed private prosecution and the public inquiry that concluded the police were institutionally racist constituted another two lowlights. In their tenacious campaign to see Stephen’s killers convicted, the discovery of new DNA evidence finally led to their sentencing.

Describing the moment the verdict was announced, Neville Lawrence said: "It was like when you dive underneath the water and you hold your breath, and you have to come out and huhhhh [he gulps in air loudly]. I thought my heart was going to fly out through my mouth and drop on the floor when I heard 'guilty'."

A man gasping for justice.

Much has changed during these 18 years due to the tireless commitment of people who continued their fight for justice. Celebr…

Miscellanies 28

I am my friend a soul in need of the grace of God. This need is great, so much so that no man may give it but God. It is like being thirsty, more bread will not do but water. Yea, and this grace is needed in abundance for a little dropping of it will not do. A little dropping of water will not do for a man dying of thirst, he needs a tap of it. It is with me, I have thirstied myself with my many sins and now I am desolate, empty and dying - good-works will not clench it nor morality. A thirsty man is in need of water not bread, likewise I am in need of his grace not good-works. I have heard your words my friends and I do have faith - faith as beautiful as she is as not yet departed from me. She is still treasured and priced in my heart but the faith I possess is the one which sees the love of God poured into the heart which makes one say Abba Father. This I must have by experience and it is only sovereign grace which can do such a task. So I wait until I am bathed in his grace, until …

Miscellanies 27

After what felt to be a gravely day, being buried in misery, worthlessness and powerlessness, I felt myself supernaturally resurrected from such dejected state by being among the congregation of the redeemed. All of a sudden it came upon me like mist, feeling no gravity but an uplifting of joy and peace which snuck so quietly into my heart. I noticed it as one notices the sunshine after the passing of the clouds - I felt removed from those things which occupied my heavy heart before and now I felt placed upon the soft ground of hope, security and power. My friends in whatever state your heart may be, do not neglect the church for therein maybe your healing.


Sound of 2012

2012 has only just begun and I already love its sound. Last week, the soulful young singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka received the prestigious Sound of 2012accolade, topping the BBC list of the most exciting emerging artists. His first television appearance on Jools Holland’s show was described as “a tender moment of humanity in the midst of Bjork's chirruping and the scrappy bombast of the Chili Peppers”. His beautifully crafted songs are peppered with spiritual lyrics and contain a considerable gospel influence.

“Oh my, I didn't know what it means to believe. But if I hold on tight, is it true? Would You take care of all that I do? Oh Lord, I'm getting ready to believe. We'll be waving hands, singing freely. Singing, standing tall, it's coming easy. Oh Lord, I'm getting ready to believe."

Having grown up in Britain after his parents fled the regime of Idi Amin, Michael ascribes his growing love for music to the influence of his schoolteacher in Muswell Hi…

How a Christian can live a comfortable life?

Very few Christians have leaned what St Paul learned which is this: “In whatever situation, I am to be content.” If we all take our seat and sit under the high tree of grace, we may all begin to learn this difficult lesson and come to an understanding similar to that which the apostle discovered. This lesson is difficult because it goes first against our nature - the rich man is never content with his riches nor the poor man content with his poverty. There is always something of more attraction, something more delightful, something more satisfying so men whether rich or poor are apt to moan and murmur about their situations. Poor men learn to be envious, they covet those things which they do not possess and when favour falls upon those who already have plenty this favour offends them. They murmur about their misfortunes to God and whereas they ought to be wanting to possess a contented spirit knowing that one’s life does not consist in one’s possessions but in Christ. This bitter pois…

A Word for Those Who Have Forsaken Jesus

How eager Jesus was to restore broken fellowship with his apostles after the resurrection! Surely this is a sign of how eager he is to restore us when we have drifted (or bolted) away.
All the apostles had forsaken him. In the garden, at his most sorrowful hour, "They all left him and fled” (Mark 14:50). Now he was raised. What would he say to those who had abandoned him? Three healing things: To Mary at the tomb: “Go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” (John 20:17) “Brothers!” “Your Father!” “Your God!” I am going now. You will come later. We are, and we will be, together. I forgive you. Our Father forgives you. 
He finds the apostles, stands among them, and says, “Peace be with you.” He showed them his hands and his side — horrible reminders of what it cost him when they forsook him. And he says again. “Peace be with you.” (John 20:19–21) “Peace!” Not “Shame!” I forgive you. I take you back. I entrust you with my mis…

Constrained by a lower theme

Forgive me Lord for how I be

Currently constrained by a lower theme

Of love below the heights of Christ 

Which brings me down to own a frown.

