Saturday, 1 September 2018

Miscellanies 108: Forgive me my Lord for my sins

Forgive me my Lord for my sins

I am ashamed because I have shamed you

But from now I repent of it all

And promise to depart from all of my wicked ways.

Oh help me, dear Spirit, help me deep

Help me change and I will lead others to follow your beloved Christ.

I know your mercies are new each day

And you lovingly direct it towards me

I will lavish in your love for me and glory in the splendour of your goodness

In prayer and in fasting I will seek thee

May my works be like the light, illuminating the darkness.

I dedicate all I am to you

Oh Christ my sweet beloved

Let me cease from my idolatrous ways

Oh, righteous anger feels me when I see others depart from thee.


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