Sunday, 16 November 2014

I was feeling sad, then I read my Bible

I was feeling sad, full of all sorts of anxiety and worry. My mind was everywhere and nowhere. In the darkness of my room I sat, with no energy at all, save to lay on my bed and entertain myself with movies, which brought me no joy at all; but it helped pass the time. I thought about many a thing, such as the hopelessness of my life, the barrenness of all my works, the uselessness of my existence, and despairing of my future. At all this I sigh, wishing no company save two, but one who is the Almighty, I felt far and distant from me. This made my condition decline even worse. But I did today fresh encouragement take, when I opened my bible to the book of Psalms and started meditating on Psalm 119. There I found relieve in the words written, and in reading just a few words, all my energy returned to me, and joy filled my heart. All my worries faded and Christ seem present in my soul again. This, time and time again, has proven to be a constant remedy to my soul, namely the reading of the word of God. I believe entirely, and sincerely in as much as God sees fit to grant, that the reading of scripture can cure all levels of depression and anxiety. But I have found this true in my experience, and dare not make it a rule of faith for all. This is how God heals me and I can encourage you in your misery to do the same, to find relief in the words of God. Perhaps God may use his words as the means of grace to cure you.


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  1. Yes and amen for the word in in the holy Spirit will make differents and better life in thankgiving and victory daily for Jesus blood sake and be used of God are very well great favor and good calling daily with grace and the power of heaven to move among us,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


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