But I must yet with all my strength

Take hold of that higher theme

Of Christ unending love for me

Which cannot fail nor death destroy.

It's hard to party when my Brother’s and Sisters are suffering

‘In the last days the hearts of many will grow cold’ - these words in surveying my week has almost ringed to be true. Cold towards what? Towards Christ and his church. Much of it has been due to the overwhelming influence of worldliness and sins in my own soul. But it is not entirely frozen; praise be to God for his mercy and for putting his defibrillator to my chest to awaken in me a cry - that is, a heart felt passion and anguish for my suffering brothers and sisters in this Christ soon completely redeemed world.

Recently in my own country of Nigeria, multitudes of Christians have perished at the hands of terrorist, and the militant Islamist group Boko Haram has issued a warning to all Christians in Northern Nigeria to flee given them three days to leave otherwise they will further their attacks. The Nigerian government has sworn to act with the President Goodluck Jonathan vowing to crush the group. 

Many in the middle east are undergoing an exodus on a massive scale. In Tunisia, prie…

Book Review: Damned Nations: Greed Guns Armies and Aid

This book is a culmination of two decades of Samantha Nutt’s works in the field of war and human rights.  She wrote this book to challenge prevailing assumptions about the factors that lead to war, and what we might do differently. Being an infant in this field of war and humanitarian issues, this book has rapidly nourished my growth into a young man who now has a clear understanding of the factors that lead to war, methods which develops aid programs and the importance of social change through education especially the education of women.

Nutt, in her book shares with us her experience of her presence in some of the most hellish places on earth from Somalia and Congo to Iraq and Afghanistan. Combined with her experience, Nutt excellently analyses the problems of current policies in humanitarian aid and how rich countries are not doing enough to stop arms flowing into the war-torn areas around the world. Arms distribution argues Nutt is one of the main reasons why peace in this war-tor…

Book Review: The next door boys

Leigh’s past year has been spent battling ovarian cancer; after defeating the disease she is determined to be independent by going to college. Leigh has been known as a lot of things - the girl who sings, Jaron’s little sister, the girl who sews and the girl with cancer. Leigh wants to live her life and college offers her that freedom but her parents would only let her go if she lives next door to her brother. 

This is the first Mormon fiction book I’ve ever read and I’m glad I read it because it introduced me to the experience of Mormon student life. This story follows the life of Leigh Tressman detailing her experience of college as she faces the normal pressures and demands that most girls encounter. Leigh, unlike most other girls had recently overcome ovarian cancer and the pressures and demands of college life is heightened. 

This book at its core is romantic as well as displaying the different dynamics of relationships. Leigh as a strong relationship with her brother, who is very …

Book Review: At the throne of Grace

This book is a collection of Pastor John’s scripture readings and prayers that serves to edify, encourage and stir up Christians to have a deeper communion with God. Pastor John takes a passage of scripture, and then in prayer expounds upon it before his sermons. The depths of the prayers displays the heart of a man who has truly devoted his life to God and to knowing him. This book offers the reader an opportunity when lost for words in prayer to read these prayers as a way to express their feelings and desires. Each prayer begins with a brief scripture reading and a devotional and then comes the sample prayer. The reader has the freedom to begin wherever they like. Personally, the greatest benefit I received from this book was how it has directed me to other book on prayers such as the Puritan Prayers and also the book's clarity in revealing through prayer God's character.  

Purchase book:


Happy new year

My friends, I hope that you are not among those numbers who think that by beginning the new year in church they will obtain and have the favour of God. Such nonsense belongs in a pigs field and not in the sanctuary of God’s counsel. Although I would rather have you found in the company of saints where sin cannot reign without being challenged and put down. But I know that some of you are of a better mind, you love the church of God and the company of the saints; so it is your souls delight to be found with them in the inauguration of the new year. Your will is good and throughout the year your feet will continually be found in the sanctuary where the redeemed gather. But for those of you who only attend to acquire God’s blessing and favour for the new year, fear; and be filled exceedingly for if God was to give you your proper wages it is death and hell. What you seek is good, for God delights in us seeking his blessings and favour but your approach is abominable to him. He knows your…