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Power, corruption and lies

This week has seen two public institutions facing serious accusations of corruption. Firstly there were the claims by former undercover police officer Peter Francis that he was ordered to dig up ‘dirt’ on the family of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.

The allegations that police were deployed secretly in an attempt to smear the victims of such a serious crime have been described by the Lawrence’s lawyer, Michael Mansfield QC, as "institutionalised deceit".
Secondly, scandal has also hit the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the body responsible for inspecting hospitals and care homes. They were accused of covering up a report, which exposed their failure to properly investigate the deaths of 16 babies and two mothers due to neglect in a hospital in Cumbria. The author of the report was told to destroy his findings to protect CQC’s reputation. It has led to CQC’s chairman, David Prior, saying that the commission was "not fit for purpose".

Like the BBC's Jimmy S…

Miscellanies 81: Come have communion with Christ again

Many miserable Christians are birthed from a lack of a secret communion with Christ. They have forsaken the intimacy of prayer, the transforming power of the word, the ministry of the Darling Holy ghost to their souls; these they have altogether neglected. They rise each day with a hardened heart, not knowing the fullness of their salvation nor the great absolute enjoyment that is found in Christ, and thus, they descend upon the world with much hypocrisy and guilt. Only if they had sat at the breakfast table with Christ and fed their souls with how much the Father loves them, how much Christ think and cares about them, and how the Holy Spirit wishes to impart in them all those virtues, yea, those sweet delights that brightens the face like a contented happy child. They would walk upon the world with a foreign love which would make the sons of this world blush and say, ‘see how the sun shines in the face of these Christians. They have the same cares and sorrows, but they live their da…

Nobody ever said I had pretty eyes

I Don't really want to wake up today, I want to close my eyes to be far from the pain, Today is full of rain. I want to smile but my soul can't see the need. You'll never hear me scream, but I bleed like a sacrificial lamb.  A prisoner of my own history, with no friends They don't really care, but they'll say my analysis is not fair. Back-packing through life with the shadow of my own death, I really want to care, but nobody understands, So I keep running, but I end up in myself. Don't think I'm cold if I don't say hello, In times like these I just want to be free, to see To believe, to release, to think that there's happiness for me, Because you see, as a youth, let me tell you a truth I cried alone, almost swallowed a stone so I would choke, Then my life would be broke. I learnt life ain't nothing but tears Full of fears as I watched my best friend taking away by meth. Nobody stops to notice the man on the street Or the rich middle class girl on speed, Getti…

I have a love

I have a love that life could never ever tire It is anchored in heaven with a wire Every day it gets a little higher.
No day can steal this night away Even though she is far away This feeling never ever goes away.
She is my sun in the day, My moon in the night Although we fight, its tight, its right Her face is the fairest, rarest, carest. Her kiss in the morning melts me I breathe in her fresh air, best friends We still have our best years.
No need to mourn those days when I cried When I tried, when I lied, I thought I died. Lost you to the wind, couldn't sing, wanted to drink the poison Then you came running, hugging me, telling me that you need me. Let me count the ways that I love you, I forgive you, though there are shadows under my eye And creases on my cheek, in truth there is love in this girlish face. Thank you for your grace, lets start again, make way in the sunset Let me give you a lily, I'll never be silly.

The Kingdom of God is here

A video that I made from the UWE Christian Union weekend away.

By K.Oni

Miscellanies 80: How happy is the sinner now made saint

The barren woman sings when at last she produces her own offspring. The blind man, now seeing, first walks gently and then sprints to and fro in great excitement. Likewise those who were once tangled in darkness, nay, swallowed by it, and then afterward rescued unto the light, do give exceeding thanks to their heavenly hero. They say in retrospect, that "woe was me, for I never knew of my true misery and lostness. I had felt that I was altogether in good health, and my sins were never so great and gigantic as the sun in the sky and never so disagreeable too by God. God will forgive me, for my sins are little, and he is such a loving God that he will do no such thing by sending me to an eternal hell. Such a place existeth not, except in the mind of unloving religious fools who believe in a medieval doctrine propagated by Dante's inferno. We are to live as we ought to live, namely a pursuit of our own happiness. And which ever method by which we come to it, as long as it is not…

The Joy of Confession 26

In all my sins can I come to God? Can I come and touch the throne of grace when there exists within me the fear that I may fail again. When there exists in my members, that tomorrow will cast its darkness over today's repentance and I shall be as I was at first, namely a willful sinner. O this body of death, this wretched principles in me; and who shall deliver me from such a destructive body that goes against all of my happiness?

Thanks be to God who gives us victory in Christ Jesus. O let me taste those Calvary victories, let Christ see the travail of his soul, and be satisfied by seeing my victories won over sin and flesh. O Lord thou art my great redeemer and remedy.


The certain man passing through

Once upon a time, in a plain dusty city, there was a certain man passing through. One rich man in that town caught wind of this news and went by to watch this certain man pass by. He was not the only man in waiting, but wives and children alike flooded the street to watch the man go by. Being short in stature, the rich man climbed up unto a sycamore tree to see the man passing through, for he was about to come his way.
Why the rich man wanted to see a poor peasant can only be attributed to the stories that he had heard about the man passing through from a different city. The stories were spectacular, such as opening the eyes of one man born blind and raising a girl back from the dead. Also, the certain man passing through had among his ranks a tax collector like the rich man; and this was radical because the certain man passing through was a Jew.
The rich man shamed himself by climbing a sycamore tree. He could have exerted his authority I think by having guards to accompany him to t…


I cry to myself the storms of my heart I write in ink the despair of my life I am a soul alone, with grief beyond compare A broken stone without repair.


I knew a sad boy - Sick of everything

I once knew a sad boy who was sick. He was sick of life. 
He was sick of living,
He was sick of breathing,
Sick of wanting,
Sick of seeing,
Sick of thinking,
And worst of all, he was sick of being. 


Book review: Beautiful lies - You Are More Than *What Men Think *What the Mirror Reflects *What Magazines Tell You

Lies can be pretty, but Truth is beautiful, writes Jennifer Strickland a former professional model who knows all about the lie and distortions the culture feeds young women. At just seventeen years of age, Jennifer met with Nina Blanchard, the legendary empress of the West Coast modelling world and signed a contract with her. Nina named Jennifer, the “Face of the Nineties,” and was introduced to Steven Spielberg, Eileen Ford, Georgio Armani and Patrick Demarchelier, the favoured photographer of Princess Diana. Jennifer reflected that this interaction was a continuation of the first beautiful lie that she believed, namely that 'if a man or woman thinks I'm pretty, I am. If he or she thinks I have potential, I do. If they want me, I'm worth wanting.'
Are you what man thinks of you? Or do you think that men could measure your value? I (Ken) say to you, that don't be so hasty to deny that you are currently pandering to men's opinions, but search your heart and sc…

I once knew a sad boy

I once knew a sad boy who had no one to listen to him. All he ever wanted was for someone to listen to his stories, but no one stayed for more than a minute. He would go here and there but everyone turned away from him. So he spoke to the trees instead and every time he began his story, the wind came and blew his voice away. In time, the boy had only his own ears to listen to his stories and as time went by, his story became sadder. They were once full of life and hope but now it is full of sorrow and death.