Today I will enjoy today

Today I will enjoy today to the glory of God. I will not worry about tomorrow. Only the love of Christ and for Christ will consume me. Indeed I am counted righteous in Christ. God loves me, I must love myself and my neighbour, and my enemies.  I must keep away from sin!

Oh my soul, fret not about the rain. There is nothing beyond His control. Whatever befalls me is all by design. He has determined it all for me. Rest in His embrace; enjoy His fellowship.

My Lord and my God, help me today to see your beauty. To renounce all of my ungodly ways and enjoy you. Let me see the light of your glorious face. Fill me with assurance!

The nights and days of boredom have often led me astray. I am a child of knowledge, let me walk in he way of wisdom. Let me dwell in the house of understanding. See, the Lord is beautiful, His glory is magnificent and awesome. God is never boring1 Change my will and inclinations, let me seek your face in all that I do.

Life is fleeting and our moments are brief. Not many know the day of their deaths! keep me alert, keep me in your grace. Let me live as if today may be my last. Let me live in urgency.

Jesus you are meek. You are the door, the guiding light, you are the light!



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