Friday, 18 September 2015

Who knows what life will give them?

Who knows what life will give them?

Who knows except the one who can see the future. Surely we can predict and say, if I do this then this will happen, or if I do that, then that will happen.

Who knows what life will give them?

There is wisdom in planning, in working hard and in having goals. There is foolishness in laziness and leaving everything to nature to sort itself out.

The person who rises up early to study will sleep well before the eve of an exam. But the person who sleeps till late will worry anxiously before he takes his test.

But even with all precise planning, yet who knows what life will give them?

If our life is a drama, the stage has already been set. We enter in crying and eventually we will depart. We observe, we react, we listen and form relationships with the other characters in this drama. We join different plots and develop different themes but we are always under certain constraints. 

What are your constraints? 

What is life given you at this moment or what are you given life? What are your themes? Love, betrayal, alienation, discovery, escape, freedom? 

Who knows what life will give them! Do you know?

Some people lead themselves in life and father themselves whilst others let other people lead them and mother them. 

There is a spirit of the child and that of the orphan. Which one are you? Perhaps you are both but can that be. 

Some people don’t have a direction, whilst some are on a path but no destination. 

Where are you going? Where is your character in this drama of life heading? What are you doing with the props the authour has given to you?

Who is leading you and where are you going?

As for me, I say Jesus lead me lest I stray, gently or in whatever manner you see fit lead me all the way. This is because Jesus is life himself. He sees the future. He has seen the whole picture, I haven't.

So Jesus, walk me through the stream of time to the land of endless days. Guide me through each scene of my life, I will follow your script.

Though I may not know what life will bring, yet I know this that if I let Jesus lead me, all will be well at last.


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