Sunday, 21 July 2019

Say what you want to say

I'm awake once again in the midnight
If in the day I told her the truth
I would be sound asleep
Like people in the graveyard

Is it wrong for me to pray
I came from the land of no fathers
But my mama raised me
With respect respecting my history

Forgive me I'm a coward
When I dined you
Should have brought you under the stars and told you how I loved you
From the start, but was afraid I would lose you

My sister called me an alcoholic
Because I chose to drink a bottle
Everytime I thought you didn’t want me

Dear God change her will
Because you know how I feel
She's the light in my darkness
In the darkness, I pray harder
In the light I'm cautious

I ran away to the way
Ever since I learned to pray 
When I drank the blood of God
Every day is a mayday but Jesus comes to save me

Her blueish eyes are all I see when I gaze upon the sky
As I lay on my back and because I'm black
I gotta stay strap and fight for every dream
Your head on my lap as you gaze into my brown eyes
Can you tell that I've found in you what I've been looking for


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