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Committed Adultery

Most of the words were taken from Jeremiah 7 and 8 and God was speaking of Israel's rebellious ways and what I did below was take some of those words to create a poem about a woman who committed adultery and her husband is willing to receive her back if she turns from her ways

When I had loved you to the full
Then you committed adultery
You assembled yourself in the prostitute’s house
You was like a well fed lusty stallion
Going after any man you see
Shall I now remain with you
Shall I not avenge myself
But you remained proud
Comforting yourself that I would never leave
Your heart is defiant and rebellious
You have revolted and departed from me
Your ways have turned me against you
You have grown fat and no more plead the cause of the oppressed
You speak falsely and love your ways
But what will you do in the end
You were not ashamed when you committed adultery
You did not even know how to blush
What good are your sweet words to me
But if you amend your ways and walk in the old paths
Then you will fi…

Where Is God?

This [article was written on the] weekend of the first anniversary of 9/11 that has occurred on the Lord's day, Sunday. Therefore it seemed good to us to step back and pose the question again about the meaning of the supremacy of Christ in an age of terror.

The Supremacy of God in All Things—No Exceptions

One of the truths of the Bible that we embrace with trembling joy is the truth of God's supremacy in all things. The mission of our church is that we exist to spread a passion of the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. When we say that, we do not mean: "except in calamities," "except in war," "except when Al Qaeda blows up a building or a train," "except when cancer takes a mom or a child is born with profound disabilities." There are no "except" clauses in our mission statement.

We did not formulate our mission in a rosy world—and then get surprised and embarrassed by the reality of su…

What to pray for?

To pray to God is a wonderful thing. Prayer is a marvellous thing that God has given us and we ought to take full advantage of it. The bible tells us that if we ask anything that is in line with God's will then it will be given to us but how do I know what God's will is? God's will is found in the bible so that next time you are praying, open up your bible and turn to any chapter you want e.g. Ephesians 1 and use that as your prayer points. You will be amazed at how much further you can spend in prayer and how biblical your prayers are. It also helps in memorizing bible passages too so your killing two birds with one stone. Why not give it a go =)



This poem is about a man who heard the news that his wife has been in a car crash and she is in the emergency treatment room. He rushes there immediately and was able to see her and stand beside her. He is broken and holds her hand then he had to leave while the doctors operate. ( This is meant to be sang or read in a very emotional way).

I’ve seen you smile
I’ve watched you laugh
I held you when you cried
Your love is keeping me back

I’ve watched you fight
Holding tight, I gripped your hands
I kissed your head
It will be fine, its alright

Just gone past midnight
Its all in the air
I Buried my face
Death is here

I’ve seen you smile
I’ve watched you laugh
Now I say goodbye
Your love is keeping me back

Her love is keeping him back from going crazy and loosing his own life because its not what she would have wanted. They once upon a time had this conversation that if one of them should die, the alive spouse would have to continue on living for the both of them. He now has to go back …

Three short poems

Here are three short poems that I wrote, I tried to make them rhyme.

Crafty spiders and
Hectic mices
Avid roaches and
Resting roses
Laid beside
Esther and me
Y because its where we live

Blood blood blood and blood
She screamed from the top of her lungs
Yelling and belling ringing and filling
The streets with her aching voice.
Nobody listened nobody cared
For this was sally you see
Silly she is, very silly you see
Blood blood blood and blood
She screamed from the top of her lungs

I played the fool I played my part
I fancied her and gave it away
With a smile and twinkling eye
Invited her to the night
Where we may dine and catch a dance
I played the fool I played my part
I fancied her and gave her my heart


The Sovereignty of God and Prayer

I am often asked, "If you believe God works all things according to the counsel of his will (Ephesians 1:11) and that his knowledge of all things past, present, and future is infallible, then what is the point of praying that anything happen?" Usually this question is asked in relation to human decision: "If God has predestined some to be his sons and chosen them before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4,5), then what's the point in praying for anyone's conversion?"
The implicit argument here is that if prayer is to be possible at all man must have the power of self-determination. That is, all man's decisions must ultimately belong to himself, not God. For otherwise he is determined by God and all his decisions are really fixed in God's eternal counsel. Let's examine the reasonableness of this argument by reflecting on the example cited above.

1. "Why pray for anyone's conversion if God has chosen before the foundation of the worl…

Bearing one another's burdens

At the end of a week of political turmoil, even those of us allied to the losing side will welcome the establishment of a government that can do what governments should do: govern. But, while we in the UK have been holding our breath, the rest of Europe has been rushing forward into an uncertain future.

‘Events’, the worst enemy of many a politician, have gone ahead of the Clameron administration, staking out its course: deficit reduction, fiscal constraint, cuts, cuts, and more cuts. Oh, and a few tax rises – National Insurance, probably VAT, corporation tax. “The British Prime Minister,” wrote civil rights activist James Baldwin in 1980, “is a grotesque anachronism, and the world is not holding its breath waiting to see what will happen in England; England's future will be determined by what is happening in the world.” His rhetorical point was this: even great states can not be isolated from external events, and their sphere of activity in which they hope to act to shape their co…

Pride, Failure and the Gospel

As I sat in the exam room starring at my blank answer sheet, I said to myself ‘not again’. ‘How is it that I can’t remember anything, maybe I should have spent much more time doing more revision’. I contemplated about the future and I resented the day the exam results will be published. A feeling of sadness and failure laid heavy upon my shoulder. Nobody likes a failure and even more this would always be in people’s heart and this broke my pride. Failure is something I have become accustomed to, it has become a friend, a disliked friend. The shame of telling those who had put such high hopes in you is a painful process and one just wants to hide and tell them that everything is ok but in the end truth is found just around the corner. So what hope is there to banish this feeling of a wounded pride and the shame of failure, what comfort can one receive that may elevate the soul to humility and thankfulness. The answer my friend is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That gospel that call sinne…

Chaos, Confusion and Coalitions

All night long I searched and I scoured, I flicked between television and online coverage, I rummaged through my twitter feeds, in the forlorn hope of finding something that would explain it all. But as the results came rolling in and the blue column overtook the reds and the yellows never really took off, I could not find a theme to explain what was going on.

