Thursday, 1 October 2015

One day, for many people happiness and pleasantness will cease

One day, for many people happiness and pleasantness will cease.

For the other people, happiness and pleasantness will be never ending.

For those people whose happiness will cease, their existence will be hard and unsparing. Despair will be their daily gift.

For the other people, each day will be glorious and gorgeous, full of glitter and glamour, merriment and good will.

Who wants this grim to be their existence?

None I dare say who truly know the extent of its misery. But because many have no idea of the eternal depression of hell, many are not tortured by it in their soul.

In the church, hell is an awkward topic, but when Christ returns, it will be a graphic matter.

Who in church is informed of this impending doom? Who will weep for their generation, let alone weep for their own family!

Who worries about their own soul, let alone the heart of their brother?

Man has hugged reason and hung faith. He forgot that both came forth from the Almighty!

Reason without faith misleads. Faith without reason deludes.

A great portion of men are drunk with unbelief, and those who believe, among them are few who pray earnestly for those who admire their unbelief.

Who is awake to pray at the eleventh hour, just before the dawn of Christ?

O I will pray and not play. Play is for eternity, work is for this erring time. Stand and correct, but be prepared for retribution.

When the TRUTH met with lie, lie crucified HIM.

The brothers and sisters of TRUTH must always smile at cruelty, tolerate it and always seek to eliminate it with good.

One day, for many people happiness and pleasantness will cease

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