I knew a sad boy

I knew a sad boy who no longer thought much about this world. His gaze was always towards heaven, towards the light. But he didn't think of heaven as a physical place where existence continues long into the night, but his heaven was nothingness. He saw his life at present to be meaningless and wanted his flickering flames to be blown out as one blows out the light of a candle. He longed for this nothingness, for this non-conscienceness in the dark. His nights were spent blowing out candles in the darkness of his room whilst he spent his days by the river gazing at the sky. He was all alone, he had no desire for friendship or fellowship. He was altogether happy in his sadness. I spoke to him on a few occasions to try to wake him to the present but he always hugged me and said that he will never change. It was such a pity for he was a winsome boy, one who had an air of greatness about them and undoubtedly would have done this world some good. But he longed for nothingness.



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