This election campaign has been unusual and failed to conform to the pattern of previous years. The leaders' debates shook up the electoral dynamic and gave Nick Clegg a platform he would not otherwise have had. His ratings rocketed and for a while it seemed as though everyone agreed with Nick. And the abuse of parliamentary expenses still hung as a dark cloud over the reputation of politicians, and trust in politics descended into deep disenchantment.

So as I settled down to watch the grandiose election night specials there were two themes vying for the limelight. Would Cameron be the 'change we can believe in', …

In Awe of Jesus Christ

One reason to admire and trust Jesus above all other persons is that he knows more than anyone else. He knows all people thoroughly, their hearts and their thoughts. "He knew all men" (John 2:24). "You, Lord, . . . know the hearts of all men" (Acts 1:24). "And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, 'Why are you thinking evil in your hearts?'" (Matthew 9:4). There is no one who perplexes Jesus. No thought or action is unintelligible to him. He knows its origin and end. The most convoluted psychotic and the most abstruse genius are open and laid bare to his understanding. He understands every motion of their minds.

Jesus not only knows all people thoroughly as they were and are today, he also knows what people will think and do tomorrow. He knows all things that will come to pass. "Jesus, [knew] all the things that were coming upon Him" (John 18:4). On the basis of this knowledge, he foretold numerous things that his friends and enemies would d…

some favourites sayings from proverbs

A wise man will hear and increase learning

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge

My Son if sinners entice you, do not consent

But whoever listens to me will dwell safely

And will be secure, without fear of evil

Trust in the LORD with all your heart

And lean not on your own understanding

Honour the LORD with all your possessions

And with the first fruits of your increase

Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding

He who does so destroys his own soul

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil, pride and arrogance

And the evil way

Why should you my Son be enraptured by an immoral woman

And be embraced in the arms of a seductress?


How wretched I am

Below is the feeling of a person who feels his own misery after drinking deep at the sinful things of this world.

'Where do I begin my Lord? It feels as if our relationship is severed. I've never felt like this, I have failed. That peace with God I cannot find. Is it forever lost? have I blown it? as my lamp-stand been removed? I don't know where to turn but to the things of this world to ease the pain within, the pain of loosing the sweet peace with my precious saviour. I feel no joy when I turn to the bible, that feeling of wantonness of great delight in the things of God have diminished and so much have I grieved the Holy Spirit that He shrieks within me and must not want anything to do with me and with my stupid ways. Were not salvation by the pure grace of God I should think that long ago the Holy Spirit would have packed his bags and left me just after a minute of entering my heart. Oh how wretched I am, How wretched'.

Indeed if salvation were by works, who can be…


Though the tempest blow and the waves crush me

Though the darkness linger and the light far off

Though the devil mocks me and makes much of my failure

Yet I will remember Him who binds up the broken hearted

And proclaims freedom for the captives

Be still My soul in your light but momentary trial

For He will bestow on you a crown of Beauty

And your mourning will be replaced with the garment of praise



She was beautiful and she smelled like the flowers from the Garden of Eden

Her sight is full of simplicity and her smile warmer than the coolness of the sun

Her eyes reflected all that was ever true and lovely of this blue planet

Oh! see how my heart weakens at the sight of her beauty

She is to me like Eve and my Rebecca

She is the sensual delight of the abase angels

Is this to me a divine encouragement?

Or a temptation from the pits of hell?

Day after day the conflict rage within my soul

Pleading with strong tears for guidance from the throne of grace

I am besotted with her vivacious smile

And my longing never cease


A N T H E M Strategies for Fighting Lust

I have in mind men and women. For men it's obvious. The need for warfare against the bombardment of visual temptation to fixate on sexual images is urgent. For women it is less obvious, but just as great if we broaden the scope of temptation to food or figure or relational fantasies. When I say "lust" I mean the realm of thought, imagination, and desire that leads to sexual misconduct. So here is one set of strategies in the war against wrong desires. I put it in the form of an acronym, A N T H E M.

A - AVOID as much as is possible and reasonable the sights and situations that arouse unfitting desire. I say "possible and reasonable" because some exposure to temptation is inevitable. And I say "unfitting desire" because not all desires for sex, food, and family are bad. We know when they are unfitting and unhelpful and on their way to becoming enslaving. We know our weaknesses and what triggers them. "Avoiding" is a Biblical strategy. "Fl…
What's your name He humbly cried
What's my gain she graciously smiled
Precious stones and the finest wheat
Such things will fail, what more can you offer me
A heart of love, I'll forever treasure thee
When it fails your treasure shall flee
Indeed my love, lets live this life
While the sun shines
Will you be to me a queen this day
This day I'll be the queen you seek