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Transformed disciples

My aim here is to hopefully excite in people especially students to live out a radical lifestyle in which it is clearly shown in them the transforming love of Christ that seeks to build transparent relationship, love for the poor and community living.
I hope to challenge people’s lifestyle and most importantly that of my own that the lifestyle of this world may be rooted out and replaced with that of Kingdom living.
The way I aim in doing this is hopefully to explore a five week course on what it means to be a transformed disciple and each session challenging the recipients to deeply consider this and aim to share our lives as a community
Now this community may manifest itself in different ways and no one is pressured to do that which they are uncomfortable with but rather being transformed internally will then with great delight seek to live externally.
I hope students will open their houses to other students freely inviting them to come in with great hospitality and Love. This extends …

When Technology fails

It was time for me to leave London and more importantly for me to depart from my family of whom I will miss dearly for I have greatly enjoyed their company and sincere hospitality towards me. My eyes were teary and hugs I gave to declare my departure. I was giving a lift to Woolwich where I would then get a bus to the station. I was about to enter the barrier where I was stopped by a man who perceived to know me but I knew him not but I played along. E asked me about my destination and I told him and he carefully instructed me that the jubilee line to Westminster was close and I needed to get of at waterloo and change lines in order to get to Victoria. I thanked God for this useful information and I continued on my journey. Upon arriving at the coach station, I just made it in time and rushed to where the bus to Bristol would depart, I took out my phone praying that it would work because earlier some water had trickled inside it and would not let me open up my ticket. I pleaded with t…


Some encouragements I have received in the past from people from UWE Christian union.
To Ken,

Thank you so much for your faithful leadership at CU. Thanks for having a personal passion for sharing the gospel and living for Crist and so encouraging all of us to do the same. Thanks for your welcome and friendship and humility and commitment to God’s word. It is so dear that you are deeply rooted in it and that is so encouraging. Keep going in his strength! Untill the very end to receive the promises (Heb 11v13-16,39-40). God bless x.

We thank you for everything you’ve given and the encouragement you’ve been to us. “For you know how, like father’s with their children, we exhorted each one of you and encouraged you and charged you to walk in a manner worthy of God, who calls you into his own kingdom and glory”, 1 Thes 2v11-12. We are praying for you.


Thanks so much! You’ve been a good model of Christ’s people.


He made you beautiful

The splendour he gave you made your beauty perfect
Now you are a queen among the nations
Many have flogged to you and bowed their knees
To gaze upon your beauty
He stood and admired you
Yea he remembered when he bathed you
And washed the blood from you
With ointments he covered you and with costly garments
You laid asleep on his bed and he watched over you
In the morning he sat you by the window and on your neck
He placed the finest of jewelleries
And placed a crown on your head
He fed you honey and fine flour
You became the woman of the house
Your fame spread throughout the land
The splendour he gave you made your beauty perfect


My Friend

My friend My Friend
Come close to me and hear me
Hear what I have to say and what I have to give you
Its not a surprise and its not a gift
It is not flowers and definitely not the star 
What do you think it is?
What in this world could it be?
don’t answer my question
Just be patient like a seed that has just been planted

My friend My friend
You are closer to me than my brother
Through the thick and wires the dust and rain
I still see you and your shadow
Standing at my right side
What is it that makes you so persistent
You could have left me
But you chose to stay like the sun in the sky
Every night it disappears but comes back in the early morning
Is your mind still set on what I have to give you?
Are your thoughts still racing like a cheetah from an hurricane wind

My friend My friend
The days are getting shorter our time seems to be longer
My friend I will call you 
Because somewhere along the way your blood got mixed with mine
What I have to give you I can never take back
I ca never regret because it will be…

Despite the Hardship

Should I be discouraged or should I go back? This journey is too much for me and the hill ahead is far to steep; I have no more water and my strength is failing, my feet are getting weary and my breath is getting heavier. Is the price worth my life is the goal ahead worth my dying? How much can I take how long will I endure, there is no mercy in the skies above as by day the sun scorches me and by night the cold torments me. I am alone, alone in a dry desert of crippled thorns  and I have snakes for companions. There is no sweet melody to itch my ears but the calculated voice of savaging vultures. Often I run and hide for my life and all for this goal I desire to have;  I often ponder, is it all worth it? Surely it will be better for me and my soul to go back,  yea to go back to the family I left, the friends whom I loved and marry the girl who I love in every way. Why should I endure such hardship and sing bitter tunes all the way. But this is the pilgrim road, the only marked way th…

The Goal of God's Love May Not Be What You Think It Is

By John Piper

Do people go to the Grand Canyon to increase their self-esteem? Probably not. This is, at least, a hint that the deepest joys in life come not from savoring the self, but from seeing splendor. And in the end even the Grand Canyon will not do. We were made to enjoy God.
We are all bent to believe that we are central in the universe. How shall we be cured of this joy-destroying disease? Perhaps by hearing afresh how radically God-centered reality is according to the Bible. Both the Old and New Testament tell us that God's loving us is a means to our glorifying him. "Christ became a servant ... in order that the nations might glorify God for his mercy" (Romans 15:8-9). God has been merciful to us so that we would magnify him. We see it again in the words, "In love [God] destined us to adoption ... to the praise of the glory of His grace" (Ephesians 1:4-6). In other words, the goal of God's loving us is that we might praise him. One more illustration…