I knew a sad boy who lived his life defeated.

I knew a sad boy who lived his life defeated. His head and heart were always down. I asked him why he lived this way and he told me:

"Good sir, I am defeated! Unrequited love has defeated me. She has subdued me, that now all my passion for life is dead! I have in my heart this constant ache, this uneasiness in my stomach. Because of this I feel worthless, and this feeling of worthlessness leads to my uselessness. Oh pity me sir! I have drowned in her love, that love which shall never kiss me back.

I am lost in the terror of the black night. I cannot sleep! She is happy which cannot make me happy because it is not with me. O how cruel is fate! I wish we never met. I wish I never was. I wish I slept with yesterday for yesterday never wakes. O help me sir!"

"Poor boy, I can only help if you will heed my counsel."

But his ears were deaf to all voices save hers. In the end he departed in the same condition that he came in. I advised him to come by each day but I fear his agony may become too much for him.


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